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Huntress, You Compel Me With Your Eyes

Four months after his first trip to the world of Shili, a single, large ship exited hyperspace on the edge of the system. It did not venture further in, but sat in space silently before disgorging a half-dozen fighter craft and a single RAL. The ships flitted swiftly through the system, the circular drone fighters keeping the ship protected as it made its way towards the destination world. They were not harassed by anyone, but the fighters were there just in case someone was dumb enough to do so. When they weren't, the fighters withdrew and the shuttlecraft entered the atmosphere.

It did not make its way to where her village was, but settled into the rougher terrain of the mountainous region, high on a plateau that afforded a wonderful view. When the ramp descended, only one being stepped out. Leos surveyed his surroundings, and then turned, alone, to head down the mountain and make his way towards their spot. She didn't know he was coming. He hadn't made arrangements with her because of her father and the chance that he would intercept them. He did not want to anger the man and get her into trouble if he did not have to. Not at this point. So instead, he reached out to her with his mind.


The word drifted through the Force, flitting from one blade of grass to the next until it found its target in the young Togrutan woman who had his favor and the desires of his heart. He knew she was there, but how much had changed since last they met? He wondered.

Come to the last place you saw me.

He knew that she would know it was him that was sending the messages even though he didn't say as much. Would anyone else have a reason to reach out to her mind as he did? Could anyone else on the world even do so? He felt no strong presences in the Force in the immediate area except for his own and hers in the distance. He doubted there was anyone else around to cause them trouble. So, he finished the climb and made his way to the spot where his Akul was broken, settling into a shadow where he wouldn't easily be seen, and waited for her.

| [member="Paa'lee"] |​

From her tent, she felt a slight breeze and her head slowly rose just as a breath exited her body. It was a call, a voice she knew and all of a sudden her heart started to beat differently. The muscles in her face softened, and gave as she was manipulated into forming a smile. It had been too long, and it was beyond her at this point. She rose to her feet indefinitely, and made her way to where it all started for her...where she gained so much.


A little reluctant, she slowly climbed that same hill. She felt his presence but...she wasn't sure if she could handle seeing him again, especially when she thought she wouldn't. But he promised her... when she came to the point where all she needed to take was one more step she felt the breeze at her back as if it had been drawing her here the entire time. Instead she pushed herself into the next few steps stumbling over into the glade where he conquered the beast and then her.

She approached him slowly, walking past him but stopping so she was shoulder to shoulder with him. She looked up at him...a a very brief moment while they connected, then the breeze again. She had a smirk across her face, shaking her head at him she spoke these words...

"Four months..."

She took a breath, and then exhaled

"Four you still have it?" She asked.

He watched her approach. The smile on his face not one of laughter and mirth, but joy. She was there, and she was alright. That was what he wanted to know more than anything, that she was alright, and that nothing horrid had happened. She stopped beside him, shoulder to shoulder but facing opposite directions. He turned his head to the side to look at her, his beautiful Togruta huntress. Somehow she seemed en more beautiful than when he'd last seen her. Was that even possible? He didn't know, but he felt such a sense of urgency within him that he almost wanted to cry at seeing her, but he refrained, holding it back behind squinted eyes.

When she asked her question, he nodded and tapped two fingers against his chest.


His hand slid over to hers and gently grasped it. Too long. It had been too long. He knew that, had felt it, but he had to come find her when he was free to do so, not when someone would follow him and try and harm her to get to him. Too many people would do that. Far too many would hurt her to get to him and he couldn't allow it. But here they were free. Free and together. Whilst holding her hand, he leaned and gave her a quick, light kiss before withdrawing. Oh how he wanted more. He craved it. It was like an intense, insatiable hunter within him because of how much he'd missed her.

