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I Am The Monster .. [Velkar]

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
.. parents tell their children about at night?

Two years had passed since Vik had left Midvinter, and his sacred home within the forests of Averlorn. He had kissed his mother goodbye, he had vowed to return to her but could not tell her when that would be, simply because he did not know himself. He did not know if he ever would.

It was brave really come to think of it, to pack up and leave stealing away on a freight that was bound for he did not know where. Nor did he have any knowledge of what was beyond the night's veil of stars, he was never one to ponder them, did not long to journey among them, but he did. Why? well .. because he is cursed.

The first port of call for the freighter was Nar Shaddaa which is where Vik got off and his learning of the galaxy beyond the stars had began in a rude way. It was nearly the death of him, if it had not been for bumping into some one literally but after that he somehow managed to find work and adventure after adventure had become part of his life. But there was something in his life that he could never rid himself of, the very reason he had to leave followed him and in time Vik realised .. it always would.

He had to find answers, he knew they were here back home, and so his journey would begin once more. He had returned from where he left off, in Thainbroek. But he was not heading south to Averlorn but north east, the Frostvatn singing softly on the wind told him the answer are to be found there. What that would mean? where exactly would it lead? there was only one way to discovery.

Vik managed to secure a horse, some fur for bedding and rations for the trip and once ready he wasted no time in taking the road north, before turning his horses head east. The local people had warned Vik that the part in the north east no one knew about, peopled lived there but for the most part, there was little known about them. But that was not his purpose.

Winter had fallen hard this year it seemed, or maybe it was that he had forgot just how hard they can be but regardless the feeling of the cold air and the snow which began to fall heavy delighted his very being and he felt nothing of it.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
For some way, the road north followed a river. Heavy snow fall had piled up along it's banks and the bare trees looked like sticks against the grey sky, everything was white a pure white untouched by any corruption and the waters that flowed had slowed as the surface became thick with ice. There were long boats laden with milled wood and with them were Valkyri strong and sturdy, Vik had never seen them before, not as regularly as this.

There were very few people on the road, this time of year. Mostly, villagers would keep to their homes having spent the summer months gathering what they needed to sustain through the hard months to come, but life goes on, on Midvinter and the need for trade would see the hardiest of them venture among the wilds and weather. He had been on the road for two days now and along the way he would camp with the few that pulled their carts toward the Crownlands. It is best to seek company in the winter months while traveling especially at night, and he discovered that the Valkyri are welcoming to their fires and generous in with their food to strangers. It is the way of them, in this harsh land, it is the only way to survive and there is a fellowship among those that have the gall to stand up against it.

He had heard of a great war around the camp fires, people telling him of the most wonderous things and the most horrible. A great army had moved south from the capital to face an unknown foe with powers beyond anything Vik had ever heard of. He had heard the tales of the Valkyri gods, like most Aelvar had and he did not think much about them believing them to be myth or stories developed through the ages of men and women that did incredible feats that propelled them into the god-like status. But what he heard of these glorious beings that had come from the sky, was truly impressive and frightening at once. Had he only heard the tale of the great war once, he would have dismissed it, but each camp would regale the same events and in one of them he met a man that had been there and saw it for himself.

He did not say much, let those around the camp fire tell the story but in his eyes Vik could see the truth of it. And for some unknown reason to Vik, the man who soul was burdened with grief, sat and stared at him over the flames of the fire as if seeing a ghost.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
"Where you headed boy?", the question drew Vik's attention away from the set of eyes watching him. He smiled in thanks to the man as he passed him a full plate of stew and sat beside him on the log. Vik could not really answer him, he did not know himself and even then he did not know place names. "Heading north", which was true enough for now, "Thanks", he added slightly raising the plate of food, it was good stew too. "I hear one of 'em Heavenshields is up there, building a village or somethin'", the information confirmed but the nods and grunts of the other men. "Damned fools errand if ya ask me". Vik did not know of any Heavenshields or what or who they were, but the name seemed to be popping up around the campfires.

He decided to just tuck into his food and let the discussion wash over him and once finished he placed the plate to the ground before standing and giving thanks to the woman that cooked. He shot a side ways glance along the dirt toward the feet of the man that watched him, it was making Vik most uncomfortable so he decided to take solace elsewhere and he walked to the edge of the camp and vanished within the backdrop of the night.

