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Approved Location IGR Myrkr branch

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Ugohr Poof

The Traveling Gungan Salesman

The Myrkr branch

  • Structure Name: IGR Myrkr branch
  • Classification: Bank branch
  • Location: Myrkr
  • Affiliation: IGR Brokerage
  • Accessibility: Open to the public
  • Description: The three-level bank branch is rather diminutive, built in a more classical style within the outer ring of the Hyllyard region, still featuring a basement vault with the retail banking services on the ground floor handled by four ATMs and two in-person tellers for the more complex transactions, such as taking out loans and investment management activities. In addition, a handful of agents handle clients' needs for both insurance and realty on the second floor due to the limited floor space. As is typical of anything with any security needs on Myrkr, ysalamir nutrient frames are attached to the ferns used inside the building. There ware, in fact, a dozen employees working in the branch total.

Average; a squad of BX-series commando droids, generic alarm systems in the vault, ysalamirs

When the Galactic Alliance attacked Myrkr, the devastation left in the wake of the orbital bombardment destroyed the old branch on that planet, falling victim to poor choices of the previous branch administration. It was decided that the branch would be relocated in a more central location within the Hyllyard region, and it was straightforward to get the bank branch premises secured. It was only after the Alliance fell that the remodeling work inside the branch would be completed and that the branch was once again open to the public; once the branch re-opened, the branch gave out free holdout pistols for new customers, with customers coming in from all over the planet to open bank accounts, and there was also an influx of mortgage business because of the needs to rebuild that weren't fully covered by the insurance settlements.
Not open for further replies.