"What about you? Did you keep it close?"

| [member="Paa'lee"] |​
She smiled, her nostrils flared a bit at the joy she felt just then. She tightened her grip around his hand which was larger than hers of course. With that she accepted his kiss, but as he withdrew her head followed as she didn't want him to. He was holding back out of respect for her, she could sense that. She began to giggle to herself, looking away and then finding her way back to him. Their eyes locked again.

"Of course I did...the entire time." she turned to face him directly. All she wanted to do was look at him, admire his person and forget that the moment could end. She wouldn't accept that, she convinced herself he could stay....

Her hand came to touch his face, a gentle touch. She cradled him in her hand for the moment. "Leos..."

Were they destined to be star-crossed lovers forever? Just the thought of it...she reached out and wrapped her arms around him. Her embrace was emotional, and when she came into contact with his chest she knew he was really there.

"You kept your promise...I almost thought it would be..." her tongue stopped her from saying the rest, catching her at the last minute.

So she was interested, then. At least, she showed signs of wanting more than a simple kiss considering she'd pushed into it when he'd been pulling away. And then her hand upon his cheek. So warm and soft, and yet he knew the strength behind that hand. He couldn't help but smile at her when she then reached her arms up to wrap them around him. He wrapped his arms around her in return, drawing her into his warm embrace, careful not to harm her lekku or montrals in any way. He knew they could be sensitive, and he didn't want to hurt her. After all, wasn't that the reason he'd come back? No? Well, it was in part. He didn't want to hurt her, but he also loved her and wanted to see her.

He lightly kissed one of her montrals before he slid his hands down and hoisted her up off the ground and into his arms. This lifted her higher to where he could look her in the eyes, and she could wrap her legs about him if she wished.

"I don't break promises, Paa'lee. If I tell you I will come, then I will come. Even when I leave I have no desire to be anywhere but with you."

Both of his hands rested at the small of her back, holding her up, and he leaned forward and kissed her again. Not the simple peck from before, but a real, deep kiss. The kind of kiss one never wanted to end, but of course it had to because he had to breathe. But his lips would caress the side of her cheek then, as he sucked in air, attempting to regain his breath and composure. She was so warm and soft in his arms. He wished they had somewhere they could be together other than this place in the mountains. A real home. Somewhere with soft beds, and a warm fire. But all they had was stone and each other.

It would do.

"I need you."

He didn't know if she would understand that sentiment, but it was the best he could do. His mind was flowing into that place of ecstasy where rational thoughts went to die. All he could see and feel was her. She was everything, and he wanted everything.

"Please. No more of pining for one another. I am yours."

| [member="Paa'lee"] |​
It was intriguing in the fact that she knew he commanded power, but he was gentle and soft with her. How could something so strong be so soft, she never understood it. Perhaps he could say the same about her, in regards to her being a huntress and lady at the same time. He hoisted her up, and she wrapped her legs around him to keep the balance. There, her eyes met his and he explained to her the type of man he was...

Forming a smile, her eyes traced every inch of his face before he pressed his lips against hers. It wasn't their usual restrained kiss, he poured himself into it and her head was forced back by simply not expecting it. However, she returned his affections, matching his passion as best as she could. In that moment she felt his hands trail her body, and she could tell he missed her just as she had him.

He broke the kiss, and as she remained their panting from shortage of breath and display of affection she looked over his face when he claimed he needed her. She smiled, wondering what he meant. He had had her already...she was right here. A breath escaped her lips as it took the place of a laugh. Her hands ran through his hair as she pondered what he meant.

She allowed herself to fall completely into his hands, melting away. "As I am yours..." she whispered.

Then she understood, "Then take me, Leos..."

For her the forest around them had become invisible...there was only this moment. She then pressed her lips against his, while pulling on him where they would fall back against the ground. Their transition would be smooth, gentle...and the blades of grass would prick at her back as they would embrace one another.

Oh how he loved her.

To confine it to words would be entirely a disservice to her. She was a creature of action more than she was a creature of words. In some ways they were very different from one another. In others they were much the same. In this regard he could not spare the words to say more than what he had. It would have been more than a small waste of time on his part. Especially when she told him to take her. He didn't need to hear anything else.

