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Serah Oricion

  • Name: Hirion
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld: Iferetes
  • Language: No spoken Language, Telepathic Language is translated no matter what receiving species
  • Average height of adults: 1.25 Meters
  • Average Length of adults: 1.5 Meters
  • Skin color: Skin Color is normally a grey colored or pinkish
  • Hair color: Brown, Black, Grey or White
  • Breathes: Type 1 and 2
  • Strengths:
Size - Simply put, this is an otherwise massive creature to face down, at 1.5 meters long and 1.25 meters high with an average weight of about 65 Kg, if not more, it is mostly muscle. A threatening force for those that had never faced one in battle it is a towering wall of muscle to contend against thus allowing for its swipes of its claws of bite force to be heavy.​
Quick - While its Size alone makes it a threat, it is also quick allowing for it to run down prey and cut it off with the aid of other pack members or alone if needed. This also allows it to outrun would be hunters should the need be.​
Intelligent - Contrary to popular belief on Iferetes, they are highly intelligent and can communicate with nearly any race through Telepathy, though most view them as a threat and will attempt to kill them before this is shown.​
High Reproduction rate - Err... this really doesnt need explained but... their litters are frequent and normally no less than three cubs per litter.​
  • Weaknesses:
Seen as dangerous - Their weakness for their size and speed is that they are hunted as prized trophies and nine times out of ten attacked on sight by would be hunters. Allowing for them to live a life away from the civilized world even if they are intelligent.​
In ability to use any tools - No apposable thumbs. Done and over with. In other words, these things cannot use any tool or device or anything to save their life except a button... So yup.​
Cannot wear Armor - Cannot wear or put on any form of armor what so ever without another creature's help, so they are virtually defenseless against a weapon head on.​
  • Distinctions:
Dentition - Large Canine teeth primarily used for slicing, sharp enough to bit down and shred flesh and clothing with ease. The teeth and jaw strength are large enough to crush bone and will will easily clean the meat from a carcass.​
A Giant Wolf - Ok this is simple, its a giant Wolf, i think you would be able to figure that out due to their size and the point that they are completely canine in appearance.​
  • Average Lifespan: Seventy Years
  • Races: No Subraces
  • Diet: Primarily Carnivorous, Semi Omnivore
  • Communication: Telepathy
  • Culture:
Due to the inability to actually use tools their culture is nearly non-existant and are normally seen as nothing more than the highest level of game for Infereti Hunters. This means there is an instilled violence towards creatures they view as threatening and will most likely keep well away from you or strike unless proven not to be a threat. Their homes are normally burrows or caves.​
  • Technology level:
Due to the inherit inability to use tools, and the fact they are hunted for sport, they have had no chance to develop any sort of technology.​
  • General behavior:
General behavior is to travel in packs for protection or to settle down in a cave with young-lings to care for them until they are old enough to set out on their own. They are highly hostile to all other life, but will not attack any sentient life form unless provoked as they do not see Sentient life as prey but as equals. If a Sentient life form has proven itself no threat, there is a chance that the Hirion will speak with him through Telepathy, but a very slim one at that.​
  • History:
There is no true history for these creatures, as they are unable to record their history, but the Hirion species has been on Iferetes long before the arrival of its more dominant species the Infereti. They evolved through natural selection and have since become nothing more than a sport for Infereti looking to take their pelts.​
  • Notable Player-Characters: Nighttooth
  • Intent: The Intent is simply to give Iferetes more species to inhabit it and to give yet another playable character for people to spark and interest in. There is also the chance that such a creature will be included in my campaign that i am setting up... thats about it, clear and to the point.
(If there is anything off about this please tell me.)​

Matila Arkh

who knows?
Having spoken with various Factory Judges on this, we've decided that the only thing which separates this submission from a generic wolf is the telepathy.

As such this is being denied on the grounds that it does not need to be submitted. If you wish to communicate with a sentient wolf (Star wars has those) then you may do so, there's also aspects such as Animal Friendship which will allow for it too.
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