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Approved Tech Holocron of Dark Lord Vintitus

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Just under the upper hand.
Intent: To provide a potential player reward for an upcoming thread
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Dark Lord Soren Vintitus (NPC)
Model: Sith Holocron

Affiliation: Sith (Formerly Dark Lord Soren Vintitus)
Modularity: None
Production: Unique
Material: Force manipulated crystal and stone
One product of the venerable Sith Lord Soren Vintitus was a Pyramid shaped holocron. The holocron was encouraged by Soren’s Lightsaber, which contained a sentient Lightsaber crystal that could communicate via natural telepathy. Although Vintitus was paranoid near the point of lunacy, he was still very powerful and contained a wealth of knowledge. The knowledge that the crystal particularly encouraged recording was his research into various locations strong in the force as well as organic manipulation via Sith alchemy and sorcery. After many months of feverous activity, the holocron was filled with knowledge and could only be accessed by interaction with the paranoid Dark Lord’s imprinted personality. Several force techniques were also recorded though none that would be considered lost arts. Soon after completing the Holocron, he locked it away in his vault where he could trust it’s not being found and continued his work on various creatures he had collected. Several creatures from Boma beast to Dewbacks were in various rooms of his ship undergoing heavy genetic manipulation via the force as well as alchemy, but his crowning achievement was destined to be the creation of the feared Terentetak (process not on holocron). However the creation was never completed. At the behest of his now trusted companion the sentient crystal in his Lightsaber, he took an apprentice to assist him in the gathering of materials for the various experiments he worked on. The apprentice during what was to be the first attempt to create the Terentetak attacked and murdered his master. The apprentice feeling the dark lord was too insane to be of use to the Sith empire left the ship after releasing all of the successful creations and locking the crucial areas to prevent the ship ever being activated by a stray creature.

Classification: Holocron
Size: One-handed
Length: pyramid shaped 14 centimeters on a side at the base and 14 centimeters from base to apex.
Weight: 1 kg
Other Features:

Sith alchemical and sorcery techniques with regards to augmenting living creatures (Terentetak not included), Holocron creation, location of Dark and light side locations on Rodia, and Kashyyk. In addition, Force drain discussions are enclosed. Lastly information on the strange sentient crystals and how to use them in Lightsaber construction.

((All creatures created via This holocron should be submitted to the gactory for approval. ))

Calina Ovmar

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@[member="Kal Ordo"]

I have a few concerns on this one.

  • The light and dark side locations you are referring to, I'm assuming are force nexus's. Seven location's is quite a lot, I would prefer this was cut down to one or two.
  • I can't find anything with regards to the Terentetak anywhere so I would advise that any creation of this creature would need a species submission and a dev thread.
  • Force Storm is a rare power, and I am uncomfortable seeing this in a holocron that could end up in anyone's hands so I would request this is removed.


Just under the upper hand.
@[member="Mia Monroe"]

Updated and clarified the Terentetak part. It was supposed to be just a part of the story and not a process recreatable with this holocron. If you have any other concerns I will gladly alter it. Thank you as always.
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