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Approved Starship IFW Intersector-class Patrol Picket

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Intent: To create a patrol picket for IFW customers
Image Source: Fractalsponge
Canon Link:
* Ray Shielding
* Particle shield

* Warhead Countermeasures
* Tractor Beam Projector

* Passive sensor array
* 9954/I Sensor Array
* Crystal Gravfield Trap
* Long Range (EPR) Electro Photo Receptors
* Transponder Marker Tracker

Restricted Missions: None
Primary Source: Old Submission

Manufacturer: Imperium Forge Works
Model: IFW Intersector-class Picket
Affiliation: Open Market
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Doonium Hull

* Classification: Picket Corvette

* Length: 50 meters
* Width 45 meters
* Height: 10 meters

* Armament: Very Low
** 2 Dual Turbolaser Turrets
** 1 Dual ion Cannon
** 4 Hexlaser Turrets
* Defenses: Low
* Hangar: None
* Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
* Speed Rating: High
* Hyperdrive Class: 1.0

Advanced Long Range Sensors

Advanced Sensors - The Intersector is equipped with a powerful sensor array for tracking enemy targets

Reduced Firepower - The Intersector is intended as a commerce enforcement/raiding vessel and has a lighter armament than most other picket classed vessels


The Intersector-class is born from a clear need for a fast enforcement, pursuit, and special operations vessel. It boasts innovative design components from the larger Imperium vessel designs and state of the art navigation and electronic systems.

Among the systems of the Intersector-class large wing-like stabilizers can deploy during combat giving it superior atmospheric handling. These wing-like stabilizers can deploy in seconds and lock down just as fast for space operation.

For weapons, the Intersector-class has light armaments well suited for its role as a pursuit and special operations vessel. Two dual turbolaser turrets give the vessel some punch against larger targets. One dual Ion Cannon is installed on a fixed forward mount positioned on the forward hull sections for disabling targets. Four droid controlled fast trak hex lasers give the vessel formidable capabilities against smaller targets and defensive capabilities against incoming warhead and small attack craft.

The Intersector-class has all the advantages of a much larger vessel in accommodations and living systems, it also has a small brig for containing prisoners. It can accommodate up to a full company of 120 troops if needed in its hold and deploy them rapidly via a ventral drop door where troops can repel down or use jet packs while the vessel is hovering.

A large asto-navigational plotting array is located on the dorsal hull which can scan space at long ranges with multiple sensor types looking for targets. It contains long ranged scanners and equipment to aid in tracking and finding its prey. a tractor beam projector is installed on the fore section for grabbing enemy ships during combat.
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