They descended onto the grass and spoke to one another in a way they never had before. The sounds of the forest around them became nothing. None of it mattered as long as they were safe. This was their place. Though he yearned for the comfort of wooing her at home, he had come to realize that this was the only home they would ever have together.

When it was over, he lay on the grass, cradling her in his arms and staring upwards at the sky. He hadn't been sure what he was expecting from the act, but it had been good. His mind was calming down, and his breathing became relaxed soon enough.

"I love you, my huntress."

How could he not. Now more than ever he understood his dislike of those Sith that spent their time chasing multiple women around, or using them and discarding them. He would never discard her. They just wouldn't always be together, even though he wanted them to be. It was a shame he couldn't just take her away with him when he left. For now, though, he held her and said nothing more, wondering how she felt, wondering what she'd done in the last four months.

| [member="Paa'lee"] |​
A single hand rest on his chest, she laid under him after they engaged each other in a matter of emotion that was unbeknownst to her since he came a long. His skin was warm to the touch, the cool summer air whipped across hers and she felt cool enough to embrace his body heat for comfort. He said he loved her, and she turned to look up at him while he observed the sky above. She ran her fingers up his chest....

"I love you too Leos..."

And she did, she had given herself to him, had even been willing to be his wife...he'll she'd leave with him if she could. She looked over his person, being held close she then started to gently run the back of her index finger against his cheek. Without warning she went in for the kiss, this one more akin to the deeper and more passionate one he initiated earlier. This one would only last a couple of seconds...

She sat up, "I want to show you something..." she said softly, covering herself up. It was one of her favorite places, before he came back she went here often to think about him.

"Come...please" she said at almost a whisper, taking his hand and tugging on him till he got up.

He smiled and returned the kiss, tracing a finger up and down her spine. The ease with which the two of them had come together was truly telling. To be completely honest, she was his first as well. So it had been something of a new experience, though he really did love her. He'd trade anything for her to be with him forever, but he didn't think that was a possibility given what had happened before.

When she tugged on his hand to get him to stand, he groaned slightly but rose from where he was. He quickly got dressed as she did. When he was clothed, he reached for her hand and took hold of it, giving it a gentle squeeze of affection before he nodded for her to take the lead.

"Take the lead. I'll go anywhere with you."

He of course realized that if any of the other Sith saw him like this they would laugh at him. Or, more likely, they would try to use her to get at him. But he knew she would do everything she could to keep that from happening, and he would do the same. Nobody was going to do anything to her as long as he was around to stop it. She had his protection even if she didn't want to take it. It was as it should be.

"Perhaps when we are there I can teach you a few things of the Force."

| [member="Paa'lee"] |​
She turned around when he gripped her hands, she leaned backwards allowing her body to pull him along as she smiled at him. She giggled as she backpedaled with him attached. Of course now they could talk...she wanted to know him beyond what she was already aware of. Where was he from? Where did he go when he left her? What exactly did he do?

She hoped he would tell her, if not now, one day.

"Teach me a few things?" she said smirking, reacting with a coyish expression. "Will I be able to captivate you with illusions and spirits?" she asked playfully, her exotic accent was everything but never overbearing.

Of course it peaked her interest, and he knew that. He was the one to have pointed it out in the first place. she tugged him along, twisting her body to lead. What she wanted to show him wasn't actually quite far from them, that's probably why she was so familiar with the route to take when they left to capture his beast; she spent so much of her time here.

"Oh, I don't know about that. Everyone has their own gift. Most people can't do what I do."

Though that did raise the question as to what, exactly, was her gift. He didn't know if she'd be able to use the Force in the same manner he did. If she could it would be beneficial to him teaching her things, but if she couldn't then all he could do was teach her about the Force. Both would be good for her in the long run. She was far more physical than he was. Having been raised as a huntress, she was skilled in combat of the physical kind, which was exactly the opposite of him. He was terrible when fighting up close to someone. That was precisely why she was really a good match for him, but he couldn't have her that way.

