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Home And Hearth [Ylva - Boo]



A crisp early morning
[member="Boo Heavenshield"] | [member="Ylva Solveig"]

For the first time in a long time, Théo felt like he was coming home. His home and that of his beloveds. The day that the Heavenshields had been moved out of the Grand Hall in Thainbroek after his uncle had returned to Midvinter and had taken the throne after the death of his grandpapa, Théo had never really found his place on the planet he loved more than anything and it had set him adrift for a while, not understanding what had transpired, he was only a boy confused by it all but now that was all in the past and he had dealt with all of that. At least he had thought, a smile crept across his face as he stood in the main room of New Himmeldal, the grand hall of the Northmark and he realised he had styled it around the design of his former home. It was not as big, but it was the same.

It was a good feeling though.

After the events of the battle between the realms, and all that had come to pass since then, it was time to gather those around him that meant the world to him, his son and his beloved Ylva. It had not been the best of introduction back then but what could he do at the time? he couldn't deny them, there would have been retribution for that had he done so. But now from the day that ended the battle to this, Midvinter would never be the same again, was it for the better? He supposed time would tell.

They had all arrived to Norvegr-fen, in the wee hours of the night passed and so tired the family sort their beds before they could do anything, Théo had been awake for a few hours already, had been to see the progress of the city as it was still in the process of establishing although most of the main infrastructure was in place. All around him as he walked the stoned streets, was the construction of new homes and establishments that would become the main area of trade, the docks were up and already ferrying goods around the city and to the south to Thainbroek and life here was taking shape.

But now he was standing over the hearth in the center of the Hall, placing more wood on the flames and he await the arrival of the sleepy heads in their beds. He did not wake either of them, they deserved their rest in the days after the great war.

Ylva Heavenshield

Her sleep was a restless one. Despite her exhaustion over the traveling for what felt like days after an already tremendous and blood thirsty war, Ylva still could not gain a full night's peace; tossing and turning under the blankets of furs, her dreams were replaying moments from the day of battle, her subconscious struggling to make sense of the lives she had taken and the things that she had seen.
[member="Théodred Heavenshield"] was the first to get up, though he wasn't the first to wake. She had remained on her side with her front facing the wall, lost in her thoughts. This wasn't her first time having killed a man before and in most cases Ylva believed herself to have the confidence and the strength to move on comfortably after such a deed had been done, yet it wasn't just about those whom she killed but also those whom had lost their lives around her. Their enemy had been the likes of monsters, some sort of armored demons, it seemed about the best way to describe them. Men and Women of all ages had met them in battle for Midvinter and for their King, Thyrian Hearthfire. Fewer had lived to talk about it and even fewer were willing to do so.

New Himmeldal offered a sense of purpose and new beginnings for Théodred, and for that Ylva was pleased for him. She and [member="Boo Heavenshield"] had unfortunately met for the first time at possibly the worst of times and Ylva's frustration had met with no restrain in it's being loosed in front of the young one. She would have known better in most typical situations but the circumstance of having seen the village slain and the pressure on her shoulders already having just rode with the Kings legion to reach the Thainbroek...-Well, it was all a lot to take in. On top of that, her isolated life before Théo also posed some challenges. Some old habits were difficult to break.

While she wasn't feeling overly motivated to get out of bed, Ylva managed to collect herself and move to dress before taking her leave of the room and finding him standing over the hearth. Glancing about the room, she noticed Boo's absence. The guilt was still there, though she weren't used to feeling it as most things were easier to deal with yet this was on another scale, so to speak. Théodred had a Son and she knew that she should, and did want to get along with him. How to go about that now, she didn't quite know though she supposed she would wait until the boy was up and about before trying to test the waters.


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To be honest, he would really, really like to be able to sleep in.

Buried under blankets and curled up with a Snuggle-Snek, the young Pantoran could have laid in bed until the next impending galactic disaster, world ending invasion, or random act of [member="Kyrel Ren"]. Whichever should occur first.

Unfortunately, he was Primeval.

Perhaps he could convert to the Sith. Dark Lords totally slept in.

