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HK-94 "Codswallop"

NAME: HK-94, "Codswallop"
RANK: ???
SPECIES: HK Assassin Droid (Class 4)
SEX: Default masculine programming.
HEIGHT: 6 Feet
WEIGHT: N/A, depends entirely on mechanical parts and augmentations
EYES: Standard yellowish-white retinal trackers.

*Faction is prone to change to suit current Master's. He is deemed neutral until reprogrammed.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
HK-94 has the adept talents of any droid designed to specifically kill or mutilate its given targets, as well as able to have the technological know-how of any matinence droid if not primarily for the purpose of being able to discreetly sabotage equipment to lure out targets or render then obsolete. His time being broken and fixed up with dubious pawned goods makes him a hazard around fellow electronics, possibly transferring over viruses or causing power outtages in the area if he's plugged into an important system. His basic wiring also makes his features easy-to-enhance, as a normal droid's parts are more seamless and less likely to work with foreign machinery than his.

While his bugged status makes him an ideal tool for any hackers, bounty hunters, or unaffiliated anarchists, it also results in supervision being a constant 'must' with Codswallop. Just as he can easily damage enemy equipment by being too near it he can also cause damage to ally ships and navigational equipment if he isn't either locked away for long trips, disassembled, or simply turned off. He also can be reprogrammed with atrocious ease if he suffers a critical head injury that damages his memory, an electric jolt or fried circuit, or has his reasoning impaired with confusing and over-analytical banter and have his allegiance changed at the drop of a hat, assuming the personality quirks and moral code of his 'new master'.

Codswallop is an unsightly excuse for a HK droid. While his more-useful counterparts tend to be well-kept and intimidating with their up-to-date technology, he's being held together with a constantly-changing assortment of old and cheap droid parts as well as what little he's been able to salvage from targetting his own kind. On a good day his metallic carapace is free of dents, buffed to shine, and both retinal lights are intact, perhaps even with every extremity part matching in color. On a bad day his 'blinkers' are blinking like faltering strobe lights and one leg is shorter than the other.

HK-94 was a useful assassin droid in his prime, but after being disassembled and reassembled one too many times he's suffered some massive setbacks in his processing capabilities. What was once a quick-minded and brilliant AI program is now an socially-malfunctioning droid that acts as a living virus to other mechanical equipment when one is unfortunate enough to have their equipment nearby as he charges.

His nickname, Codswallop, is more or less for his eccentric and whimsical banter that starts up whenever he's left to his own devices or is otherwise unaffiliated. While he isn't mindless, he's bumbling at best and is only efficient as a killer when he's under orders by his current Master. For a droid designed to kill, he's oddly affectionate and forgiving and feels a form of distress when he realizes that he is being pitted against his former master. His programmed dictionary is erratic and sometimes will mistakenly use words that carry a threatening connotation without realizing it.

HK-94 currently doesn't affiliate too strictly to any one Faction, as his coding can be rewritten over and over and can be the unwitting trojan horse on various occasions. When he finds a 'Master', he adheres strongly to their own morals and principles until he's either bugged, rewritten, broken down, or convinced that he's been abandoned.





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Oh god he IS a Clanker.
Also I love how the Clones are the ones dogpiling on this one. You guys are like the Elite Beat Agents of this community, aren't you? Me gusta.

FRIENDLY BANTER: Hello! It is wonderful to meet another HK model. Shall I administer the ruthlessly-welcoming slapping of important dominant five-digit extremeties or the slowly-rendered brutalization of fists in greeting?

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