They walked along, holding each others hand, and he was alright with that. Though she was taking charge, he didn't care. Sometimes it was nice to let your guard down, and to let your usual behavior be different. She warranted such an action with him.

"Tell me what you know about the Force. Let's start with the simple things first. It's best that way."

He squeezed her hand and bumped her lightly with his shoulder. She made him feel strange. Normally he was always able to keep his composure, his focus. He could be completely unshaken by anything whatsoever. When he was with her all he could think about was making sure that she was safe, and wishing he could be with her all the time, but he knew that he couldn't even if he wanted to be. That was the worst part: knowing that they both wanted to be together while also knowing that they couldn't be. Unless she changed her mind.

| [member="Paa'lee"] |​
She nodded, and then she thought about everything that she hadn't seen him do. I guess it was the mystery, the fact that she didn't know exactly what he was capable of that intrigued her the most about him. When he said that she wondered about what she could do...if she could do anything at all.

He bumped her shoulder with his, she was knocked out of her trance and then she smiled as she glanced over at him. "All I know is the Force is something the Jedi command, it wasn't until I met you..." the last part of that had so much emotion behind it even though it was just as soft as always "Until I met you, that I learn of others being able to command it as well."

She looked forward, going into a daydream as she spoke. You could hear the nostalgia in her voice just as her mind became full of memories of being within her mothers arms. "I've heard of ailments and injuries being mended, people being able to see people for who they really were..." she snapped out of it and look back up at him, the only love she'd known of this type. "That is what I know..."

Suddenly her nose twitched, and her face lit up. "Do you smell it?"

There was a subtle sweet scent in the air.

He listened to what she said and realized that she had only a rudimentary understanding. Someone had either deliberately not told her everything, or they were completely naive themselves. Either one of those was a possibility, and neither one of them was particularly appealing to him. He really wished someone had told her more because she would have been much better off with the knowledge of the Force that he had acquired through having people talk to him about the Force when he was young enough to actually absorb that knowledge and put it to good use as he grew older. But it wasn't such. And yes, he caught the emotion in what she said.

As he was about to respond, she lit up like a firecracker, mentioning something about a smell that she'd picked up. He closed his mouth and sniffed the air about them. A pungent aroma filtered into his nose. It was not a bad smell, but a quite pleasant one. He didn't really know what it was, but he did quite enjoy the smell. Flowers perhaps? He knew he was about to find out but the curiosity was quite brutal on his mind.

"What is that?" he asked, giving her a glance of curiosity.

He looked about them, focusing his attention ahead of them in anticipation of whatever it was that she was taking him to see.

"It smells pleasant."

| [member="Paa'lee"] |​
She moved gracefully towards what seemed to be a wall covered in hanging vines, it almost appeared as if they came to a dead end. She turned to him, and reached out with her hand. Slowly she motioned with her fingers for him to come, she reached out with her other arms and pulled back the vines which reveal a cave with a opening on the other side. The scent would grow, and just beyond would be spectacle of shades of pink.

She entered first, holding the vines back for him to follow after her. "I told you I wanted to show you something...come" she motioned with urgency this time, smiling the whole time.

She would quickly make her way through the cave, her skin glowing as she reached the other side. The Glade of Fragrance would become visible to them both. The pink petals flying through the air and the scent of flowers. She soaked it all in, stepping forward then stopping to take in the air. She turned to him. "This is the Glade of Fragrance...It's one of my favorite places and I wanted to share it with you before you left..." the last of her words trailed off as she stepped forward a few more steps to get closer to the edge of the lake in the center.

"It's a gift from nature...the most beautiful thing i've ever laid eyes on."