Vik is not an easy man to follow, not that anyone did, he is Aelvar after all and silence only follow his foot steps as he walked among the trees of the forests that seemed to become much denser in the north. The night creatures were abound, it is their domain this blanket of darkness only lit by the light of the moon and the stars. It is the time in which the Aelvar sense are alert to everything, Vik's ears twitching in all directions to the slightly sound a gentle paw would make and the pupils of his eyes opened to pull in more of his surroundings and he could feel the bit of the frost on his cheeks.

Alone with his thoughts at last.

This pull, this unnamed source of power was stronger when he was here on Midvinter, the further north he got the stronger he could feel it inside him. It was not the Frostvatn, that strength and power is different and familiar, a comfort to all his kin and their driving force to them and to others. But this ... what is this?

He held out right had turning in front of his eyes looking at it as if it was a strange thing to him, and without much effort it happened. A white swirling ball of pure energy enveloped it, coming from the palm of his hand, coming from the very pores of his skin ... and all around him .. it began to snow.

Vik stared at it entranced, not that he understood it and the more he watched the less frightened of it he became. He was becoming intrigued by this growing sense of power but above all, he wanted to know where it comes from. He dropped his hand to his side and curled up his fingers ...


Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
After two days riding from the camp.

He came to a fork in the road at the bend of the river. From what he had learned of these parts, one road would lead him onward to the Northmark, the other to a little village by the shores of the Lake of Mists. From what the Valkyri had told him, the people that live there are more isolated, their interact with the rest of the continent limited and they are more suspicious of strangers because of it. Although none could say if they were hostile, more weary than anything and did not like the introduction of new things or a new way of thinking. So Vik concluded that he would keep to himself as best he could, he preferred that anyway.

A gentle tug on the reins turned his mount's head to the east and it would not take long before he would enter the Eastmark. There were far less people on the road, the road not as worn by the traffic of carts and travelers and it turned and twisted through the thickening forests. It was eerie, there was cold silence among the trees, only to be broken from time to time the haunting cry of a avian. It was a steady pace, he was in no hurry and besides he was not sure why this way would grant him answers.

Vik would not make the village by night fall, he would have to find a safe suitable place for the night and he doubted he would find an Inn or the like upon the road. It was dangerous to camp in the forest alone, his gaze turned to the sky and he peered through the pines, night was coming in hard and what little light was left of the day all but gone, swallowed up in the thick grey clouds laden with snow. There was already a thick blanket of it on the road, his horse's hooves digging deep with each tread and Vik knew another fall would see the road closed to him.

His head whipped around, eyes searching behind him as he heard a twig snap that no other being would, his Aelvar ears taking in all sounds, his pupils widening seeing through the thickest of undergrowth and piercing the failing light. He only just glimpsed it, the movement of a large form vanishing behind a boulder covered in snow and his senses prickled to danger. He urged his mount forward, there would not be the ability to outrun whatever it was, but they could not stay still either, he just hoped that something would present itself to bring an escape.

A bend in the road turned into a thinner line of trees, there would be no cover for whatever was tracking them, stalking them but it still followed, dropping back .. waiting. He could sense it playing with them, like a feline with a catch still alive, not ready to be eaten, a sense of joy in the hunt and Vik grew desperate in his heart. He looked up into the tree tops, maybe there was a place in which he could climb high and see the night out, but how could he tell if that beast could climb? and his horse would be doomed.

But as he looked searchingly, he saw a small film of light. It was not the dying rays of the day's sun, it was strange and unnatural and it .. called to him moving closer forming a small ball of green light. He did not know what to think of it, whether to follow it but his mind quickly came to a decision when the sound of a low malicious growl cut the night. He pushed his mount forward digging his heels into it's side, his horse just a frightened as he did not want for any encouragement further and with mighty strength plowed his hooves into the snow and charged forward.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
His heart pounded against his rib cage, his ears filled with the sound of the beast's feet running crunching in the snow behind him and his horse, getting ever closer, he did not dare turn his head he did not want to loose sight of the green light had seemed to turn and head into the forest. Vik did not even know if he was still on the road for all around him it was snowing and visibility became difficult, even for him. He pulled hard on the reins, turning his horse's head to the right sharply just as he imagined the beast to be in range to attack, but it didn't. Why did it not go for the kill?

His horse bolted into a small clearing, so strange a thing in this forest, and slowed exhausted unable to place another step. Nostrils flaring pumping out cold mist from his hot breath and Vik could feel his sides blowing hard to suck in air, his mount was done. Now he would have to face this creature and fight to the death. He threw his leg over the horse's head and jumped out of the saddle, landing with silence into the freshly laid snow, his arms raised ready to summon the power of the Frostvatn, he could feel the strength of it filling him and running through his veins. Vik turned slowly on the spot searching through the darkness of the night for any sign of the beast, but could see nothing although his hears could hear a low guttural gurgling deep within it.

