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Ichor, The Honorless One


Name: Ichor

- The Honorless One

Rank: Pirate

Species: Kyuzo

Age: 22

Height: 1.89 m (6.2 ft)

Weight: 100 kg (220 lbs)

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Bright Yellow

Skin: Green

Force-Sensitive: No

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Racial Bonuses- Being a Kyuzo, Ichor is extremely agile, fast, and thanks to dense muscle fibers in his thin frame, deceptively strong.
Weapon Focus: Vibroblades- Having trained under his clovoc almost his entire adult life, Ichor is adept at using most forms of vibro-weaponry, whether it be the smallest dagger, or an emormous vibroaxe.
Sure and Fleet-Footed- Ichor has trained his footwork extensively in a multitude of situations, to the point that he has nearly mastered how to keep his footing in dangerous or difficult environments. Whether it be a rocking ship or slick ice, Ichor will not fall.
Sensible- Ichor is not a marauding, galavanting, swashbuckling pirate, like some of his former clovoc may assume. He is moderated, relatively calm, and unselfish when it comes to personal wealth.

The Honorless- Despite the moniker granted to him, mostly as a private joke, Ichor is considered an honorable pirate. He keeps to his own personal code of honor, and refuses to deviate from it.
Driven by Glory- Ichor was inspired to lead a life of crime by stories of dashing rogues and rebels in his culture. He wished to do honor to himself, his history, and his clovoc, by becoming an infamous outlaw.

Blaster? What's that?- Ichor has no formal training with any blaster of any kind, and finds the idea of them a little silly.
Restricted by Honor- Ichor is bound by his code, and will only break it under extreme circumstances.
Disregard for Wealth- Due to his motivations to be a pirate, Ichor has little respect for the credit, instead valuing experience, training, and companionship above material gain.
One-Track Mind- In battle and out of it, Ichor focuses mostly on one thing at a time. In a fight, he gains tunnel vision towards his duel partner, and can be caught unaware by surprises thrown at him by others.

When kitted out for combat, Ichor is quite the terrifying figure. Wrapped in cloths and plated in durasteel, this Kyuzo stands tall and proud in the chaos of the galaxy. He has various vibroblades strapped to him, their leather sheathes tight against his body, to allow maximum movement. His glowing yellow eyes, under a dark circular war shield, shine with an inner light. His skin is a pea-like green, vibrant and surprisingly scar-less. He wears a breathing apparatus, as Kyuzo usually do.

When out of combat situations, he honestly doesn't look much different. He forgoes his durasteel armor for simple cloth wraps, but keeps his blades and his war shield on him at all times.

- - - -
Respect the Code

Integrity. Your Word is your Law. Follow it, for your Word is Sacred.
Respect. Honor those Before you, and Train those Behind You. Experience is Sacred.
Courage. Stand Unwavering, in the Code and in Yourself. The Code is Sacred.
Honor. Have Dignity in your Cause and Purpose, for Dignity is Sacred.
Benevolence. Show Compassion and Mercy, for Life is Sacred.
Fairness. Never Disrupt a Duel, for the Duel is Sacred.
Loyalty. Put Faith in your Clovoc, in your Family, and in Yourself, for these are Sacred.

May I Live by these Words, or Die by them.
- - - -

Ichor is quite the unorthodox pirate, to say the least.

The Honorless Kyuzo was born on Phatrong, to a clovoc, or clan, of Kyuzo, named the Odishube. This clovoc was considered traditional, some would say old-fashioned, in the sense that they forgo the use of blasters for blades, and keep a very strict code of honor. Ichor grew up in this warrior society in the absence of a mother or father, instead being raised by dedicated grandparents, which instilled the Kyuzo with a lust for adventure, and a strong warrior code. What perhaps inspired him most, however, were the stories.

Despite the strict laws of honor of Phatrong, the greatest folk heroes seemed to be the rogues and lawless of their history, those forced to go against society. Ichor grew up with these stories, and having them read to him by his grandfather and grandmother influenced him more than the Odishube clovoc realized at the time.

Ichor's first incident of insubordination in the clovoc occured at the humble age of fourteen, when he attacked a high-ranking member of the clan with a stick after she threatened to evict his grandparents from their farm. This was not the last incident of the young Kyuzo defending his family's honor, as he would systematically harass anyone that disrespected his grandparents.

Then, there was a fire.

Ichor had been out exacting revenge on a disrespectful foreigner when he heard that his grandparents had been killed, under suspicious circumstances. The boy, now eighteen, vowed to get to the bottom of, and bring justice to, whoever killed his grandparents. After months of investigation, he tracked down and dueled the same high-ranking official that had caused his family trouble so many years ago. Ichor came out on top, killing his opponent.

Because of this blatant disregard for Benevolence, Ichor was exiled from the clovoc until he could prove his honor. Thrust into the galaxy, there was little the Kyuzo could do. He performed a few mercenary jobs, but was quickly bored of them. He longed for adventure, the likes of which would make his clovoc proud of him once more.

He chose piracy.

Bounties Collected: N/A
Kills: N/A

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