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Hitchhiker's Guide to Atrisia

Sor-Jan Xantha

Certified Worst Jedi
Established Geopolitical Regions
Jar'Kai Province
A Beijing analog, the Forbidden/Imperial City​
Xiaolang Autonomous Administrative Region
Hong Kong/Singapore. Historically a trade hub​
"Xiaolang" means Pirates of Dark Water​
A Tibet analog.​
Kansai Province
A Japan analog.​
Cities, Towns, & Villages
Current Planetary Capital​
due to the destruction of Jar'Kai (Imperial City)​
Jar'Kai [ Canon ]​
Imperial City, the historic planet capital​
Destroyed in 849 ABY​
Locations Subs
Current Seat of the Atrisian Parliament​
Located in Xam'Chi City​
Ancient Yovshin Swordsman Dojo​
Located in Quan'Lo​
Monitors the Dark Side nexus where the former palace was.​
Located on the outskirts of Jar'Kai City​
Because in Atrisia, everyone can hear you scream.​
Located in the city of Shiso, Kansai Province​
Hot Springs & Teahouse​
Major Seaport Metropolis​
Atrisia Royal Corps Institution​
Abandoned Ghost Town​
Sith Lord Castle​
Ancestral Castle of the House of Atrisia Royal Line​
Mountain Range​
The Atrisian Diaspora
Planets with a significant Atrisian population​
[ Tingel Arm ]
[ Unknown Regions ]
[ Expansion Region ]​
[ The Colonies Region ]​
[ Outer Rim | Dead World ]​