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Approved Location Holy Ergonomic Assessments Cathedral

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The King of Ergonomic Assessments

The Hole Ergonomic Assessments Cathedral

  • Structure Name: Holy Ergonomic Assessments Cathedral
  • Classification: Corporate campus
  • Location: Charros
  • Affiliation: Sith Inquisitor
  • Accessibility: Open to the public
  • Security: Minimal security
  • Description: Located in one of the more humid regions of Charros IV, the Cathedral complex is surrounded by fountains and a few office towers, as well as parking lots, with paved walkways, all of which are made using locally-produced materials
The Holy Ergonomic Assessment Cathedral: Containing glasswork of various events significant to the evolution of workplace health and safety, it is home to the offices of most of the ergonomic assessors operating on Charros IV on the Sith Inquisitor payroll, with the latest in employee comforts.

After the orbital bombardment of Charros IV by the Galactic Empire, the planet was devastated with many surviving Xi Charrians out of a livelihood. In Xi Charrian culture, where the workplace is held as sacred, work accidents, especially those inducing injuries, were perceived as sacrileges, and also improper work conditions. So it was natural for the Sith Inquisitor to bankroll the construction of an expansive corporate campus on the planet, built and designed by Xi Charrians. The Xi Charrian ergonomic assessors had extensive input in creating a work environment that was inviting to the mostly-Xi Charrian workforce based on the planet, for the support roles as well as the actual offices where the ergonomic assessors worked, while not away from the office to perform the eponymous ergonomic assessments. Also, the facility was designated a cathedral due to its sheer size, with smaller industrial facilities, called churches, being located next to the Cathedral.
Not open for further replies.