The fall of snow turned to hard ice and as it fell it hit his cheek nicking his skin causing it to bleed, the ice keen like tiny pieces of glass. Vik was unaware that this event was of his own doing, to focused on finding the beast within the trees to take notice that his skin was glowing white and the unnamed power from within him, swirling in the palm of his hands. He was growing more desperate in his heart, the beasts presences seemed to be everywhere and nowhere .. and then, out of the line of trees stepped a man clad in a long brown leather cloak, the cowl partly covering his features.


The presence of the beast had gone like a puff of smoke on the wind.
Not a word was spoken as the man turned and began to walk back into the forest, there was a sense of familiarity about him Vik could not place and he had only glimpsed his features, "Wait!", he could all but speak as he regained some of his breath. Although he knew the beast was gone, Vik still shot a look behind him before taking hold of the reins to guide his horse on foot, as eager as he was to get out of this dangerous situation, he was not sure to follow the man. But he had no choice.

Following his direction, he pushed himself through the thickest of the forest until before him stood a small house, the windows of which ablaze with green light the same hue of that of the small ball he had seen in his bid to escape the beast. The man was nowhere to be seen, like the night air had taken him into it's fold but as Vik approached the house, the door was left ajar and a shadow moved within the light. He did not like to leave his horse outside for fear the beast might return but beside the small house was a shed enough to serve as a stable.

"Hello?", Vik poked his head around the door as he pushed it open a little more, and by the fire stood the man.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
To you, your father should be as a god;
One that composed your beauties, yea, and one
To whom you are but as a form in wax,
By him imprinted.

A wise man once said.

Clearly he had never met Odiir. But for a father that was a good father these flowery words may apply, even so why is a child beholden to the father?. Velkar snapped the book shut and tossed it to the side. This entire scenario is foreign to him and for once in his long and illustrious life, Velkar was clueless as to what to do with this boy that is his son. Naturally, the idea of simply just ignoring it and let the lads life play out as it would had crossed his mind more than once, selfish to a point but there was actually a sense of kindness in the thought. For all his railing against his father, Velkar knew he would not be much better as one and to a mortal at that, well part mortal. His boy was part god too.

"Come", he said with a gesture inviting him in. A smile creasing his lips, not because of this father son meeting but because he is still delighting in his trick to get the boy here. "Sit by the fire, warm yourself", he said moving to the side and removing the long cloak to hang it by the door. He was not in his usual godly robes, dressed simply in tanned leather and looked for all the world like a hunter of the forest, Velkar even sported a beard, he wanted to try it out since it seemed everyone had one .. the damned thing was itchy as hell.

The young boy entered cautiously, as well he might .. "Do not fear, the beast is gone". One beast replace with another? not tonight. A slight flick of his finger and the fire in the hearth rose within the grill, a dancing green flame played upon the log as if to the whim of a puppet master. "This is wondrous strange", Velkar heard the boy say under his breath as he neared.

"Therefore as a stranger, give it welcome". Velkar turned to face the boy who was only a meter or so from him, so finally father and son came face to face. But of course, his son was monstrously handsome, the mirror image of himself. This even took Velkar by surprise.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
"How.. how do you know?", he asked as his eyes filled with the sight of the green flame in the hearth. Although most grateful for this place of refuge which was granted to him in the nick of time, Vik felt an unease in the presence of this stranger. He could not put his finger on it, it was dangerous yet there did not seem to be danger to him and there was a power within the man that alluded him, it was not that of the Frostvatn, that power of the thing that most in the wider galaxy call the force, was not present in this man, but something was .. something far more powerful. And something, familiar.

Was this the answer to his burdening question of himself? Had all his wanderings lead to this moment, to this happenstance meeting? Happenstance! it had all been orchestrated by the very man standing in the room, and Vik was unaware of the 'trap'.

Vik turned from the flames and took one step toward the man as he turned in place, for a moment he thought it a trick of the light, having stared into the green flames for too long, but his sight remained the same, the face of the man before him remained the same and he blinked in confusion. The man's face an exact copy of his own, a little older perhaps. Vik stumbled backward, his foot clipping the leg of a small table which caused him to trip and he fell on his back, he scrambled a little unsure of what was before him. "What is this trickery?", he asked, no, demanded, as he drew in deep breaths and his pulse raced.

