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HK-78 "Majora"


Standard Profile Template

"Question: You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? Following Remark: I have..."

NAME: HK-78 "Majora"
FACTION: A faction helps a character get into the galactic scene and grow in strength. Feel free to join any that suit the character.
RANK: As a member of society, your character might have a rank that exemplifies his or her importance.
SPECIES: Hunter Killer Droid
AGE: Odd age for it's number (123)
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: Standard Height for a Hunter Killer
WEIGHT: Standard Weight
EYES: Orange
HAIR: Nope
SKIN: Purple, rusted over after nearly a century of being locked in a cell


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+By the time this droid gets out of his "cell", the mentioned berserk button will have had 10 years of disuse, while this is true, Majora has an oddly serene state of mind to him.
+/- Same voice as a protocol droid, oddly enough this can be both a weakness and an advantage mainly because he isn't taken seriously enough at all for it.
-After ages of being locked in a drifting "cell" in space, HK-78 has taken up the name "Majora" and with it, a metaphorical berserk button when people don't take him seriously enough in normal situations, like attempting to join a faction for example.

Describe your character's physical appearance. While your avatar should represent your character's appearance, there might be some things not apparent in it for use in role-playing. Height, weight, eye color, hair color, and skin color may also be listed here.

HK-78 was a normal Hunter Killer Droid, except for it's number, for about 20 years, and then came a job to assassinate an important droid maker named "The Pinnacle". HK-78 did the job right, managed to fool the man after killing his protocol droid by taking it's voice as his own... however, this worked against HK in the long run, as it was then forced into an escape pod and shot off into Unknown Space 3 years later, having annoyed his boss with the protocol droid voice somehow. 50 years of imprisonment caused the droid to go crazy... 20 more years made it think of a new name... Majora... and even now, it awaits care and a damn good call to arms.

A floating escape pod dubbed "The Majora Cell"

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HK-36 said:
I miss that HK who used a mutated rancor as his vessel.

And Sparky, HK who tried to sold me over to Ironwolves and shoot me on Kashyyk and then shoot me in a bar on Bespin.
xD A mutated Rancor used as a HK vessel... that is funny

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