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Hyperion Mining

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Captain Larraq

Corporation Name: Hyperion Mining (Non-Cannon)
Headquarters: Sundari, Mandalore
Locations: Mandalore
Operations: Mining and Shipping Company

A subsidiary of Mandal Hypernautics, Hyperion Mining is the primary procurer of the raw goods used by Mandal Hypernautics in the production of ships, vehicles, and other goods. The company started out as a single small mining company operating in the Sundari desert. After being purchased by Mandal Hypernautics, the company has expanded its business to multiple locations over several worlds and has developed an extensive logistical network to ferry ore, processed metals, and other products directly to a number of Mandal Hypernautics factory locations.

Tier: 1 (will develop into a Tier 2 as I roleplay)

The primary source of all ore, metals, and other raw materials used by Mandal Hypernautics in the production of their goods, the Hyperion Mining company has enjoyed a quick rise to prominence thanks to the expanding boarders of Mandalorian influence and continued investment by Mandal Hypernautics in new mining facilities on a wide range of planets. The company also owns a large number of large scale freighters and landing barges.
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