The stranger just stood there looking down at him, looking him over like he was an amusement to him. Vik jumped to his feet, his hands raised as he summon the power of the Frostvatn which caused through his veins. "I.. I .. don't want any trouble from you. I shall take my leave", he continued unsure of himself or his actions to come. But even as the words left his mouth, he knew he would not go another step, the pull from his man was too strong, and he had to know.

"Your face ... who are you?". Deep down Vik knew, but he needed to hear it.


Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
He knew of that look on the face of the young man, that desperate need for answers from a father less incline to give them, he had had that same look when he was boy. Trying so hard to gain his father's attention to seek his approval, above his siblings who always were the favourites, and always would be. But no matter what he did, nothing was every good, or good enough .. nothing good would ever come from something bad. Velkar never did get the reason why he was given this purpose of mischief, he came to the conclusion himself, his father needed someone or something to be the author of that which turns harmony into chaos. Oh no he would never do that himself, the Gods forbid that he would do his own dirty work and have his holier than thou name sullied in the eyes of his creations.

As he look upon the face of his son, a creeping smile parted his lips. "I have many names, many faces". He took a step forward, "I am the reckoning of his world and the next, I am it's saviour and prince", another step forward, "I am beautiful chaos accursed with power of the glory that was given to me at my birth, I am the monster that parents tell their children about at night, I am the reason you are cursed and I am your father". The final step forward toward his son, Velkar dropped the illusion of the hunter and stood before Vik in all his regal glory, the God of Mischief and Fire ablaze with his eternal green flame.

"A lot to take in I know", his mood shifted from a menacing gaze to whimsical glittering eyes. "Please take a seat", he gestured to a small wooden stool by the hearth. "I .. I assume you know of the Valkyri Gods, Odiir, and the likes etc., etc., your grandfather by the way", from which I will protect you my son. The last thought sent a chill down Velkar's spine, he stopped for pause at this sudden and new found emotion that was he never thought himself capable. Sentiment? No it is not possible. There will never be satisfaction in Velkar, but sentiment.. is there a heart in him after all?

He turned away from his son, his eyes darting as if searching his very soul for this illusive thing in him.

"I dare say you have many questions", it was but a whisper, and Velkar was unsure of which of them required them, or who his was actually addressing, his son or himself.

The answer to this problem was simply enough, all he had to do was kill the boy, and there would be no more sense of sentiment, everything was going according to plan, the war the events that followed soon after it all worked to his advantage over his father but this ...? Velkar's mind work fast, seeking out the advantages and disadvantages in this new situation. Would sentiment be his downfall, or could he play upon it, like the caressing fingers of a harpist. An enemy sitting on the stool by the fire or an ally?

And then ... he smiled.

The God of Chaos, was reeling in it, but it was of his own making. I am a father and it had been my choice and he will be my undoing. And it is as it should be.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
His arms slowly dropped to his side, the power of the Frostvatn dwindled and fell away as did Vik's resolve. He was overcome with a sense of fatigue, this was all too much and even though he heard every word spoken, it was unbelievable to any rational being. This must be a dream or ..

"Am I dead?", he asked assured in himself that the beast must have killed him and this .. this scene before him that of the next world, the after life. Vik turned to the fire and gazed into the flames his hands reach up to take hold of the mantel piece to steady himself as his legs felt weak under him. This man's rather long description of himself did little to tell Vik anything other then he was over-dramatic and despite himself and the situation me began to laugh softly as if he found himself in some kind of cruel joke.

"I have heard the tales of the Valkyri gods. Odiir the Allfather, his wife his children", Vik turned to look at the man, his eyes burning with the threat of tears which he held back. And for a moment he studied him, there was grace upon his brow that of regal posture, it was in his baring a presence unmistakable and as the green flame began to die away after his grand revelation of his true appearance, there was a hint of disquiet in him. And Vik realised that this man had had no prior knowledge of Vik's existence. It was strange, Vik could sense him, his emotions and how they effected him, even this God, but he could not sense Vik. Not in the way the force work at least.

"You are the accursed one", he spoke again, "The one named Velkar, God of Mischief and Fire". There was a flash of danger in the man, his green eyes piercing his very soul and he knew, Vik, his son, had something in him Velkar did not and it was dangerous. Vik .. did not sit.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
The piercing green eyes of Velkar looked deep into that of his son's, innocence was all that was to be found there and for a moment Velkar envied him, and although he is his offspring there was nothing of the monster within the boy. Like himself, Vik's life and accursed nature was not if his making but of Velkar's, no matter the circumstances in which this came about. He held his gaze just that little bit longer than was comfortable, at least for Vik, Velkar did not care. Would it merciful to kill the boy? probably, but his destiny was not the same of that of the father's. That was something ..

