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Help with my concept - What species on this planet?

So, I plan to make an industrial themed planet of class and divide. I plan to include a large number of humans, a reasonably large number of energy vampires and quite a few Twi'leks for good measure. I do however need more species. Near-humans, mostly, unless it's some scum species out of horror literature or H.P. Lovecraft of something. Force users primarily upper class as the lower class fear them and would kill force user offspring as monsters. Oh, also any species where cyborgyness or the wearing of gas masks is common.
Could also go the less exciting route of saying that the industrial complex being so widespread has damaged the atmosphere beyond repair. That could dictate that any species would need a breath mask just to remain on the planet.Or if not quite to that extreme, that the lower levels are polluted/smog filled enough to warrant it with a containment field keeping it from reaching the upper area where the Force users reside.

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