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I Bet You Like Me

Soliael lay lounging in a bed, half naked with his chest and its deep black tattoos showing upon his chest. A small tree whose branches seemed to extend across his breast outward as if reaching for something. There seemed to be a look of complete content on his face, as if all was right in the world. Perhaps it was because this was the first time he had relaxed in a long time, or perhaps it was because he felt that he had somewhat a wild Nexu, though that may have been a false assumption.

Still, Soliael seemed to be more than pleased with himself, and slowly he allowed a small sphere roll across his palm.

The black and red' Krayt Dragon pearl moved slowly across his palm as he waited for Anaya to return, a slight smirk on his face. After their trip to Tattooine Anaya had lost her lightsabers, though she had gained a pile of treasure worth more than this ship. Still, Soliael had been...indebted to the Twi'lek woman after the loss of her Sabers and had promised to help in the replacing of them.

This was partially why he was here, to see his promise through. The other was was the fact that he quite simply enjoyed Anaya's company, even if he was still half sure she meant to kill him eventually.

With a soft sigh he waited for Anaya to return to the bedroom.

Nisha Decrilla

Skin still damp from sanisteam Anaya paused in the doorway, one hand loosly holding the towel that was failing at concealing her body. She admired her catch, a shiver of pleasure running through her. A few quick steps and she climbed back on the bed with him, her towel forgotten somewhere along the way. Moving up the bed she alternated between kisses and gentle bites across Soliael's exposed chest. Fingers wrestled the pearl from his grip and moved to pin his hands above his head as she found her way to his lips.

A comm chimed, Captain Crowley's voice crashed unceremoniously into the room. "Lady Apoleia, we're coming up on Zonama Sekot." Anaya groaned and pulled away from Soliael, snatching the comm link from the bedside table. "Thank you Captain, I will be down in a moment." she replied acidly. Annoyed the their fun had been interrupted, she contented herself with the fact that they still had time after Anaya had gathered what she had come for. With another fierce kiss, she rose. "Time to work, Sol."

Ten minutes later, Anaya descended the stairs that led from her chambers to the bridge, Sol in her wake. The Captain bowed to Anaya, though he did not even acknowledge Soliaels existence, his jealousy evident in the force. "Sekot has not stopped our advance yet." he informed her. "I was concerned that our time between visits would leave the planet paranoid." Anaya smiled and moved forward to the view port to view the great planet looming beneath them. Closing her eyes she reached out in the force, and felt Zonama Sekot reach back. It knew she was here for something, it always did and despite the clear wariness it had of Anaya it always let her land, because as yet, she had done them no harm. Anaya knew that this would be the last time that she would be able to come here.

"We're good." she informed the Captain. "Take us in." She offered Soliael a smile and beckoned him to follow her through the ship towards the hangar bay. "Have you ever been here before Sol?"
“Yes.” Soliael answered plainly as he finally lifted his gaze from Anaya's rear end. Looking up at the living world Soliael wondered if the planet recalled him, it would have been difficult not to.

The last time he had been here had been with two of the most powerful force users in the entire galaxy, his mother, and great grandmother. They had come to Zonama Sekot nearly one hundred and seventy years ago now, around the time Soliael had turned forty. He remembered the jungle world well, its living vines and the creatures that had lived upon it. Of course that had been during the plague, back then Zonama had been weary of most travelers. The Strength of his family however had been more than enough to convince the sentient planet though, and the three Shamalains had spent several days upon this world.

Soliael gazed at the world, though of course he saw only blackness. His senses in the force however told him of the looming presence, and its awareness of him.

“A long time ago.” He finally continued “A few centuries before you were born I think.”

He was calm, though by right he probably should not have been. What they were about to do would be frowned upon by the planet, and its inhabitants. Kidnapping a Yuuzhan Vong Shaper would have...ramifications. But he had made a promise, and he would keep it.

Nisha Decrilla

"I forget that you're ancient." she mocked lightly as they walked. A young zeltron male appeared at her elbow, handing her a data slate without a word eyes fixed to the floor, fear coming off him in waves. Anaya stopped and looked at him. She was used to her employees fearing her, but it was normally a reaction, not something they did proactively. She looked at the data slate in her hand her brow furrowing as she read the information. There was one unfortunate thing that came with running a business from a ship, whenever you tired to do something utterly irrelevant to work, it popped up at her elbow in the form of a terrified assistant.

The slate contained a letter form one of her spies, detailing the betrayal of one of her club managers, who was trying to increase his personal profit. Anaya sighed and handed the zeltron the data slate. "Shall we eliminate him, m'lady?" She shook her head in response. "I will deal with it personally," she stated as she continued to walk "Inform him he is under house arrest until I get there, if he tries to run, incapacitate him." She had bigger issues to deal with now, a traitor could wait, the longer he waited the more he would sweat and the greater the return would be for Anaya when she finally got round to dealing with him.

