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Here one moment, gone the next (Self Training/Looking for a Master; Open)

Eenes Kokad

Eenes sat alone in her meditation chamber. The silence was beautiful.

Her datapad was floating just shy of a meter away, with bits of wisdom on the technique she was about to attempt flowing across the screen. The Quarren Padawan reached out and...
Frustrated, she calmed herself and tried again. This time a shadow appeared before her, but not the full illusion she was attempting to create. She sighed and allowed the datapad to drop gently to the floor. She let herself go one last time, and a shimmer vaguely resembling a humanoid appeared briefly... but it was gone almost as soon as it had appeared.
Eenes shook her head and stood slowly. She called the datapad to her hand and tucked it inside her robe. Perhaps there was more to be found in the archives - there was so much there that she was bound to have missed something useful in her earlier searches.
Purposefully, she strode across the temple and entered the nearly abandoned archives. She quickly became engrossed in a long dead Master's examination of mind-affecting skills, but was no closer to finding what she was looking for.