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Approved Tech "Icarus" Personal Plasma Shield

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"Icarus" Personal Plasma Shield
'Concept Art' for the Icarus Shield

Icarus Shield in Action

  • Intent: To create a personal plasma shield for use by the members of the First Order
  • Image Source:
    Image 1
  • Image 2 - Deadpool 2 Trailer/Google Images

[*]Canon Link: N/A
[*]Primary Source:

  • Manufacturer: First Order Corps of Engineers
  • Affiliation: First Order
  • Model: PES/EU Model I
  • Modularity: N/A

  • Production: Minor
  • Material:
    Durasteel, Polyester, and Nylon Arm Strap
  • Electronic Components
  • Durasteel-Plastoid Central Component
  • Durasteel Magnetic Extenders/Stabilizers

  • Defensive Rating
    Kinetic/Slugs/Blunt - Very High
  • Blasters - Average
  • Lightsabers - Very Low
  • Sonic - Low
  • EMP - Low-Average
  • Ion - High
  • Shrapnel - Average
  • Explosives - Very Low

  • Typical Size (Half a Meter) - The normal or just factory setting for the Icarus is very similar to the portable shields used by members of the Deathwatch in the Clone Wars. This size is half a meter in diameter, which covers the user's entire forearm in a holographic style of display. The shield doesn't cover the arm, merely reflects a holographic-appearing plasma shield outwards in a circle similar to medieval shields of old. This size is best suited for close-range combat
  • Doubled Size (Meter) - The larger the plasma shield, the more unstable the molecules of plasma become. That's not to say the shield will break easily, although the bigger the size the shield becomes, the less damage that it can absorb. As it stands when the size is doubled, the molecules to become more unstable, however, they are still firmly connected together and can still take a good amount of punishment. The diameter of the shield is now a meter, and the shield now is displayed over the entire arm it is equipped with, shielding the arm from most sources of damage. This size is best suited for most battlefield encounters. This size can take about 20% less damage than the previous version.
  • Tripled Size (Meter and a Half) - At triple the size, the molecules which make up the shield are now more unstable along with their magnetic extenders which help the shield to keep its circular shape. The shield now covers a good amount if not most of the user's upper body, protecting most of their body from harm on the battlefield. The molecules, at this size, can take less damage than the previous two sizes though the exact amount if unknown, however, a rough percent would be that it could take about 25% less the damage than the shield at double the size. This size is best suited for battlefield encounters where explosives are involved or where cover is being utilized to form up a defensive position. This size also can help to rescue allies on the field of battle.
  • Quadrupled Size (Two Meters) - At quadrupled the size, the molecules that make up the plasma of the shield are now very stretched and more unstable than all of the previous versions. The magnetic extenders are more prone to collapsing inwards and closing the shield now if too much damage is taken, usually unexpectedly and at inopportune times. This size takes 35% less damage than the previous size, making it much more susceptible to damage than the three previous sizes.

  • Bashing People for Days. You can bash people with the plasma shield, which can leave a nasty though non-fatal burn if it hits skin.
  • Interchangeable Size.
  • Magnetic Instability. The Icarus Shield has magnetic extenders which help the plasma to keep it's circular size and to help contain the plasma within the limits of the magnetic extenders. However, these magnetic extenders can be and are prone to malfunctioning easily. If an EMP hits the shield or if the shield receives too much damage in one area, the magnetic extenders will have a high probability of closing in on themselves, which renders the plasma shield temporarily useless until the shield's electrical systems do a full reboot which takes roughly five to ten seconds. When the magnetic extenders close in on themselves, this renders the plasma shield temporarily useless and makes the user vulnerable to damage.
  • EMP's are the Devil.
  • Laserwords and Metal Swords, Hand in Hand. The shield can take only a few blows from a metal sword and only one from a lightsaber before breaking.
  • Ion's are the Devil
  • Lithium-based, Plasma-coiled Battery. If the battery is overheated, it can explode, severely burning and damaging the user's arm.
Force Users can be dangerous, sometimes outright unstoppable. Troopers would get killed nonchalantly and the First Order would suffer needless casualties in war when fighting enemies that held force users amongst their ranks. An effort was made by Doctor Hozlen, head of the "Bloodstone" project, to counteract the deaths of many troopers and to try and bring the NFU's of the First Order on par with hostile FU's. The First Order had plenty of weapons and technology, that was true, although there weren't enough anti-force weapons or technological achievements to help counteract the utterly devastating effects of a Force User. The First Order had a few of these, though some were limited to the Order of Ren, others to the Deathtroopers, others to High-command... there wasn't much in the way for regular soldiers to help defend themselves in a one-on-one engagement with a force user.

Doctor Hozlen saw this and sought to correct this unforeseen error of the First Order. Hozeln and his colleagues looked through over a dozen historical documents on countering force users along with past battles involving force users. There was a multitude of information they gained from these documents, sonic weapons, sonic grenades, toxic gas, and explosives. However, Haozlen didn't seek to go the conventional route as most Jedi would know this route of trying to defeat them and be prepared nonetheless. Hozlen sought for unorthodox weaponry and for unorthodox and unconventional technology to outwit and defeat force users. Thus began the development of the Icarus shield, a plasma-based shield to absorb blaster-fire and physical attacks, a defensive weapon mainly to help in close-quarters combat. The shield could even withstand physical blows from a vibrosword, though prolonged attack would short out the component which generated the shield, making it close unexpectedly and temporarily. The same was true even for a lightsaber, though the shield could withstand only one or two hits from a lightsaber before collapsing and recharging again in its lithium-based plasma-coiled battery. There were needless problems with this LB-PC Battery, just as unexpected and often devastating explosive lithium batteries if they overheated in the recharging process. Though, this mistake couldn't be fixed due to the small and compact size of the battery as to house it in a small, wrist-mounted component piece.


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[member="Lily Kuhn"] I wanted to specify what the defensive rating was beyond just a standard classification.
FN-2826 said:
[member="Lily Kuhn"] I wanted to specify what the defensive rating was beyond just a standard classification.
We don't have numerical ratings, though, so I don't see what this is supposed to convey here? There's no 1-10 or other equivalent scaling at work, and the old quality ratings from 3.0 don't translate into the current resistance system.


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[member="Lily Kuhn"]
I removed the strength as I didn't know how to properly describe it and it was a bit repetitive and I expanded on the Magnetic Instability in the submission.
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