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Approved Starship IFW Impellor-class Battle Carrier

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Intent: To create a super carrier for IFW customers.
Image Source: Fractalsponge
Canon Links: All links listed in description below.
Restricted Missions: None
Primary Source:
* Wookieepedia
* Fractalsponge

Manufacturer: Imperium Forge Works
Model: IFW Impellor-class Battle Carrier
Affiliation: Major Factions Only
Production: Limited


Classification: Super Carrier
Length: 3000 meters
Width: 1200 meters
Height: 500 meters
Armament: Low
* 30 IFWXX-12 Heavy Turbolaser Turrets
* 20 IFWNK-8 Heavy Ion Turrets
* 50 IFWXV-8 Quad Turbolaser Cannon Turrets
* 20 IFWL 301-C Anvil-class Quad Missile Turrets

* 20 IFWT 101-L Light Pulsar Cannon Turrets
* 20 IFWAG-4 Hexlaser Turrets
* 20 IFWRL-4 CIWS Turrets

Defenses: High
Hangar: 18 Squadrons
Maneuverability Rating: Low
Speed Rating: Low
Hyperdrive Class: 1.0

Advanced Communications, sensors, and targeting systems

Advanced Sensor suite - The Impellor-class is intended to act as the command vessel center of carrier groups and is equipped with sensors and communications equipment to fit her role as a carrier group command vessel.
Improved Defense Rating - The Impellor-class has hardened frame, hull, and shielding to keep her fighting in battle and protect her while carrying out assault and attack craft operations.

Slow Sublight Speed - The Impellor-class has an advanced frame and hull which adds considerably more weight to the vessels. The total mass of the Impellor-class makes tractive force much less effective limiting the sublight speed of the vessel.
Poor Sublight Maneuverability - Due to frame and hull armor mass added to the already massive size of the Impellor-class, maneuvering thrusters are far less effective at resisting the momentum of the vessel.

Description: The Impellor-class Battle Carrier is the first of IFW's Battlecruiser line of vessels. The class is designed to act as a command ship for large fleets and carrier groups.

An advanced suite of sensors and targeting systems track and identify targets and feed them to the vessels targeting computers. each weapon emplacement and targeting console are equipped with a 3K40 Targeting System. These dual redundancy computers help with weapons accuracy and tracking. Targeting lasers further assist targeting and have limited capabilities against electronic warfare systems and jamming. Target-Aggressor Attack Resolution Software is run on the vessels missile and point defense turrets to help improve the guidance and accuracy of the missile launchers. An advanced 9954/I Sensor Array offers short range scanning and detection capabilities. Passive sensor arrays scan for contacts without attracting attention when needed. Com-scan computing works to improve systems interaction by in taking the data from the vessels various types of sensors and comparing data and more effectively detection and tracking of enemy contacts.

Advanced communications systems keep the ship in touch with its allies and can communicate at long ranges with holographic, visual and audio communications. Communications lasers give the Impellor-class some capability against jamming and electronic warfare systems by using lasers to transmit from ship to ship during battle. The communications systems of the Impellor-class have a formidable encryption suite which utilizes Encryption modules on all communications systems. Counter communications operations utilize Communication wave descramblers to effectively decrypt light enemy communications. The effectiveness of these systems varies depending on the degree of encryption the enemy is operating. Offensive counter communications utilizes frequency jammers to disrupt communications during battle

A large Jenth-class hypermatter core reactor is positioned amidships which feed the massive appetite of the weapons, systems, shielding and engines of the vessel.

Ferrocarbon/Agrinium mesh Frame utilized durable ferrocarbon as the base for the frame of the vessel. An agrinium mesh network is wrapped around the frame forming a faraday cage completely encircling the vessel in an energy network which can absorb and dissipate energy such as electromagnetic or ion energy. This system of frame construction presents a highly durable skeleton for the vessel and offer superior anti-em and anti-ion defense.

EMNERA Armor is a state of the art armor system for the new vessels being constructed at the Imperium Forge Works shipyards. EMNERA armor is an ablative/reactive hybrid armor which utilizes both systems to increase the durability of the armor plating. Two heavy quadanium steel ablative plates utilize the AR-0B ablative treatment to strengthen the durability of the already super durable quadanium steel. One plate is laid down on the starship's hull creating the inner plate of the system. A layer of silicar is them installed on top of the quadranium steel creating an inert liner. Then the top layer of ablative quadranium steel is installed creating a reactive plate which can withstand immense amounts of force and heat. when an energy bolt strikes the heavy plating the ablative energy current helps to disperse the energy by strengthening the quardanium steel plate. When a kinetic weapon strikes the armor the inert layer of silicar helps to dissipate the kinetic energy by compressing the silicar as the top layer of armor flexes against it to counter the energy of the weapon strike upon impact minimizing the force displaced on the inner layer of armor.

