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IBIS-01 Taskmaster

NAME: Intelligent Borderland Intermediary System - Zero One, Callsign "Taskmaster"
FACTION: Unidentified
RANK: Not Applicable
SPECIES: Droid, IBIS Framework
AGE: <1
SEX: Appears as Either Gender Persona
HEIGHT: 2.77 meters
WEIGHT: 0.5393 metric tons
HAIR: Not Applicable
SKIN: Vardium Steel Dipped, Electrum Trim


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Maneuverability Type: Taskmaster is capable of sustained exoatmospheric flight and hovering in atmospheric flight. It is also capable of jumping great distances comparable to a very large version of a jump pack.
+ Armored Kill: Taskmaster is modestly armored in medium starship-grade armor. His plating is thinner than a vehicle's, but it also does not have blood or vital organs to protect thus balancing the efficiency of damage mitigation.
- Remote Bandwidth Latency / - Droid Brain Capacity: Due to the huge amount of processing speed and runtimes necessary to adequately stabilize movement in extra-human maneuvers, a designated AI controlling such unit via remote access will not be able to act to its full efficiency compared to if it was installed in the unit's core space, thus it will perform at an estimated 60% of its true potential. Without any AI interaction whatsoever from the designated AIS, its typical droid brain cannot manage such complex tasks, thus it will perform at 40% of its true potential - still greater than any human, but sluggish and not as freely ranged, rendering it more vulnerable to weaponry attacks, particularly those at long rage or high muzzle velocity.

The IBIS droid framework is being developed as a prototype battle droid capable of housing a new AI core. It is built to be extremely light and agile, its armor too thin to shrug off heavier fire such as direct hits from cannon rounds. It makes up for its lack of mass and power with its high adaptability, tactical intelligence and unrivaled agility. Unlike most droids, it is capable of thrust jumps and surface-level flight and is light enough to not sustain damage from moderate falls. Because it is so heavily reliant on two parallel processors beside its brain to maintain stability in motion if not controlled manually by an installed AI. Alone, the droid is actually quite dumb, unable to utilize its mobility to its fullest advantage. Its programming is also outdated. The cost to produce one such droid in its current state is approximately 3.2 million credits; a testament to the care and precision put into producing its unique form.

Taskmaster was born within the (IC) year. It has yet to see combat beyond battle telemetry data gathering.