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NAME: Hidalgo
FACTION: Unaligned
RANK: Apprentice, Ship Captain
SPECIES: Cantrosian
AGE: 20
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 0.7 meters
WEIGHT: 4.5 kg
EYES: Green
HAIR: Orange (Fur)
SKIN: Covered in Fur


  • Delusionally Self-Confident: While this trait can often hurt just as much as it helps, the fact is that Hidalgo often makes it through dangerous situations by the fur of his pelt simply because it does not occur to him that his species' smaller and lither frame can in any way handicap him. Need volunteers to try and pry open a heavy bulkhead door? He will be the first to step up, and insist that he be allowed a shot at it.
  • Easy to Miss: Small in stature even for his people, while the Cantrosian may be overly sensitive about his height, it certainly has its fair share of advantages that Hidalgo is more than willing to take advantage of should it offer him some benefit. Often mistaken for a non-sapient species, while usually such errors offend him greatly, the young feline is not above letting the petting go on for just a little longer before he begins his rant of indignation.
  • Stronger than He Looks: While one might easily expect the compact and frail looking Cantrosian to be nothing but a liability in physical combat with those of humanoid size and proportion, Hidalgo is actually capable of holding his own in a fight. From a species with stronger musculature than they appeared to possess, ever since he was young he has kept in remarkable physical shape, and one of the first ways his latent Force sensitivity manifested was to enhance his physical strength and the power of his strikes.

  • Certain Kind of Fool: While Hidalgo's delusions of grandeur can at times be surprisingly beneficial, the reality is his overconfidence in his own abilities often gets him into more trouble than its worth. Determined to be both one of the greatest warriors and smugglers who has ever lived, the Cantrosian wants everyone to know and respect it. With his high goals and thin skin, he can too easily be drawn into a confrontation at the slightest provocation.
  • Lover of All: Hidalgo loves beauty, and he is not afraid to say so. No really, he is not at all afraid to approach any one from any species that he finds aesthetically pleasing, and declare his amorous intentions in no uncertain terms. Often swept up in the fervor of romance, positive responses to his advances can put one fairly easily in a position to take advantage of the Cantrosian, and yet while he may too easily believe he has finally stumbled upon his soulmate, he is very much a believer in open relationships, which can cause problems of their own. All in all, Hidalgo spends a lot of time both courting, and dealing with the fallout of the inevitable aftermath.
  • Eccentric: Having left his homeworld at a young age with dreams far beyond those of the average member of his species, Hidalgo behaves at all times as if he is a character straight out of another time that perhaps never really existed. Having not had much companionship save for the old holofilms he watched as a young kit, the feline rogue who is now a young man strives to embody the persona of the leading man, the troubled anti-hero with a heart of gold who is ultimately guided by his principles to save the day and win the girl. Often, it is a fantasy with which reality does not align, and this strange code can often get him into trouble with an imperfect galaxy that isn't always like the pictures.

Extremely short of stature, insofar as Hidalgo wears much in the way of clothes at all, he dresses like a theatrical interpretation of an Outer Rim gunslinger or pirate king. Almost never to be found without his wide brimmed plumed hat, the orange furred feline also often sports a utility belt upon which hangs both his lightfoil and a holdout blaster, which is just the right size for his smaller frame.




Calrissian-class Freighter Southpaw


Leos Palle

Sassy pets are the best pets.

*grabs [member="Hidalgo"] by the scruff of the neck*

I don't wanna blow your ship up.

Leos Palle

*pulls out maser with other hand*

Come on now. Don't think I don't k ow how to deal with you space wizards.
Ah!! A new fuzzy friend! I can show you where all the best squirmies are....if that's what you eat. *yips* Welcome!

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