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Approved NPC House Tregessar Assault Guards

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Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
  • Intent : To finally make a sub for Shadowline's mid-tier offering, and put all the neat tech I've subbed to use.
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  • Availability: Uncommon
  • Deployment: Mass
  • Strengths & Weaknesses :
    [+] Assault Troops: The Assault Guards are excellent at breaking down objectives and seizing territory. They are not siege troops, but if it comes to storming a building or raiding a complex they excel at the violence, coordination, and speed needed to make a good attack.
  • [+] Excellent Equipment: House Tregessar doesn't skimp on their gear and the Assault Guards are given the best of the best.
  • [+] Urban Specialists: Given the nature of Axxila this should come as no surprise, but Tregessar soldiers have few peers when it comes to fighting in even the most extensive urban environments.
  • [-] Expectation of Support: Soldiers of House Tregessar tend to assume they have reinforcements coming. The military doctrine is built around having effectively unlimited manpower, especially given the normally very localized nature of the conflicts they are involved in. As such the Assault Guards are at their most effective in combat when they know their job is clearly defined. They smash the objective, and someone else will take it over. In the event of a proper base of supply and reinforcement they lose combat effectiveness over time much quicker than proper military units.
  • [-] Defensively Limited: Similarly, the Assault Guards are best on the attack, and while adequate in the defensive role lack the specialized and heavy equipment to properly dig in and really hold ground.

The Assault Guards are the premier combat unit of House Tregessar and the Private Military Contractor 'Shadowline.' Highly trained, extremely well equipped, determined and versatile they are the iron fist of the house and known and feared across Axxila. In contrast with the much more ubiquitous Security Force troopers the Assault Guards are an offensive unit, designed to take hostile ground by force. They are not to be confused with the infamous Helldiver's, of course, and while highly trained are not veterans on the same tier of those elite troops.

The standing force of Assault Guards consists of 720,000 soldiers divided into 24 Corps (commanded by a Guard Colonel) of 30,000 personnel. Roughly 80% of these are dedicated combat troops, with the other 20,000 being support units of various sorts. All have the same basic training but the support personnel generally lack the combat experience. Each Corps is further subdivided into 15 'Regiments' (commanded by a Major) of 2,000, each made up of 10 over-strength 'Company' (commanded by a Captain) of 200.

Standard equipment consists of the distinctive VECAS Armor for protection, with slight modifications depending on the particular type of unit. The SA-4 Blaster Rifle is standard, with the UTAS-21 Assault Carbine filling a support role. Heavy weapons tend to be liberally distributed, with at least one Particle Gun or Assault Shattergun per squad, and all troopers typically carry at least a few grenades. Finally the ST-19 is the standard Blaster Pistol, with one issued to every soldier.

The Assault Guards see more extensive vehicle support than the conventional security forces, with at least one company of MA-91 Combat Walkers (four squadrons of 6) assigned per Regiment. Armor support is somewhat less common, but overall the Assault Guards are much more prepared to support conventional warfare than the average Security Force company. Additionally the Assault Guards make use of air support and dropships as required.

Despite the large-scale organization the Assault Guards are generally contracted out at the Company level for the vast majority of clients. More rarely entire Regiments will be hired on by corporations or planetary governments, but seeing an entire Corps contracted out is a rare occurrence. This suits the House just fine, as there is usually a proxy war being fought on Axxila at any given time that demands attention.

Highly trained the Assault Guard units are, on the attack, easily comparable and arguably superior to most common standing military forces used by Major Factions across the galaxy (excepting those that specialize in highly trained soldiery like the First Order). They however lack the versatility, wide range of equipment, and base of support available to professional military forces, and so are best used as dedicated shock troops and then replaced in the field with more defensively minded units.

While the conventional Security Forces are the common symbol of House Tregessar, the Assault Guards are clearly the most feared and respected (if only because the Helldivers aren't covered in Tregessar heraldry). When they show up, the House means business, and they always collect. The Dragon Never Sleeps.
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Cyrus Tregessar said:
Quality: B - Veteran
The quality field is no longer part of the standardized unit template and needs to be removed from this submission before I can stamp it.

Otherwise, great work.
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