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Approved Tech Hunter's Bow [Purged Submission]

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The Bastard Man
[Epic Games Studios, Gears of War]​
Intent: To create a weapon for Graug NPCs and PC characters who have a valid reason for having one
Development Thread: no
Manufacturer: Graug Forgers
Model: Warband Crossbow
Affiliation: Graug Hegemony
Modularity: no
Production: made to order
Material: Durasteel

This weapon is a testament to the primitive nature and ways of the Graug and their armies. It is based off of ancient crossbow designs with a modern twist. The crossbow is pulled back by a trigger system that uses power cufflinks to draw tension from the bow mechanics within the device. The power cufflinks sit in the back of the weapon and when a bolt is loaded the energy from the cufflinks is diverted into specially made conductors inside the bolt. When the trigger is pulled the cufflinks draw the energy back, in turn drawing the bolt back against a high density fiber wire. When the trigger is released the power cufflinks are turned off and all of the tension from the wire and the energy cause the arrow to launch from the barrel at highspeeds.

On average the arrows can move at 30 meters a second, this is why the tips of the bolts are made with a highly sharpened Ultrachrome with an encased explosive inside. The bolts are usually made with sharp hooks protruding from the bottom of the tip so that they will rip and tear through the target and also stop the arrow from going though and through. The connection of the power cufflinks to the bolt activate the timing device on the explosive tip and when the power is cut off the timing sequence starts. On average the explosives have a five second detonation timer. The longer the trigger is held the higher the tension, however there is a failsafe system that fires the weapon after a six second hold time to avoid malfunctions or breaking of the weapon. Most are also equipped with a blade on one of the fins for CQC situations.

Classification: Crossbow
Size: Handheld
Status: Illegal (due to Embargos on Gratos)
Length: .7 meters
Weight: 3.80kg
Ammunition Type: Physical
Ammunition Capacity: muzzle loaded with bolts, 1 shot per load.
Effective Range: 120 meters (Maximum)

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Null Prime
Looks good, but can you include the image citation within the submission please? I know it's in the image itself, but I'd like to keep the location of citations consistent with other submissions.

Please tag me in your reply. Thanks! :)
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