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IFW Victory IV-class Star Destroyer wip


Intent: Update IFW Victory to factory 4.0
Image Source: Fractalsponge
Canon Link:
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source:
* IFW Victory-class Star Destroyer 3.0 factory

Manufacturer: Imperium Forge Works
Model: IFW Victory Mk IV-class Star Destroyer
Production: Limited-Produced
* Ferrofaraday Frame

* EMNERA Star Ship Armor Plating
* Redundant Molecular Shield Generators

Classification: Heavy Cruiser
Length: 900 meters
Width: 500 meters
Height: 150 meters
Armament: Very High
Defenses: Very High
Hangar: 3 Squadrons
Maneuverability Rating: Low
Speed Rating: Low
Hyperdrive Class: 1.0


* Heavy Firepower - The class hosts a formidable weapons load
* Ferrofarady Frame - The frame of the vessel offers some protection against EMP. ionic and spatial energy
* EMNERA Star Ship Armor Plating - The vessel has heavy, advanced damage reducing armor plating which runs power through electromagnetic reactive plates increasing its strength and ability to withstand punishment.
* Heavy Defense Rating - The class had a series of redundant molecular and thermal shield generators which protect the vessel in overlapping redundant coverage offering superior protection. These shields absorb incoming energy and shunt it into redundant storage capacitors to feed the formidable weapon systems of the vessel.
* Forward Fire Arc - all of the offensive weapons of the class can target in the forward fire arc


* Reduced Defensive Weapons Load - It has substandard defensive weapon armament
* Weak Aft Weapon Arc - The rear of the vessel has very few weapons and is weak against attack from behind.
* Ferrofariday Frame - If the vessel comes under an unusually high energy attack the faraday cage can fail and fuse disabling its effects on EMP and Ionic energy
* Redundant Molecular Shield Generators - The nature of the Molecular shielding to absorb energy can prove detrimental tot he starship if the absorbed energy cannot be dissipated rapidly enough.


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