Faith in the Primeval was divided into the worship of three gods, the first of which was Nogras. As the Starmaker, she was worshipped as the planet's primary star arrived at three cardinal points throughout the day -- the star rise, noon, and the star set. Thus, the Pantoran had to get up before the dawn so that he was in position and ready to commence the morning prayer as Nogras' light touched the horizon.

"I believe in the Primeval, the Host Lord, and the words of the Prophet. I wait for the Reclamation, when the stars shall give up their dead and all things will be re-made."

He prayed outside. It was one of the habits of the Primeval. As the Silver Jedi would have discovered on worlds such as Ziost, ceilings were not prevalent in a lot of Primeval architecture. Vast courtyards and temples without a roof were common, as their worship placed them among the elements.

The youngling had two snakes hanging off his wiry frame as he prayed, the amphistaff and the Snuggle-Snek entangled and intertwined as they each roamed freely across the child's arms, shoulders, and torso. The black, serpentine form of the Yuuzhan Vong biot passed underneath the collar of the nightshirt that the youngling wore, it's viper-like head emerging from out of the sleeve as it coiled down his arm.

When this was done, he was probably going to try to go back to bed.

[member="Théodred Heavenshield"] | [member="Ylva Solveig"]
He ran his fingers through his long mop of black curly hair, his mind had been dealing with the revelations of the battle all that had come to pass and it was difficult to take it all in. He had experienced war before, and the death that would always be the result of it, but there was more to reconcile from the great war. [member="Thyrian Hearthfire"] had already begun the rebuilding of the lives so many had been effected by it, so many families had lost loved ones and now were in need of support from their King. The army had come from all parts of Midvinter including the Northmark and now it was Théo's job to help them as best he could. Father would do the same of the people of the Westmark, but Thyrian had to govern over the Marks that did not have a leader for now.

Nothing could ever replace the importance of people, but he could help them survive it and bring some form of comfort to the families. Time does not heal, it only helps those in pain to cope better with the loss. A frustrated breath pushed from his chest as his hand went from hair to beard which he rubbed while still thinking of everything that needed to be done. Already the long boats were laden with lumber and about to set sail for Thainbroek, from their to be sent to the Marks to assist, in return the Southmark would send back grains which would be housed in the keeps for the coming winter.

A welcomed presence entered the room, and Théo was able to push all his thoughts away from for the time being, to give his mind some respite. He smile as he pushed back up to stand and greet his love. She looked tired despite the rest, which was expected, she had seen the horrors too. He hated the idea of this, the gods know she had already experienced much in life that none of which was comforting, and the same for Boo. It just seems to be perpetual in this galaxy of theirs.

He walked toward her, and as he approached his arms took her in a hug holding her against his chest, more for comfort than anything else for the both of them. "Good morning", he whispered as he turned his face into her long hair and placed a kiss. "We shall break fast soon, when Boo appears". Although he could sense Boo was not about, he was not far away. "After which .. I will show you both the new city". 'City' was probably an ambitious title for Norvegr-fen at present but in time it will be.

[member="Ylva Solveig"] | [member="Boo Heavenshield"]

Ylva Heavenshield

There wasn't a great deal of joy or pleasure in Ylva's life over-all, yet the embrace of [member="Théodred Heavenshield"] meant all the difference on a morning such as this one. Ylva let her head rest against his chest and listened while he spoke of [member="Boo Heavenshield"] and the makings of a new City. Absent were her thoughts towards sight seeing, though on the subject of Théodred's boy her concerns were present, perhaps even some anxiety though she feigned confidence and preferred not to show it.

"I need to make things right with the Boy..." She spoke with a comfortable volume, loud enough for Théo to hear her version of an apology though not so loud that her words would travel; "Your timing was terrible but I don't want him feeling unwanted". Ylva herself knew how that felt and she knew the life one lived where hatred for ones parents consumed them, her story was one of great pain and though she knew not the boys, she cared all the same in the hope that she might lesson any possible chance of leading him astray.

