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Approved Tech HWK-I "Hawk-Eye" Facial Recognition Program

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Intent: The Hawk-Eye system uses state of the art facial recognition systems to identify individuals of various species with 99.9% accuracy when compared to the system's database. This allows the user to monitor and keep tabs on individuals anywhere within "eyesight" of the program, whether individually or in large crowds. The program is intended to aid security personnel in tracking and acquiring criminals, suspicious persons, or cheats as well as helping maintain general peace and order in a given area.
Development Thread: None, though if desired I can create one.
Manufacturer: Tenloss Corporation
Affiliation: The Wheel
Modularity: Can be upgraded, modified, and altered by the Tenloss Corporation (I'm happy to do a development thread for any updates to the system if desired by Staff).
Production: Unique - Found only on the Wheel
Material: Advanced Computer Program
Description: Designed to aid Wheel security, the HWK-I Facial Recognition Program, or "Hawk-Eye" for short, uses a complex series of algorithms and detailed measurements to positively identify individuals with 99.9% accuracy. It does so using reference points on the face of the target, called "Landmarks" (the various peaks and valleys, or contours, of the face), that make up facial features, then measures them against databased images of the target. Using these "Landmarks" or "Nodal Points" and measuring the various distances and depths of the points to other points on the face allows the program to positively identify the individual when compared to a holo of that individual. Examples of Nodal Point measurements are as follows:

- Distance between the eyes
- Width of the nose
- Depth of the eye sockets
- The shape of the cheek bones
- The length of the jaw line

These measurements, along with many others, when compiled together create a unique, numerical code for the facial features. This code is processed by the system and compared to the database for positive matches. Should none arise, the system compiles the numerical code for future comparison.

The system is highly effective on humans 99.9% of the time, though against non-humans and some species of near humans, the accuracy diminishes in varying degrees. For example, determining the identity of a Chiss will not be quite as accurate as checking the identity of a full Human while the identity of the Wookiee is far more difficult to determine when compared to both the Chiss and the Human. The more "alien" a non-human appears, the harder it is to identify that individual.

The system is redundant and operates off of multiple servers simultaneously from different areas of the Wheel. This is for two reasons. First, it prevents anyone from successfully sabotaging the Hawk-Eye system. Second, it allows for regular, in depth maintenance of the system without requiring the powering down of said system. Hawk-Eye is also equipped with it's own emergency generator. This prevents potential saboteurs and accidental power losses from shutting down the program.

Overall, Hawk-Eye allows the Wheel security forces and the Wheel's CEO (Popo) to completely monitor any and all beings on board the Wheel and eliminate problem individuals with better ease and efficiency.

- Against Humans the system performs at 99.9% accuracy
- Redundant power systems and servers greatly hinders potential saboteurs and minimizes loss of function from accidental damage or power loss
- Program is only available for use for Wheel Security and the Wheel's owner (Popo) for identification purposes

- Against near-Humans and Aliens, the system performs at variably reduced efficiency.
- System is only able to be used as a surveillance system.
- System is unique to the Wheel and cannot be found anywhere else in the galaxy
- Hawk-Eye runs off a server-based database. This means that new faces or individuals on board the station are unknown to the system and, therefore, unrecognizable. Once the face is scanned into the system, however, the face will be recognized for future reference. (Essentially, if you haven't ever been to the Wheel before and plan on causing trouble, there's no IC reason for Hawk-Eye, Popo, or Wheel security to monitor you at all. At least until you've done something on board the station.)
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