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Approved Tech Hurrikaine Light-shield

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Er'in Tenel

W H I C H - W I T C H

  • Classification: Other (Personal Shield)
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:
    - Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Extreme
  • - Kinetic: Extreme
  • - Lightsabers: Extreme
  • - Other:
    Sonic: Average
  • Elemental (Fire, Acid): Average
  • EMP/Ion: None

  • Pair of force Imbued Hurrikaine Crystals (See strengths)
  • Outstanding Protection: The shield itself is as strong as a lightsaber, and the imbued hurrikaine crystals have been balanced and their output warped to create a powerful defensive barrier against most forms of weaponry and a physical barrier against elemental and sonic attacks.
  • Cortosis, phrik, beskar, all are resistant to the blade of a lightsaber, with cortosis capable of shorting out the blade on contact.
  • Not a weapon: The edge can cut like a lightsaber, but with the shields size this is utterly impractical.
  • Weak to EMP/Ion: There was simply no way to protect such a carefully balanced shield against ion attacks that strike the projector itself.
  • Limited Coverage: This is a Light-shield, not a full suit of armour - while it has significant protection it has limited coverage (1.5m 'diameter') and the user must parry to protect themselves.


After Darth Metus reformed the Dark Acolytes into the Knights Obsidian, Er'in became somewhat enchanted with the image of the ancient Jedi Lords of old - admittedly in a deeply warped and selfish fashion, but enchanted none the less. She also found herself in more and more dangerous situations where her skills with sorcery and force lightning... did not really cut it.

So, as ever, she tried to out-think the problem, retiring to her workshop and the Crystal Forge to construct her own interpretation of the Light-shield of the Jedi. Constructed on non-standard lines, the shield is projected by two hurrikaine crystals balanced in opposition - their energies drawn back to the opposing crystal to create the bands of light that define the shields core. Further to this, Er'in enhanced the crystals with basic imbuement techniques, giving their energies greater form and substance to provide protection against many of the things a conventional shield might such as flames, acid or elemental spray attacks. It might not be as effective as a solid lump of phrik on your arm, but it was a lot lighter.

The result is a work of art and a powerful defensive item - but it suffers from many of the flaws of a lightsaber and in truth offers little advantage to a skilled Jedi duellist that an off-hand lightsaber would not. The main advantage coming from it's ability to parry kinetic weaponry and other spray / blast attacks designed to bypass a Jedi's conventional defenses.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="Erin Tenel"]

Alright, so this is a fairly strong piece of 'armor', but I don't think I'm gonna have you change anything. It's a light shield, they're canon and I think the resistances are pretty much in line with what you find there.
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