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Approved Tech Huntsman

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Intent: To provide Seroth with a unique weaponry set.
Development Thread: N/A, though I doubt something as simple as this requires it.
Manufacturer: Custom
Model: Tomahawk
Affiliation: N/A, Personal
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Wroshyr Wood & Durasteel, Alchemically Treated
Description: A plain battle-axe having belonged to Guenyvhar Gunn, an obscure mercenary leader and Seroth Ur-Rahn’s estranged mother. The item was inherited following her demise at Contruum some months ago. It’s doubtless either a pilfered or traded item from Sith territories, as denoted by its grain and steel alchemic treatment to lend resistance against plasma blades. However, as with most axes belonging to the tomahawk template, it’s inherently imbalanced with a top-heavy axe-head. Expertise is required to be effectively wielded, though with correct dexterity and physical stamina, it can be devastatingly robust.

Classification: Axe
Size: One Handed
Length: 61cm
Weight: 300g
Other Features: It’s afforded resistance against traditional plasma-based weaponry routinely wielded by Force Sensitives, though it cannot redirect or guard against offensive Force abilities such as Lightning, Life Drain, or Telekinesis. It’s cutting power is likewise dependent on upkeep and the user’s physical strength and fighting ability.
Not open for further replies.