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IG-200 "Hun-Series" Droids

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Other Space Kaiden

Better than other-other space Kaiden
(Right side are the droids as they were found, left side is the dress they are seen now)​

Intent: To create a unique droid Commander and Guard unit for Nocturno
Development Thread: No
Manufacturer: Stargo Enterprises
Model: IG-200 “Hun-Series” Commander and Guard Droids
Affiliation: Nocturno and the CIS
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel

After Zev Stargo’s sink into a coma, his Enterprise was able to gather the remains of the droids which Stargo had served during Omni’s attack. For months, Stargo Enterprises worked to understand how to replicate the droids and create a new army. However, it soon became apparent that complete replication of the droids was near impossible with current technologies. With that in mind, they realized they would have a better chance of repurposing the existing remains.

Zev Stargo, before his death, commissioned the project to restore the three droids so that they may serve as his personal bodyguard. Unfortunately, Zev would meet his end before the droids could ever be repaired. Still, the Enterprise continued the work on the droids for their use by the Confederacy of Independent Systems who may use them as the Grand Marshal’s personal guard. Work was slow and the reprogramming process was grueling for those who undertook the task. However, after many months of trial and error the research teams were finally able reactivate the droids with their new programming in place.

The droids were then named after the lead scientist on the project, Hun Zobar, a Twi’lek who was a longtime employee at Stargo Enterprises. The droids were designated as IG-200s to avoid any unwanted suspicion from the rest of the galaxy until more had been learned about the technology behind the droids. After being delivered to the CIS, the military soon turned them over to Nocturno who serves as the Confederacy’s Droid Commander.

During Field tests, Nocturno found that the droids were not only skilled guardians but were also competent leaders. Each unit had been programmed, prior to Stargo Enterprises tampering, to be specialized in different strategic and tactical arenas. Due to these differences, Nocturno has named each. Attila: Scouting and recon specialist, Verz: Assault and Infiltration Specialist, Gorhan: Defense and Logistics specialist.

Each droid is also competent in melee combat, much like the IG-100 droids, but they lack targeting systems to use ranged weapons. To this regard, each droid is outfitted with a force pike that has been altered so that both ends introduce a meter long pike, turning it into a staff of sorts. The droids are highly skilled in their operation and Nocturno has even used them to practice his own melee skills.

As for the droids overall ability in combat, they are a threatening foe. Thanks to the ill understood Omni technologies, these droids posses the ability to piece themselves together after they have been dismembered. Even after a deadly lightsaber blow, these droids can manipulate their mechanical workings and armor to reattach lost limbs. While this is a powerful asset, the process of regeneration requires that the droids physically manipulate their lost limb back into place which is a difficult task to achieve during combat. To this end, their unity is a massive strength as they tend to attack their targets together so that if one unit is wounded it can quickly back out of the fight to heal. When separated these droids are highly vulnerable to continued and vicious barrages by an attacker. If, during a battle, a unit loses its ability to regenerate and there are no allies near-by it will simply activate a self-destruct that scrambles its systems to avoid capture by enemies.


-Tactical and Strategic Geniuses

-Highly skilled in melee combat

-Able to regenerate lost limbs


-As individuals they lose the advantage to regenerate in battle almost entirely

-Highly vulnerable to ranged attacks

-Completely unable to use ranged weaponry

Classification: Class 4
Weight: 130 kilograms
Height: 2 meters
Movement: Bipedal
Armaments: Double-sided force pike
Misc. Equipment:

Single Photreceptor slit

Full Spectrum sensor package (minus long-range targeting arrays)

Command and Control modules

Melee combat programming

Fabula Caromed

Belle of the Brawl
Alright, so we're very leery about Omni tech. Like, crazy leery, and it is being discussed. If you really want to help your chances with this submission, complete a meaty and impressive dev thread while we talk about it.

However, there's something I'm not going to just totally ignore. The ability is listed as "reattach" in the description but "regenerate" in the summary. Pick one. I highly suggest you pick "reattach," because I'm going if your droid can magically regrow matter, I'm denying it outright.

Other Space Kaiden

Better than other-other space Kaiden
It will be reattach, just a lack of appropriate usage on my part. I will be doing a dev thread for these guys, just need to get around to it.

Seydon of Arda

Hey! I know this isn't doing many favours, but I am disallowing this entry. Omni tech is... Well, it's something strictly Event related only and I am seeing no resources telling if whether or not this Submission contains any amount of Reward Tech. Not to mention a lot of imbalances for their specified abilities, and the lack of any update for a Dev Thread. It's painful, but forgive me.

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