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How big is an astromech's heart?


Multipurpose Advanced Infiltrator
My travels found way for me to arrive on the planet Utapau, for both persona and official business. With my new employment with Circe Savan I found it best to understand the different territories between the many factions at war with each other throughout the galaxy. The boundaries between certain factions has constantly been in fluctuation due to power struggles and the like. It astounded me how much organics seemed to want more, for both power and resources and yet never realizing that even programs had fought, in a sense. One program may be attacked and need to protect itself from a virus but depending on how strong the back up file systems and processing strength the program may defeat the virus. Otherwise the virus wins due to its already manageable strength.

Something to process for another time. For now, while I awaited any and all instructions, I wandered through the fringe territory. Utapau seemed an aqueduct place, mainly for I was interested in the concept of using an under-evolved organic species as riding animals for the more developed ones. I found myself near the docks and ranges where many of the large reptile creatures were kept, I examining the variation and calculating means of evolution for why they became the way they were. Should anyone official ask why a droid like myself was there I simply mentioned Circe Savan's name and they became more cooperative to let me continue on.

@[member="Minerva Vessia"]
Minerva along with some other members (names are not important) of the Fringe had made a small detour to the planet of Utapau. This planet being relatively new to her she decided to explore with R6 while their transport got refueled. The dock with the very large ridding lizards appeared in her eyes like a huge petting zoo she could love and huge the huge beasts. That is where her and R6 when this story begins.

Panicked beeps blurted out of R6. Mini not paying attention to where she was or her entire surroundings waved off R6 warnings. He eyes where more fixated on the lizard she was petting she missed the movement of the other lizards around her. She was a magnet of trouble and today it proved that theory correct as she was just knocked of the edge of the cliff by a tail.



Multipurpose Advanced Infiltrator
During my periods of walking and observing I noticed a child, human, with a small astromech admiring the riding lizards. Unfortunately for her she was not paying attention and, as my calculations could tell from the moment I saw the other lizard acting, was about to be knocked from the ledge. I needed to act quick. I ran, with my superior speed, and jumped as the child fell. One hand latched onto the back of her collar while the other clamped onto the ledge where she'd fallen. I allowed for my joints to grow accustom to her weight before pulling her up, back onto solid ground. One she was safe, and my other han was free, I swung back up, landing next to her.

I scanned for any wounds while also saying "You are unharmed, human child. Do you feel any need for medial aid regardless?"

@Minerva Vessia