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Approved Location IGR Balamak branch

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Ugohr Poof

The Traveling Gungan Salesman

The bank branch

  • Structure Name: IGR Balamak branch
  • Classification: Bank branch
  • Location: Balamak
  • Affiliation: IGR Brokerage
  • Accessibility: Open to the public
  • Description: Located in the outskirts of the main city of Balamak, the bank branch complex is a little unorthodox when compared to most of the classical IGR branches across the galaxy: it occupies an entire farm windmill, with the windmill providing power to the bank branch complex. Here the retail banking services are performed in a barn, with the realty and insurance services being done in the windmill's lowermost two floors. Due to the agriworld nature of Balamak, IGR decided to go build a bank branch in the countryside, but not too far from the city, since the bank wanted to service a variety of clients, and not just those that did agriculture.

Low; a squad of BX-series commando droids, generic alarm systems in the vault

When the SJ relocated near Kashyyyk after losing their hold on their western in the wake of Ossus and AJ-27, IGR wasted no time getting established in the microlending business that benefitted a lot of the refugees, and, as such, the branch started to specialize in microlending, both agricultural and personal, with the other aspects of business lending taking a backseat. The choice to buy an abandoned farm with a windmill was not taken lightly, but it also allowed the bank to reduce its environmental footprint, realizing that the local clients were rather sensitive to environmental issues, especially with the windmill still being functional for power generation, if a little unreliable. Thus the bank killed two PR birds with one stone by its choice of a branch, especially since the branch was subject to high environmental standards.
Not open for further replies.