"The planet will not likely let us back on without some serious persuasion after this." she continued as if she had never been interrupted "So I suggest to take full advantage of its resources while we're here."
“I've never been very fond of this world anyway.” Soliael had never liked the thought of something able to squash him like a bug without a thought, and Zonama Sekot was one of those things. The planet was just that...an entire planet. When you were upon it you were at the worlds mercy, every plant, every animal, every rock could be out to kill you. Silencia had explained this to him upon first visit to the world, and even then it had caused a tingle down Soliaels spine.

Only a fool feared nothing.

The Closer the got to the planet the more uneasy Soliael became. He showed no sight of it outwardly of course, he was far too good at hiding his emotions, but what they were about to do would displease Zonama. Kidnapping a Yuuzhan Vong off of its own surface would find the living world...unhappy.

“Lets get this done.” Soliael said flatly as they landed and he turned away from the bridge. A shaper should be easy enough to find, though he would most likely be well guarded. “Have you ever met a Vong?”

Soliael inquired as he stepped down the ramp with Anaya, the Yuuzhan Vong were such an interesting species. Powerful in their own right, and dead to the force. It made them unique in this galaxy and that uniqueness was something Soliael despised.

Nisha Decrilla

Anaya paused at the foot of the landing ramp and closed her eyes opening herself to the force around them for a moment, relishing in its powers, before drawing back. If only the planet could have been commanded, oh what an unstoppable force she would have been. She couldn't understand why Soliael would not be fond of this world. Under the right control, it was a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps it was that it could not be controlled. Sekot did what it liked, and it did it to protect itself and its inhabitants.

"No." she answered finally, opening her eyes "I used to come here to visit an old flame. A natoulan." A smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she thought of her last visit to Qae. "He was an honorary clan member so any dealings I did, I did through him. He was easy to manipulate." A devilish grin appeared on her lips "Most men are." It was unfortunate for the males of the universe, that women like Anaya existed. They played to a man's weakness, drowned rational thought with lust, bent them to their will with whispered promises, all of which, were lies.

"I've studied them though." she continued "Moridin was a fan of their biotech, so it paid well to understand the way they worked, both culturally and technologically." Though the Vong were dead in the force, the force still existed to guide them towards empty pockets where they would be. Anaya let her feet carry her, trusting her instincts to lead her to what she needed.
Soliael looked at her with a sideways gaze, his eyebrow raising slightly at her comments but her words not really off setting him. He smiled slightly as she mentioned manipulation and control, funny that. As she mentioned his father however the smile instantly shrunk. He knew about Moridins...affiliation with the Yuuzhang Vong. Soliael had long known of Moridins love for the Yuuzhang Vong, his journals detailed many hours spent attempting to shape the unique biots, although they had always recoiled at him.

“I killed one once.” Soliael said almost offhandedly as he remembered his encounter with one of the force deads within the deep blackness of the Pit.

He had not known its name, nor had he known the force back then. He simply remembered fighting the creature hand to hand, then eventually wrapping his arm around its neck and snapping it with a single wrench. The fight had been nearly even, pure Yuuzhan Vong Muscle against Garhoon enhanced strength. Soliael had barely come out on top, though of course now he was even stronger, funny how genetic manipulation worked.

He shrugged as the ship shook slightly, the feeling of it entering the atmosphere. He turned to Anaya and smiled. “Lets see if I won't get to kill another.”

Nisha Decrilla

If they could get a shaper off world without killing anyone, Anaya would be pleased, though she was not so foolish to believe that such a task would be so easy. She let out a sigh "Not that I don't enjoy killing things, but if we can get the shaper off world without killing someone it would make our getting off world a whole lot easier." She shrugged "If." she repeated. She picked a direction and let her lead them through the jungle about them, careful to check her oreintation and the direction of the ship so that they didn't get lost. they could wonder for hours, but she doubted they would.

The Yuuzhan Vong would come to them, snarling, cursing and demanding answers for their intrusion. At least that was what Anaya hoped would happen.

There was a lot resting on ifs and maybes today.

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“I've never had a planet for an enemy before.” Soliael said the words so flatly that it was difficult to tell whether he was joking or not, though the small smile he shot at Anaya seemed to tell her that he in fact was kidding. Before long the tree's and the brush seemed to stir slightly, and the area around them became slightly more...threatening.

He could of course not sense the Yuuzhan Vong coming, Soliael had no Vong Sense and the creatures were dead to the force, in fact he wouldn't even really be able to see them, but their absence. He supposed this was the down side of being blind, the Force Dead, Vong and droid and the like were completely invisible to him. Instead of seeing them he simply saw an...absence of them, it was difficult to explain really.

After another few minutes of walking this absence occurred within the field of pulses he laid out around them, a slight twinge of a frown forming on his face. “To the left.”

He said the words slowly to Anaya, as if he was unsure. Quickly enough however he was proven right as snarling and hissing came from that direction. Heavy Yuuzhan Vong footsteps crashed down into the jungle tree's and the hiss of an Amphistaff could be heard as a few dozen Vong Warriors dropped to the ground near them.

Almost instinctively Soliael turned to the Vong, ready to snap necks.
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