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I feel the need to apologize ...

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
I'm quite sorry folks, I feel I've let you guys down. I returned to the board with a spark and a flame burning to get going again with Mirien. But sadly muse I'm fighting so hard for. I've written my character into a corner so to speak and I've not quite figured out how to get out of it. So, it's been so difficult to post, to reply to those who have really old threads with me, and such ... Even what little I did for the Invasion was rather difficult.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I've played Mirien for nearly two years straight as she is, building to where she became Grand Inquisitor, and now that she is there ... a glorified desk jockie inquisitor who hands out the orders and such and more or less retired spy. That's where I am. I'm not terribly sure what to do with her right now and that writers block sucks especially when I love this faction as much as I do and I know others like the Emperor Kahoshi depend on me and all that.

I said I was going to write a dominion for us and was unfortunately never able to finish writing it before my muse for this character slipped away and escaped.

To those who have asked for threads or training, I'm sorry for I have let you down. It's you guys I feel worst about. Because training is key to getting grounded in the faction and advancing your characters and such and I just struggled for even that. I'm hoping that my muse will return sometime soon, or I'll figure a way out of the rut I've gotten into with Mirien.

I love you guys, and I hope the muse god will grant me it once more so I can get back in the game. But yeah, for those I let down, I'm sorry folks. Maybe just a few more weeks away from her will be what I need, I do not know. I don't really have the answers right now.

But I'll keep trying as I can to get involved and such. And I'll still be about on skype and other characters, Coryth mostly now, so if you want to rp with me as a writer, I'd be happy to do something with her.
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Hey, no need to apologise. Mirien's an awesome character, all your chars are, so just take what time you need and do what's fun for you.

I have been a similar position when it comes to Siobhan a few times. Well, since her time as Protectorate Exarch was terribly short I never got to properly rp her as one but she certainly would not have been desk-bound because that's not who she is. Now she is the vice president of a corporation, without being that suited for a business environment, and I do struggle with finding a role for her sometimes. Hence why Moira is my main char now since she has clear things to strive for.

Mirien is a great char and once you get your muse back for her I'm confident there are many great ways where she can show just why she's the Grand Inquisitor - and all shall love her and despair. After all, Vader did not sit behind a desk, nor did Tarkin - and as such the second most important person after the Emperor.

I'm always down for her working with Moira - there's those Klaxxi they could dissect (and she has been working on some things Mirien might find interesting). Or there's that Kerrigan woman, who apparently is a 'heroine' now since she helped save Atrisia, I can see them meeting being awesome (got to keep tabs on those non-Inquisition forcers). Just some thoughts, meant as friendly advice.
@[member="Mirien Valdier"] I’ve been where you are right now. I've writen writing Garith for nearly a decade he has played in a myriad of high ranking roles over the years. Being the Executor was just one of those roles. It is easy to get in the feeling when writing the rank of the Executor or similar role that you have to stay behind a desk. Or if you join a role play you might disturb the flow just being in the rp. People just act differently around their boss. Don’t let that stop you there....there is many different ways you could enter an rp without this happening.

Take a look at Vader’s role in the galaxy. Did you ever see him sitting behind a desk? Nope paper pushing was delegated to other people like Moffs, Admirals, and Generals. All his reports were verbal and spoken directly to the Emperor. It was Vader’s job to go out in the field and perform duties in the Emperor’s name, so the Emperor could sit back in the safety of his palaces. He was actively out hunting down Jedi and Rebels. When he was not doing that Vader was involved in demonic experiments like the Black Wing Virus or plotting to kill the Emperor and take the throne because he was next in line.

If Mirien is not involved in demonic experiments and plotting to kill the Emperor this frees up a heck of a lot of her time.

Mirien has the rank and skills to entire the rp in unique ways. Here is an example of the current dinner dominion we are doing. Mirien could have been uncover and observing the situation wearing Stromtrooper armor.
Here is another example of an rp Mirien could start. She could summon Shule and Garith to talk to her. Both of them have vast amounts of experience and have been around a long time. There is so much they could teach the younger generations of Imperial Inquisitors. Maybe she wants to hear their opinions on how to improve Inquisitor training. Maybe she wants then to start to train large classes of apprentices, knights, and masters. Or maybe she has orders for the Emperor and she wants advice from two of her most experienced Shadow Masters.

I hope this sounded like friendly advice because that was my hope and intention. If you’re ever in the need for advice my AIM chat name is Garith Darkhold. :)

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
@[member="Akio Kahoshi"] @[member="Togashi Yokuni"] @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] @[member="Somarae"]

Thanks everyone for the kind words,encouragement, and advice.

I think my problem revolves aroumd the fact that I've done nothing but things for the faction for a very long time. Never really got to work on my personal stories and ideas that go along with it. So you might see me prodding around it private threads, trying to see if that is the issue. To see if it is just because I've been faction writing only for such a long time. Longer than any other character I've ever had. So the idea's of more training are hard to deal with.

And Garith, you were fine I know where you are coming from and I appreciate it very much. I think truly it is that I've given selflessly for so long on Mirien, setting aside the stories I've really wanted to do, and placed the faction above my own happiness and pleasure on the board, and that is never a wise thing to do. At least not for nearly as long as I have. So I'm going to slowly, slowly tiptoe into things, with a thread with Akio as I know he'll wait a month or more if that's what it takes for my muse to come back around.

I just only feel bad for those who have asked for the training, and I couldn't hold that up and knew well enough to let you guys know it. And I know I told everyone in TGE Skype chat that I had a dominion up my sleeve but it was a half-written one. One for which I lost the muse for not too long after starting that. And that is where I feel I let folks down.

But anyway ...'nough rambling. Going to try and kick start her very slowly with some private threads. If you see them and want in, just ask and I don't mind. Just need to step very carefully into this stuff.
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
@[member="Mirien Valdier"]

Take what time you need and do what's fun for you. That's what being on this site is about. I'm always done for a private thread - and if takes time for you to respond, threads don't run away.