Star Wars RP

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Hello !


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Good morning/afternoon/evening from France

I'm totally new to this community and totally new to english roleplaying, but I hope i'll make my way here. Indeed I have a passion for Star Wars even though i have not been in my "SW mood" since a long time. Anyway, I hope i'll be motivated enough to add my stories to this huge universe !
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Roleplay Judge

To be honest I am never in a 'SW mood' but the great thing about Chaos and Star Wars is that it is so vast you don't have to stick to traditional SW tropes. I spend all my time being a cybernetic hacker in the criminal underworld.

Hope to see you around and if you have any questions feel free to message me
P A N [D E M O N] I U M
Welcome to Chaos, A anorien

There's some snacks and refreshments over in the OOC areas! In all seriousness, I think Hacks Hacks said it best, one need not adhere to traditional SW Tropes here. There's so many different types of characters here, if you can imagine it, it's most likely doable.

Hope you have fun, and enjoy your writing adventures here!