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Hello, i need help

One-Eyed Dame
Is this game still alive?

I'm from brazil, i never played in foreigner game before.
My questions are:

1 - How do i start?
2 - My character needs to be original, or can be a old person? (example: Marka Ragnos is back)
3 - Which period in history is this?
4 - Where can i start reading?
5 - What factions are in here?

In my country, the rpg games are all dead. There is no SW games anymore, no Lotr, no got, just hunger games and harry potter.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
Hello! Welcome to SWRPC! We all hope you enjoy your stay!

1. Best way to get started is to check out the Rules tab on the top of the page. You can get a general sense of what you can do here - it's practically limitless!
2. Original characters are vastly preferred, but if you want to have a character like Marka Ragnos as an NPC in your character's backstory, that is entirely fine.
3. Currently, the board's timeline takes place in 852 ABY (that's about 700 years after Cade Skywalker) and we are using the Legends Timeline, which was 'officially' dissolved in 2014-ish by Disney.
4. Again, check out the tabs at the top of the screen to get started, and if you need to ask questions, don't hesitate to tag me or other fellow people. That's what the community is here for!
5. Under the Rules tab, there's a Factions Menu tab, that should get you started.

Happy hunting!



Duranium Lord
Others will probably come along, either ahead or behind, and create a more filled out list but here goes:

1. It would be ideal to read the Rules then move to make your character in the Character Creation area.

2. According to the Character rules, only original characters, no using canon characters.

3. This is set several centuries after movie six (The return of the Jedi), I think about 700-800 years is the approximate.

4. When you feel ready to begin reading and RPing, the Open Roleplaying section is a good place to start, once comfortable to start your own threads, I would recommend either looking in the Looking For Group section or simply starting up a thread in the Open section.

5. There is a large number of factions, major and minor, ranging from faux empires and faux rebels to Mandalorian empires.

One-Eyed Dame
Last question, i got that about no canon characters. What if i made a sith who died feew years back, and got resurrected in the background history? Is that acceptable?

I'm just trying to understand how this works out
Aayla said:
I can have more than one character in here?
Yes, you are permitted to create as many characters as you want - the only requirement is they each have their own subaccount assigned to them.

For instructions on making those, please click this link and navigate to the Creating a Character section (#4). This link also contains links to all of our rules and other various helpful things for new members.

Karlie Lynn Destat

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Welcome to CHAOS, [member="Aayla"] .
Once you get started, as in jumping right in, you'll get the hang of this site pretty quickly. You'll make lots of friends here. :)