She led him to a dead end? It seemed like that at first, but then she pulled the vines away to reveal a passage that led in further. As soon as she pulled the vines away he was nearly overwhelmed by the smells coming from beyond. She stepped inside and held the vines for him as he followed after her. Then they walked down the passage and out into a glade full of wondrous color and smells the likes of which he had never experienced. His home world was cold and the trees were never anything like what she was showing him. It was, without a doubt, the most interesting place he had ever been in his life.

"I can understand why you like it."

He stood, taking it in, and then turned his eyes to her as she moved ahead of him towards the lake. He could have fun and push her into the lake before jumping in himself, but he figured that might completely ruin the moment. Instead, he focused on what else she had said.

"You know you could come with me. I would gladly take you."

She wouldn't, he knew, go with him. More than likely. But he had to offer or he would resent himself for not at least trying to get her to come with him. Besides, he knew people that could train her if her skillset was outside the bounds of what he knew. There was so much more out there for them if she came with him. He would be happier if she did. It would be easier to insure her safety if he was there with her. He stepped over towards her and slid his hands around her waist to gently pull her back into him while they stood before the lake. It smelled good and it was peaceful in ways one could never even begin to understand.

"I could teach you so much."

| [member="Paa'lee"] |​
She didn't provide any resistance when he pulled her back, she fell into his arms and took in their environment and what he was saying at the same time. it took her a moment to respond, and she started to say yes but she realized she couldn't just yet and that maybe he didn't mean it. Part of her thought he offered to ease her mind. She didn't know, all she knew was that she was young and loved him as if she'd known him forever...almost like they were meant to be. It definitely couldn't have been a coincidence.

"Leos..." she said softly, running her fingers along his forearms while he held her close. She watched the petals float through the air around them, because there couldn't have been any moment better than this.

"You said you always keep your promises...well promise me this" she turned to him and looked up into his eyes, "Promise me that one day...we will be together, that you will come back for me and I will leave with you. That I could be by your side." She placed her hand against his cheek.

Her voice grew weak as she felt the emotion, but she fought through it. She could handle it.

"We could be together now if you wished for it."

He'd gladly take her off with him. Even though it meant she would learn more about who he was as a person, which in turn meant that she would come to understand that he wasn't exactly the nice guy he was with her. Most people saw him as dark and evil, something to be feared and hunted down, not something to be loved. That was the nature of the mental disease upon the galaxy that anyone with a different opinion from them might be considered something of a threat, even if it wasn't warranted. Leos wasn't like the others, not even remotely. He didn't kill indiscriminately. He didn't murder, torture, or anything of that nature. He was simply a businessman with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a desire to do good for the galaxy.

Just that his desire to do good necessarily required that some people die or they'd never be able to achieve his goals. It wasn't the ideal way of approaching things, but it was the necessary way. Her fingers traced his arm and he'd felt the emotion within her as he leaned his head down to kiss gently between her montrals.

"But if you will not go this time, I will come and find you again, and again, until the day you will come to be with me."

He paused and lightly kissed her montral.

"I suppose I should tell you more about myself so you can decide if you really want to go, though. Why don't we sit down somewhere so I can explain some things to you?"

| [member="Paa'lee"] |​
"I do but...I just need more time" she said in response, slightly defeated because saying it out loud made it real for her.

But she needed the reassurance, which is why she asked him to promise her. And, he did. He said that he would come back for her and continue to do so until she was with him always, and she believed that completely. It might've just been because she was young and believed him or maybe because he actually meant his words. She craved the latter.

"Then we will make it happen...I'll keep it until I am able to be with you always."

She said that before leaning in for him to kiss her montral, a gentle sign of affection that meant so much. But was she ready to find out about him? About who he really was beyond this world?

"Alright..." She had confused look on her face, and led him over to an empty section which was right by the water. She lowered herself to the ground, sitting on her knees and she would look to him as he sat beside her.

"Tell me..."

