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Hi, I'm new!


Shard. Sith. And silky soft.
I'm an old hand at tabletop gaming and have played on simm sites here and there. I started a character on another SW site but it seemed to be filled with in-fighting and power players, and I found the whole place kind of confusing and unwelcoming, so I thought I'd try my hand here.

I'll be creating a possibly insane Shard in the body of a droid. I'm not sure if he's more of a Sith or independant. I'll take a look at all the factions and figure it out, or feel free to make your case here!

Hopefully this character will be fun, or at least weird, to game with.

Charles Duffy

New Member
Very cool I too am new here and plan or playing an Ewok that is force sensitive but who has ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).
I would love your help fleshing out some of my back story. You seem like the character that can help get my character mobile and into the galaxy.