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If the Goody Two-Shoes Fit (Stjeki's Training Thread)

Stjeki Sykerson

Stjeki weaved his way through the Tythonian forest, destined for that tranquil spot that Master Seren had introduced him to on his first day of apprenticeship under her. It was a pleasant spot--not unlike most of Tython--and was close enough to the Temple for a casual stroll, but far enough that it was devoid of distractions. It was mostly silent, save the applause from a nearby waterfallas the billions of drops in its flow shattered into twice as many droplets as they popped against the rocks below.

The clatter produced by the vertical current had proved to be minorly irritating in his first attempts at deep meditation, but now he drank it in before gradually eliminating the sound as he became immersed in his state of solace. Now sitting down on lush grass, legs crossed and arms relaxed, the Nautolan searched for the key to subdue his nervous impulses that plagued him in social situations. Though he could count it as a success that he had come to be at ease with his teacher, there was still much headway to be made. The Padawan breathed steadily and naturally, focusing on nothing but his little personality issue until his master should seek him out.

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