"I am", he said as a matter of course. "Do you want to know my secrets?", the realisation had given Velkar truth of his son. The boy just stood there unsure of himself, and looked away at the very thought of this, Velkar laughed. "I would not either".

So it was Velkar who sat down on the stool, and once more invited his son to do the same, and between the a table laid with hot tea and food appeared out of thin air. Velkar plucked a grape and popped it in his mouth, "A feast for a God", he said as his eyes slowly lifted to meet the boy's. The food was like nothing Vik would have ever seen, fruits and meats the likes not to be found on Midvinter, only in the Halls of the great Beornskald.

"Go on, eat", he gestured, and will might the boy be frightened but Velkar was not going to kill his own flesh and blood. Although he could be a bit more chatty, for the most part their first meeting was starting to become boring. "You still in shock?", he leaned forward with a bit of a grin on his handsome face, he supposed that was it, that was why the boy sat dumbstruck.

"We have the entire night ahead of us, I am not going anywhere .. so ask your questions".

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
He knew that if this man had the will, his life would be taken from him in the blink of any eye, and there was nowhere to go, nowhere to run. Even in this moment of what appeared to be a ‘friendly’ situation, never can one truly trust the man, not from what Vik knew of the myth of the Gods. A myth that was real, this alone was hard to comprehend. Everything he had ever known was turned on its head, it would be the same for everyone that had had a visitation from them in whatever form. So reluctantly, Vik sat opposite the being of ethereal nature .. his father.

Vik had grown up into manhood without the figure head of a father, although many had tried to ignite interest in his mother to form a union and in so doing Vik would have had that in his life, but mother would never allow it. He never knew why but he suspected it had something to do with Velkar, or maybe himself, maybe she had been protecting him all these years but from what exactly?

“Yes”, he said, he was still in shock, no everyday one finds out they are the son of a God. He reached out and took a piece of fruit, looked at it without the want of it. “Am I .. am I .. like you?”, he wanted to know if he would be cursed to wreak havoc or worse. Then Vik remembered his gift, both of them and he looked at his hands. “I can see into people’s souls, see their truth behind their eyes”, he looked into his father’s, but nothing happened and he was pleased for that.

“And this?”, he turned her hand until his palm faced upward and the glow of white light began to swirl in a ball, a small amount of pure energy that just came to him at will. And once more, around Vik it began to snow .. in doors.

The green eyes of the man across from him sparkled with delight as he watched it, a grin growing on his lips but he said nothing for the moment. “You said that my lineage is of Odiir, the Allfather, my grandfather, you my father .. so I am ..”, it was too unbelievable to give words to but, “I am a god?”.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
“There is no one like me”, he said with a large amount of pride as his chin raised to hold high his regal brow, yet there was venom behind the words, “No you are spared that curse”. To which the young man looked at Velkar with a furrowed brow. To the young man this man, this God, his father was an enigma, one moment revelling in his power, the next resigned to some sort of self-deprecation.

Vik sensed that there was sorrow within his father, on many levels it was hard to pin point, but sorrow for how he is by nature or rather by design by his father, and hatred for this gift he calls it, bestowed upon him, and then love, he loved the way he was. It was a strange cocktail fighting a battle within the man. This maelstrom of conflicting emotions, and thought processes was highly dangerous and all this thrown together in a being so powerful it was unimaginable.

Once more that tell-tale grin opened his face, once Vik told of his curse, “This has been a bane to you?”, he asked taking some food before brushing his hands together. “I could only imagine the things I could do if I possess such a gift. Black mail for one, oh the joys and benefits of that would be astounding”, Velkar’s eyes filled the the myriad of possibilities. He placed his hands on his lap, “Yet you hate it. Pity. You and I could do some rather lucrative business”.

Velkar’s hand raised and from his fingertips a white light swirled snaking through the air toward the young man, it lingered for a moment before his face as if tasting the air, tasting his son before the sudden lunge, a strike as fast as any serpent hitting the boys eyes, piercing them with extreme pain and no matter what Vik tried to do to stop or turn away from it, the effort was fruitless. The white tendrils of power continued snaking through to his mind and just as quickly as it struck, it vanished.