Looking up to Théodred, Ylva found eye contact with her beloved man and gave him a caring smile so that he knew she had lost any of the former resentment that had sounded in her voice the moment they two had surprised her that telling day. So much had happened and so much had changed so quickly in that one day that Ylva simply didn't care anymore; her priorities had been changed with the coming of the War and while she loved Théodred and wanted to be a part in any child's life that he might claim, her grief today was on the lives that had been lost and she had come to accept what was.

[member="Théodred Heavenshield"] | [member="Boo Heavenshield"]


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Zombies walked among them.

Returning from the morning prayer, the young Pantoran was nearly sleeping walking as he drifted through the interior of the house in a haze. He passed right by [member="Ylva Solveig"] and [member="Théodred Heavenshield"] and was conscious of neither.

For her part, Azi sprang off of Boo to try and make an aerial pass over to Théo.

There was a new person here. Azi was very curious about this new person. Was she friendly? Did she like snakes?

More importantly, did she have pancakes?

The remaining Pantoran and Snuggle-Snek combination continued on auto-pilot toward the stairs that would lead up to his bedroom, on a predetermined course that would take the boy back to bed.

Such was the child and pet environment that Ylva was walking into. A Pantoran who paid her (or Théo) no attention and an amphistaff who failed to grasp the concept of personal space.
Although young still, one thing Théo had learned was nothing good comes from standing in a room surrounded by four walls hiding from a horror experience, for the walls begin to close in and suffocate the soul. As hard as it might be, one has to find something, a reason to continue on after witnessing so much death and destruction, it is difficult to say the least, but for the sake of those that had given their lives so that freedom remained to those that survived, so that their sacrifice was not forsaken you had to push through the pain, and become stronger. This was their gift to the living. Later they would venture into the new city, not to escape their pain but to find a sense of hope, a renewal of life.

"He is a good kid, regardless of what has happened to him, he loves". It takes a while to gain Boo's trust, but once you have it, it is also a gift. At this moment the doors of New Himmeldal opened and the morning light flooded into the room, along with the cold crisp air. Théo turned to see Boo dragging his feet in his sleepy gait, he was always a problem to get out of bed. Théo caressed Ylva's cheek before letting her go only to intercept the 'living dead', only to be met with the flying form of Azi who he caught in a lump of cold slippery controlled mess.

"Here, hold this will you?", he lumped Azi into Ylva's arms, he knew she would not only be seeking food but warmth as well. Before Boo reached the stairs leading up to their private quarters, Théo's hands rested on his shoulders from behind and gently turned the boy, guiding him in a circle back to the hearth.

"Come sit with us my boy", Théo spoke softly knowing full well the sound of loud voices murders the soul to those that take time to regain consciousness from sleep. He sat them both down on the long seat by the fire and wrapped an arm around his son's shoulders pulling him close to his body to rest upon. Behind where they sat, Théo could hear the cook bringing in and placing the plates laden with food on the table, the smell of breakfast filled the room and reminded him that he was hungry. "Come lets eat", he placed a kiss on the top of Boo's head.

[member="Ylva Solveig"] | [member="Boo Heavenshield"]

Ylva Heavenshield

Watching [member="Théodred Heavenshield"] care for the little lad was a curious and new sight to witness, Ylva of whom had bore no children nor dreamed of doing such a thing watched with the Pet of [member="Boo Heavenshield"]'s in her arms while a rather different side of Théo was shown to her. Boo himself appeared to be half asleep, if not sleep-walking entirely. "I see he likes the company of the wilds..." she spoke softly, though conveying her approval of the fact as best she could, "Perhaps he'll have to meet Bjomolf soon, I wonder if you've seen a Wolf so big" she questioned rhetorically, her gaze falling back upon Boo while too moving to take her place at the table opposite the pair.

Théodred it would appear, had someone to cook his meals for him, and while Ylva liked to fend for herself, she wasn't in much the mind-state to complain given all that they had been through together recently. Turning to glance back over her shoulder as the Chef and his workers came to tend to them, the smell of the freshly cooked cuts of meat, soups and breads reached her senses before the sight of the mouth watering meal could. Setting the little creature of Boo's down upon her lap, she looked to the many dishes being laid out before them with somewhat more attentive eyes now, realizing just how hungry she truly was.

