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Approved Tech Hunter's Aide

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The Admiralty

  • Intent: Submit an interesting tool for bounty hunters and similar actors.
  • Image Source: [x]
  • Canon Link: /
  • Primary Source: /
  • Manufacturer: Cogmind.
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
  • Model: Hunter's Aide
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Minor (Bounty hunters, hunters, mercenaries and the sort)
  • Material: Agrinium, Dallorian alloy, Spacer's tape.
  • Obstacles: The tool does one thing and one thing only- projecting solid-state hologram projections indicated by the wielder. This can be used to create quick-form obstacles in the shape of walls, so a target cannot escape or similar pursuits. Or perhaps boxes that can be used to quickly vault over something too high to climb without assistance.
  • Scaleable: It can be integrated in a gauntlet for ease of use or be purchased as a separate tool.
  • Versatile: A creative mind could use this for all sorts of things.
  • Timed: Any hologram that is created can only exist for a few minutes at a time. This is nothing permanent.
  • Fragile: A few direct hits with a heavy blaster will destroy a hologram easily.
  • Pre-programmed: While basic shapes (cubes, walls) can be projected on the fly, anything more advanced needs prep work and its challenging to try and do it on the fly.
  • Limits: Projects up to 80m, can do 5 projections at a time and nothing larger than a moderately large vehicle.
Part of being involved in the criminal underworld is having connections with the bounty hunters of the Galaxy.

As far as Daro is concerned it ain't ever a bad idea to have a few of them as your friends. At the least they will give you a headstart, if a juicy bounty is put on your head. For that reason Daro created something that would help the hunters in the Galaxy make their life just a little bit easier. Utilizing solid-state technology (something of a novelty a few decades back, but widespread at this point in time) he scrounged up a nifty design.

Capable of being integrated in a gauntlet of a set of armor or as a spare tool it allows the wielder to project solid-state holograms where it indicates them to be popped up.

It took a while to get it right, but eventually Daro made it happen.

A miniature memory chip allows the wielder to preprogram several shapes at once, but anything with especially difficult geometry needs a little while to process. To help with that Tarsi also included a small droid chip to automate much of the process. Once it was done... it was truly a doozy. Ever had a bounty target run from you? Ever felt too lazy to chase after them, but realized that the Hutts and Sith of this world wouldn't exactly take that as an excuse?

This is the thing for ya.

Pop up a wall, watch as your target runs face-first into it. Need a boost over a steep wall? Project a crate on the floor and vault over it. It is as easy as that.
[member="Daro Tarsi"]

For something that is at minor production? Nothing that is larger than a vehicle in terms of size, not more than 100 meters away, and not more than perhaps two or three simultaneous projections.
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