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Approved Tech HOB-NOB Bantha Propulsion Device

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Purple Haze
*This was lost, and previously approved*


Intent: To provide Triko with a humorous means of traversing terrain at high speed.
Development Thread:
Model: HOB-NOB
Affiliation: Triko
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Leather, durasteel
The Bantha has long been a beast capable of many great speeds... of less than 10 miles per hour. The proud bandito Triko sought to change this, to make the Banthas a mighty creature that could overtake the beings that have tormented it for millenia. With the aid of an old jet engine, some leather straps and a lot of Jawa Juice, he created the mighty HOB-NOB (Error 404: Acronym not found) to supply him with a trademark means of transport and to liberate the Banthas from the hellish depths of slowness.

The HOB-NOB (HOB for short) uses an old rocket engine of unknown origin- all Triko knows is that it was on a junk pile. One thing that can be determined about said rocket is that it was probably archaic at time of manufacture, based on the fact that it requires fossil fuel to operate. This does create some issues due to the fact that it's grossly inefficient (especially at high speeds) and most dangerously is also quite unreliable, which is rather annoying in certain situations. Open flames will also send the whole thing to kablooey.

The engine used was seemingly designed for starfighters or other such light craft, and is therefore capable of high speeds, but also isn't geared towards heavy loads, such as, say, a Bantha. This does limit the top speed that the device offers somewhat, but nonetheless it still provides a very noticeable speed boost. The device also provides the chance of making Banthas do something very much unusual, should it be on an ramp or similar incline- fly.

Yes, the engine does in fact have the power to make a Bantha fly (or rather fall) for short distances.

Mostly fall, but at least it looks damned hilarious.

Role: Bantha Propulsion Device
Height: Flexible enough to fit most Banthas.
Length: Flexible enough to fit most Banthas.
Width: Flexible enough to fit most Banthas.
Weight: 500kg approx.
Propulsion: Rockets.
Top Speed: 300km/h approx. with Bantha.
Armaments: -
Passenger Capacity: No more than the bantha will hold.
Cargo Capacity: No more than the bantha will hold.
Misc. Equipment: -
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