"Well Kid...-You're old man certainly knows how to please" She glanced back at Boo, trying to awaken some higher spirits within the boy before reaching for an empty plate and offering one to the two of them before looking to fill her own. Théo had done a lot for her, no doubt for Boo as well. Now it appeared they had a new home and warm hearth despite the news of their old one being devastated by the recent battles. It would take a little getting used to, all over again, yet Ylva was content to accept the fact that her home now seemed to be where ever Théodred was, and by extension that now included his Son.


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The stairs that would lead the young Pantoran up to his bed were within arm's reach.

Suddenly, the stairs veered away, as the youngling's trajectory was inexplicably circling back toward the hearth. Stumbling around under Théo's guiding hand, the Pantoran found himself seated and apparently waiting for breakfast to come out. Which was not the plan. The plan was to go back to bed. How had he gotten this far off the plan?

Tipping over, the boy sagged against Théo, causing the SnuggleSnek to immediately try to loop around both of them, being that she now had two people to hug rather than just one. Coi was always looking for something or someone to cuddle. After all, it was kinda in the name SnuggleSnek.

Despite being an amphistaff, and not a SnuggleSnek, Azi was a bit of a constrictor herself. While her tail tried to snake around [member="Ylva Solveig"] the black morph coiled contentedly in the woman's lap. The snake seemed to give a bit of a shake as it shrugged off the cold and settled. A rattle sound was heard, as the venomous amphistaff vibrated its tail and raised it's head.


If Ylva wasn't careful, she was going to have a helper aiding in clearing the plate. Already, Azi was eyeing a plate of pancakes, her tail vibrating more, as the snake seemed to shrink into itself, compressing its coils as it prepared to strike across the table for that stack of fluffy deliciousness.

"Oh-wha, huh?"

Vaguely aware that the red head was speaking to him, the Pantoran seemed to be using one arm to prop his head up, wipe at his eyes, and brush the wild fringe of hair out of his eyes at the same time. Based on the vacant look on his face, that was probably the most eloquent he was capable of being at the moment.

Sniffling, the child used his forearm to wipe at his nose, then shifted around as he started to look and comprehend the fact that there was food in front of him. Picking up a small saucer, the Pantoran started collecting small bits -- just three items -- which he then set aside before he started actually assembling his plate.

The saucer would be the offering he would take up to the shrine later.
"Thank you", he said with a wink to his love as she passed the plate and in no time Théo loaded it with food. After the battle his shoulder was aching, it was like this ever since the battle with [member="Enyo Typhos"] on Thyferra, although his shoulder and arm held the massive hit, it was never the same. And he reached for it with his spare hand and rotated the shoulder blade trying to remove the stiffness. He also found himself wrapped in the coils of Boo's addition to the family, Coi is rather cute and he offered the small snake a piece of food. Azi had her own company this morning, he noticed looking into Ylva's lap with a grin and with the weight of Boo resting against his body.

"For as long as I can remember", he said of Boo and his love for the outdoors, it was still strange to him this child was once his good friend as a child himself.

Théo was like his mother, he loved a good brew of caf and took up his mug held it near his mouth, "You need a new shrine built my son?", he asked just before sipping the caf and eyeing the spare plate with a little offering of food on it. Théo had one built on Kashyyyr for him but apart from the wilds of the Northmark, there was not a shrine for his gods. As much as he would like his son's room to have no roof, it was impractical here on Midvinter, the boy would simply freeze to death in the heart of the ice season.

He looked around the quarters of the main hall, it was not Himmeldal, and even though he tried to design it in the style, it was much bigger and grander but he had to have a place where the people of the Northmark could come and meet with him, if they had issues to discuss. The Northmark was his now, by decree of the High King and this would be his family's home. Once breakfast was finished and Boo had shaken the cloud of sleep from his mind, Théo would take them for a walk among the streets.

[member="Boo Heavenshield"] | [member="Ylva Solveig"]