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Helping in your doms, fleet, ground, hive smashing, or insurgency.

Greetings all. - Helping in your doms, fleet, ground or insurgency.

I've put all Centax's current assets that he's got left around the old One Sith space with descriptions on their condition here:

Faction Armory - We can assume their supply is pretty bad as of late, with the time passed and you making further inroads.

Remnant Fleet (Under Sera's control) It'd be cool if you are interested, if we can have an SD ship exploding in one of your threads, as there were three but I can only run one for any dom being a minor faction, so the others or other needs to go boom.
Last Time you Saw Centax as a reminder!

As you were very much fun to plot with last time, (and the time before) I thought i'd extend the invitation to help give you dom posts, rather than just turn up. Raien (Centax's Master) had heavily invested time in Byss and there are locations there you might want eradicated off the face of the planet: - Such as a Hive

Centax would make a fall back there, it would make sense given the situation and his losses.

So that's four options for whatever works for you, Sera fleeting (she's a farseer), Kylath's generaling, Sithwatch insurgency, or something in the hive where you'll be setup upon by bio droids! - If you've ever seen the fan film, they are the same sort of idea.
[member="Jacen Voidstalker"]
Hah I did not :) perfect timing then as always lol

[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
A thread with you is always a pleasure to write :)

[member="Kira Vaal"]
There are no coincidences! Or something.

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