“What …", he could hardly breathe to speak. “What did you do to me?”, he asked with more anger and earnest enquiry. “You wanted no more of this ‘curse’? so I took it from you”. It was only temporary and easy returned to his son should he one day ask for it. “Consider it my gift to you”. Although as far as Velkar was concerned he had given his son the gift of life and even better, the power of a God through his conception.


He stood, and moved with a grace of majesty toward his son and in a flash that could only be seen by the quickest of eyes, flames danced across a small blade that appeared out of nowhere. The blade flicking with green fire pressed firmly against his son’s stomach. “If I was to run this knife into you, you would die. You are no God yet”. In Velkar’s eyes lay the desire to kill, the monster within the man hungry for the thrill and every ounce of compassion had vanished, his capricious nature always bubbling below the surface, and no one was every truly safe. “Only in death will you enter the pantheon of the Gods… do you crave it?”.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
A heighten sense of danger prickled his senses, but it was too late. Vik had only just felt the relief of the subsiding pain in his eyes, when he felt the knife pressing hard to his gut and he did not know what to do. He looked down at it with complete dismay as if it was not real or not happening. But self preservation is powerful, an instinct that triggers throughout ones body filling every fiber with determination to live. "No", he said with a voice shaken, as his body trembled with fear and rage that his father could do such a thing. But Velkar was not an ordinary father.

Vik grabbed his arm, and upon contact his power from Beornskald flared with brilliance bright but by comparison to his father he is weak and although his touch had began to freeze his father's arm, it lasted but a brief moment for the power within the flame simply engulfed the ice and water trickled to the floor. There was a pleading look in his eyes as they met his father's, he did not want to die, nor did he want for the Halls of Gods, not yet anyway.

He pushed his father back, stumbling himself in the process, "Why?", why would he try and kill him, was it some sort of warped test? Tears began to build in his eyes, they were tears of hope lost, a hope that this man would be, or could be the father he never had. That was not going to be possible, he knew that now. Vik started to take steps backward never once taking his eyes of Velkar, in the direction of the door. He wanted to run, to get as far away from this place as possible.

And the man just stood there, unaffected and without anything within him. At least that is what Vik perceived. There would be no answer to his question and he did not really care of it. Vik turned and threw open the door and ran into the soft light of dawn, plowed his feet through the thick soft virgin snow that had fallen through the night. He just kept running, no direction to his purpose other than to save his life, and if he stumbled we would pick himself up and continue until there was no strength in him.

Vik had no idea of how long he had been running, but he reached the cross road by the river and fell fatigued as there was nothing left in him. Laying in the snow he trembled as finally he could release the pain in his soul and he yelled a scream that could only come from ones inner primeval core. "Why?", he railed at the heavens now laid above him. But no answer would come.

He lay with chest heaving in the snow, sucking in deep breathe as slowly the emotion left his body. At this moment he felt a cold wet sensation on his cheek and with resignation he turned to discover his horse nuzzling him to get up. Vik looked bewildered at the sight his horse, and slowly pulled himself out of the snow.

Not only did his horse find him, he was saddled and packed with bedding fur and rations of food... the likes of which were only found at the feasts of the Grand Halls of Beornskald.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
He let out a long breath, as he watched his son run until out of view. A simple gesture with his hands and the flaming knife was gone, only to be replaced with a glass of warm red wine. "No, I did not think you did", he said aloud before taking a sip. He turned to meet the mirror positioned over the fire place mantle. "Well I think that went surprisingly well", he cheers himself, with a grin. "I think I did enough to scare the living sh*it out of him".

The truth of the whole matter was, Velkar envied the boy, and since the revelation of the fact he had a son, Velkar would be fierce in his defense if anything or anyone posed a threat to him. There was a sense of love there too, which would grow with time but he knew it would be a one way street having just destroyed any chance of anything more 'normal'. He too knew this was not possible, not only because of his own true nature but his son would become a tool in which others might use him, or use against Velkar.

Velkar wanted his son the life he could not have, to go out into the world, the galaxy and simply be away from the politicking of Beornskald or condemned as something strange until such time as he would enter the pantheon. He is an innocent, and Velkar did not want to corrupt that by his hand or his father's. To live, to love, to cry for all the right reasons, not those forced upon him, like his life.

Yes, he envied him a life he would, could never know. Velkar looked down at the floor, held in his heart his sense of regret for what just happened, just once we would have liked to have held the boy as a father would a son .. but this had to be the way.

Suddenly, and in anger, the glass of wine in his hand flew across the room and smashed against the wall shattering into a thousand pieces, and the wine run down the wood like blood.