Multiple Advanced dome shield generators based on the centuries old ISD-72x deflector shield generator domes line the ships hull giving the vessel improved shielding for her class and size. Each shield dome houses a molecular shield generator, thermal shield generator, and capacitor and power regulation systems. Molecular shield generators provide strong ray and particle shielding which can absorb a degree of the energy absorbed and route it into storage capacitors for use by the ship's weapons and systems. Large capacitor banks store the energy and regulate it into the systems of the ship. The drawback to this system is the ship can come under too much fire and overload the storage capacitors if they are not bled off in time. IF this occurs the capacitor banks will catastrophically damaging the ship. Back-up Thermal Shield Generators offer a second layer of defense for the vessel. Once engaged the vessels missile batteries are unable to fire as the shielding will not allow them to pass through. Once this system is powered down it much completely recharge the systems capacitor banks before being engaged again. This system acts solely as a secondary shield system when the vessel comes under heavy concentrate fire.

Offensively the Impellor-class has a light capital armament for a vessel her size. As a command carrier armament was not the priority in her design. The class still has enough firepower to hold her own while carrying out attack craft and assault operations. Thirty IFWXX-12 Heavy Turbolaser Turrets (fifteen on each flank) are equipped along the port and starboard rim of the vessel. These heavy weapon systems are able to track and engage targets in the flank and forward fire arcs giving the weapons full forward arc of fire for concentrated forward fire. Twenty IFWNK-8 Heavy Ion Turrets (ten each flank) are mounted as the heavy turbolasers for concentrated forward fire as well as flank arc targeting. fifty IFWXV-8 Quad Turbolaser Cannon Turrets are mounted on the vessels dorsal and ventral hull. Eight turrets (4 port/4 starboard) are placed on the ventral hull capable of firing in the forward and flank arcs. Six turrets (6 axial center) are placed on the vessel's center line dorsal section which are capable of targeting in the rear and flank arcs. Six turrets (6 axial center) are placed on the centerline dorsal hull forward of the command tower. These turrets can target in the forward and flank arcs. The remaining turrets (16 port/16 starboard) are placed on the hull's port and starboard with the main arc being the flanking arcs. These turrets have limited forward firing arc with twelve turrets on each arc capable of targeting int he forward arc.

Defensively the Impellor-class mounts a mix of weapon systems to protect it from all threats ranging from small capital ships such as pickets and patrol craft, attack craft, and incoming projectile weaponry. Twenty IFWT 101-L Light Pulsar Cannon Turrets positioned along the vessels hull near the rim, work to track and destroy incoming light capital and attack craft utilizing its rapid firing neutron/particle pulse beam. Twenty Hexlaser cannon turrets offer defense against attack craft such as bombers, gunships, fighters, and interceptors. Twenty IFWRL-4 CIWS Turrets offer short close in weapon support for engaging attack craft and incoming projectiles such as missiles and torpedoes. Twenty IFWL 301-C Anvil-class Quad Missile Turrets offer both anti-vessel and anti-attack craft defense with its quad mounted variable missile launch system.

The Impellor-class hosts twenty hangers for its large capacity of attack and support craft. The standard load out for the vessel consists of two full attack craft wings consisting of fighter and interceptor craft, a half wing of bombers, and a squadron of gunships. Two large hanger bays on the ventral hull can dock and transport two corvettes up to two hundred meters in length or six pickets up to fifty-five meters in length. Tractor and repulsor beam projectors move vessels in and out of the hangers where they then can maneuver on their own power safely. Several hangers along the prow pincers are dedicated guest hangers for shuttles and transports up to fifty-meter freighters. A central pincer hanger houses the transports for the assault forcesaboardd the vessel. Troop transports dropships, walker barges and support craft are housed here as well as the vehicles and walkers ferried abaord the vessel.
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command

Looks great. Honestly if you wanted to add in a couple of squadrons that would still work out fine. On a side note, most of the pics for your old tech subs are dead. I recommend uploading pics to imgur and using that rather than a personal photobucket.

I got nothing beyond that, I love a great in-depth sub.


[member="Cyrus Tregessar"] cool thanx. Yeah i messed my photobucket up trying to move stuff not thinking. thanx for the tip
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