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Hormazd ForgeWorks

defy the tyrannous stars

  • Workshop Name: Hormazd ForgeWorks
  • Location: Jibu la Siri, Thyrsus
  • Specialty: Melee Weapons, Small Arms
  • Tier: Tier I

Despite strict regulation on a Thyrsian's right to bear arms, particularly military grade weaponry, by their Echani overseers there are still a brave few who risk life and livelihood to preserve their culture's martial customs. Manufacturing reasonable facsimiles of ancient Thyrsian weapons out of parts scavenged from illicit imports and crafting artisan pieces from what local resources the workshop can muster without raising suspicion, Hormazd armaments are a symbol of resistance against oppression throughout the system.

Specializing in iconic cultural Thyrsian craft, the ForgeWorks is known for the quality of its force pikes and other traditional weapons such as solar ionization rifles. That said, while its focus is on preserving native heritage there are scattered examples of exotic pieces throughout the shop, from Mandalorian beskads to Trandoshan hunting rifles. Some are passion projects, built more for educational purposes than with the intent to profit, but some are specially contracted work in display while they wait for pickup or to be smuggled offworld.

A family business, for as long as Hormazd has been in operation it has been owned and operated by a Corso of Thyrsus. Inheriting the semi-illicit property from his late father, Felix Corso has bucked this trend by delegating out most of the day to day oversight to trusted weaponsmiths trained by his father just as he was.

Despite the threat of Echani reprisal looming overhead, Jibu la Siri or as it is known in Basic the Hidden Refuge's remote and inaccessible location shrouded inside a series of caverns within a mountainous shell underneath the Thyrsian Wastes means the sunforge is free to operate openly and maintains the same standard of professionalism as any legitimate operation offworld. Unfortunately this also means its pool of available clientele is limited to natives loyal to the Thyrisan Hierarchy, the Sun Guard, and those few in the underworld they can trust.


Hormazd is a family business for Felix Corso, although after a tempestuous upbringing he struck out on his own at a young age looking for work as a soldier of fortune and rejecting centuries of tradition. This act caused a rift between father and son that never mended, and yet when Felix returned home for his father's funeral he was surprised to discover that ownership of the ForgeWorks had been bequeathed to him in accordance with the old man's wishes.

Staying on Thyrsus to put affairs in order, once Felix had finished fixing up the old shop he found that he could not bring himself to sell it. Eventually finding religion and enlisting with the Sun Guard himself, he has delegated much of the daily responsibility to family friends, but remains sole proprietor just as his father was before him.