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I Thought Mythosaurs Were Extinct!

Gilamar Skirata

The most important step is always the next one
The view from the main office of the MandalMotors Shipyards was amazing, to say the least. To be able to see Mandalore in all its splendor as well as the sparks and blips of light that went in and out like stars all around him. His personal office here emphasized that, with most of his walls replaced with glassteel viewports so that he could see MandalMotors' production in full splendor. For many this was disorienting, the feeling that the cold harshness of space was just on the other side of the wall. Truth be told, sometimes it worried him as well, but he was confident in the thick glasteel walls.

Taking the glass from his table and draining it of the sweet, black ne'tra gal, he tossed it into the air, the glass floating away. That was the other thing. He missed the feeling of low gravity and so had his office equipped with a wall dial that strengthened or lessened the artificial gravity. Floating over to the door, he lowered himself and entered the hallway. Azrael should have been coming in soon. Apparently one of his projects was close to finishing, or maybe they needed his approval or something of the sort. Either way, he wanted Azrael to see it, partake in the conversation.

The walk to the lift seemed longer than normal. Maybe because Gil was brooding and staring out of the viewports when he passed them in order to take in the view. The last few months, weeks even, had been hectic and it was good to get away. Dressed in slacks, a button up shirt, and bantha leather boots, Gil looked the part of MandalMotors' main share holder, which was important...Keeping appearances with these pinheads was important. Something he had forgotten to tell Azrael, but Gil would defend him if he needed to. The other share holders would no doubt be here asking a billion questions about their money and how much this would make them.

"No doubt." he said with a grunt.

As the lift stopped at the hangar, a grin inched its way across his face as Azrael's shuttle flew in through the atmospheric containment field. Finally, he was here.