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I am Become Darkness


On the Isle of Veragen, deep in the heart of Tython, a black cloak fluttered in the wind. From the cliff one could see the figure of a black robed man, with his head bowed in silence, letting the currents of the force swirl through him. Both gloved hands were crossed over one another as the storm on the horizon drew closer.

Memories flashed through Kades mind. Memories of his exile from the order.

Master Vargas came at him with his Saber high. As he struck Kade snarled, activating his Red blade and swinging up to meet him. Two blades clashed in a flurry of sparks. The darkside seeped from every pore of his being as anger overtook his body.
"You cannot possibly defeat me!" Kade roared, pulling back now and swinging again, this time with a double strike from both sides.
Vargas fell, the blade cauterizing flesh, and Timira, a Nautolan as there to intercept. She caught him, pushed him back and lunged, corkscrewing at Kade, whom batted her aside with a savage backhanded flourish. She felt the sting of his saber and then dropped.
Reya was quicker. She threw her first saber, and it glanced his shoulder. Then her double bladed saber activated, blazing to life in a flurry of yellow as she came down on him. Strike after strike was parried, until he found himself surprised, backing away.
"You Jedi are the true traitors. You betray the force, the Republic, even your own code!"
Kade raised his hand to unleash lightning, but she was too fast. She closed the distance, stunned him with a kick under his chin and plunged her blade through his thigh.
He remembered the pain. It burned so badly, like a thousand fires in a pinpoint.
His own lightsaber came up and over his head.
She cut the hilt in half, retracting her stab to strike again. Two more gashes on his legs dropped him, and his face felt her boot.
He found himself out matched now.
"No more!"
"There will be no more Sith. You are the last of a dying breed and you betrayed us to join the darkness. Even after all you have seen. After all the One Sith have done to the Republic, to us."
He felt her power enveloping him now as the other Masters were drawn to the scene. They formed a union in a circle about him, each raising their outstretched palms. they knew what had to be done. Despite being ell loved, Kade was no more...
"You are exiled, Kade Drexel, stripped of your rank, your lightsaber and your punishment, your power."
Kades eyes flickered open, silver and green orbs staring as the electric storm shifted ever closer to his isle. The pain of the memory was too much to bear. anger lanced through his body like a disease, and he had no doubt, the echoes of his terrible resurgence had reached far and wide in the force.....
As the storm raged on the echoes in the force grew louder and ever more present. There was nothing holding back the darkness that was seeping from the man. His black cloak swished as he entered the main Atrium of the Old Jed'aii temple before him. It had a sweeping ceiling, that came to a point, much like a pyramid.

With the force Kade reached out, feeling the whispers as his force sever began to weaken. He was regaining power, albeit not as much as he once possessed. The energies in this place were stirring, calling to him.

Come closer.....

He walked closer to the sound, an old vine encrusted wall, and placed both hands on it, letting his sense probe the brick and mortar that was many centuries old.
You seek to regain what you've lost.....


He spoke out loud, to no one in particular.
Meditate, focus. The wall is you, and you are the wall

"Who are you?" He asked, eyes fully closed. He could feel the presence of force ghost, making his hairs prickle and stand on end. Keeper

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