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How to Beat a Tank (Or a series of tanks)

For each and every ability, there is a counter attack. For every weapon there is an armor, for every armor there is a weapon that beats it. Your greatest weapon is your mind, cunning, and skill. I've been working on building a lot of tanks recently and when I build something I automatically start thinking, "How can I beat this if/when someone comes against me with this?" With the rebellion of the Chilloon Rift I have started to have a deep, real thought of "how to take down tanks." Sadly, my opponent has been pretty lax about really providing real opposition.....

Anyway here are methods I thought up. Feel free to use them:

  1. Mines: Mines are the great equalizer on the battlefield. Every type of thing has a mine for it, vehicles, tanks, repulsors, speeders, infantry, etc. You lay them out, you can destroy it, or at least damage it. Or, at least slow it down as they move around the mine field--or find a way across. Its a great way to buy time or fend the tanks from a path or area.
  2. Trenches: Make a hole, a long hole that goes down fairly far and wide and the tank will fall in. Tanks can't climb sheer faces, even repulsorlifts have their limit as to how far they can go.
  3. Swarm it with infantry: Tanks are great--until infantry gets close. When that happens, they can pop the top open and tear up everyone inside. Not fun. Also, if you use a small amount of infantry--you can totally sneak in if you do it right. The con is if they have legit sensors, your going to be out of luck and they will pick up on your location.
  4. Artillery away: Tanks tend to have a pretty far range, you could totally dominate a city block or few with a tank's range alone. But don't underestimate artillery, they can totally ram your face in from miles away.
  5. Water: the only tank able to beat water is a repulsorlift tank. So tread and walker tanks are totally out of luck. On that note:
  6. Mud/Swamps: Yeah, that's right, you make the terrain bad enough and even a treadwell tank will get caught. The problem is again; repulsorlifts will beat this.
  7. Barricade: Make something so dominant they can't punch through it--and then bomb the tanks. If your in an urban enviroment, try blowing the buildings around the tanks (make sure they are empty first, of course), to box them in. While tanks are cool and great at pushing through rubble, their horse power has a limit. You can make a barricade strong enough they cannot beat it, if your dedicated.
  8. Bait and switch: Draw your foe into a larger attack force and bring the hammer down on them. Its an old tactic used time and time again, but it works, especially if you know how to draw the enemy out and hit alongside their flanks--or from behind as they are chasing your bait.
  9. EMP-it: The universal off switch, beatable by faraday cage.
  10. Swoops: Best when used with infantry. Swoops can close the gap a hellva lot closer than the tank can target and turn the turret (with some exceptions) and if they don't have a top anti-personnel gun, you could move in faster than the devil itself and strap it so full of explosives the tank is gonna cry for momma.
  11. Read. The. Sub. This is your best friend. Weaknesses are there for a reason, but more than that, so are strengths. You find what it can do and you make it not able to do that. Play to your strengths, not to theirs.
  12. Slopes: Past 30 degrees most tanks become top heavy, even if they aren't willing to admit it or not, especially if they are repuslor, the exception is walkers with several legs and a low chassis. At 45, only walkers with a lotta gunction are gonna make it. At that, know that sheercliff walls are your best friend.
  13. Double pronged attack: A tank turret can only go in one direction at a time--so use that to your advantage, hit it with the same attack that could out blast the tank from two sides (like infantry) and one will die, the other will take the tank on.
[member="Ardgal Raxis"], If we would like, we could work on this to make an extensive list on more than just tanks, and post it on the open forms for everyone to see.

If you want more people to understand this, then the open forums would be better than just here.

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