No, she wouldn't go with him. He hadn't really expected her to, even though he'd wanted her to. He'd give anything for her to go away with him, but he wasn't going to get that lucky, unfortunately. He didn't think it was because she didn't really want to be with him. If anything it was her attachment to her world and her people that was holding her back. It was well known that Togruta were not fans of leaving their family units, but he'd hoped that maybe she'd come with him to form her own family unit, instead of living with whoever was around. But it was not to be as of yet. Perhaps in the future, but not at the moment.

She led him over to a spot and they sat down. He situated himself beside her with one leg propped up and an arm resting across it.

"Let me start by explaining that the Force is everything. It is life, it is fate, it is destiny. Every living object, each blade of grass, is filled with the Force. That's how people like us are capable of doing things like what I can do. We utilize this energy to manipulate what is around us. Where we differ is in our ideology. You've learned of the Jedi before. They perpetuate the notion of peace, tranquility, and balance, but they are extremely hypocritical in practice, and are known for engaging in warfare and even genocide. In ages past they nearly wiped out an entire species of beings, from whom the Sith name comes from.

"There are, as believed, sides of the Force. In reality there is only one Force and how you use it affects you differently. I am what's called a Sith, a descendant of Dark Jedi who wished to practice the darker side of the Force, what we call the Dark Side. It is generally used for evil purposes, killing, controlling people, mass murder. Generally, but not always. I'm a part of a larger group called the Ascendancy, with the intentions of conquering the known galaxy, but I am such because of a purpose that I need their assistance with.

"See, I differ from the other Sith. I don't go around killing people or torturing them. I want to take control of the galaxy and change it so that it stops its slow spiral into oblivion by instilling fare laws for everyone, but in order to do this, I have to fight because people won't just follow, people don't like to follow. So I'm using the other Sith as a means to an ends, and when we control the galaxy, my weapons that I give them will be used to turn against them, defeat them, and take control of the conquered galaxy to instill laws that are fair for everyone. I own a major galactic corporation called Ignus Industries that makes ships, armor and weapons for whoever wants to buy them.

"I know that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, but if you saw how horrible the galaxy is right now you'd understand. There are so many wars going on right now. Some Sith are going around slaughtering everything that moves. Jedi and their forces commit mass genocide. Empires are rising and slaughtering indiscriminately. Nobody that claims to be good is truly good, except maybe the Order of the Sacred Lotus on Monastery."

He tapped his knee and shook his head before looking at her.

"I'm sure that's overwhelming. I do some bad things, but only for good reasons. I'm sure you don't like that, though. I'd understand if you didn't. If you had the frame of reference I have it would help, but you don't. I apologize if that hurts you to know, but I do truly love you. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it."

| [member="Paa'lee"] |​
Cue sad music -

She was confused...with her he was gentle, calm. She shook her head and fell back on her hip, reaching out with her hand to prop herself up. She wanted to know about him yes, but this wasn't what she expected. Truly, she didn't know what she was looking for but this wasn't it. She bit down on her lip, looking away and staring into the pond just in front of them. A single petal landed, and the ripples on the waters surface brought her attention back to the situation.

"So when you leave...this is what you go do?" Her words were at a whisper, and then she turned to look at him. "Leos," she she looked down, not really knowing what to say.

"You wanted me to come away with you...that's not something I want to be apart of." She didn't agree with it, of course she didn't care too much for the Jedi but bringing harm to others and conquering the galaxy were not things she valued or found interest in. Her heart ached because of how she felt for him and then for him to reveal such. She scooted away from him. Perhaps she was blinded, and should've gotten more information on him before falling for him completely.

He tried to justify it, but to her it made no difference. Whether he was good or bad himself, he was still working with people who would seek to bring harm to people such as her. That scared her because...well she didn't know. It invoked a bit of fear in her of him. She stood to her feet.

"I trusted you...I gave myself to you." she shook her head and refused to look him in the face. "Leave..."


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