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Firstly I would like to apologize for not posting as a character name. I have yet to actually create a character :p . I am new to Post by Post forum Roleplaying, though I am definitely not new to Roleplaying itself. I have some years of experience roleplaying in MMO’s, but have gotten tired and frustrated with their limitations (Except GW2, which I LOVE).
I am extremely excited to start roleplaying with all of you lovely people and can’t wait to share my creations of adventures! :)
I only have a few questions. (LIES!)
1.) I want to create a Cathar. It’s my understanding that Cathar usually have first names because they are born into litters. Is it alright to have a character with only a first name?
2.) I am a little confused on the rules regarding Force Users. I know there are ranks, but what exactly do they mean in terms of Roleplaying? I’d like to know how powerful my character can be to start off.
3.) I am also a bit confused with the timeline this all takes place in. I understand that it takes place in an alternate timeline after the events of the Yuuzhan Vong War (With which I am a little rusty on, but have read up on Wookiepedia) and that we somehow rebuilt pretty much everything that was destroyed before then before suffering a catastrophic plague, but I do not know if there are any specifics I should know about. Is this primarily there to just wipe out everything in the lore so we can freely recreate what we wish? A clean slate if you will?
4.) Lastly, can someone help explain factions to me? I know very little about how they work or what their role is exactly in terms of the roleplay. I get the basics as it’s common sense, but I would like to have greater knowledge of this subject as it interests me.

Phew. Alright, that’s all of my questions. Sorry there are so many, but I’d rather be educated than make a mistake later down the line. I would be very grateful to anyone that could help me!

Thank You!
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1) Yes that is perfectly fine.
2) Since you were not on other forum rps, you will have to start off at initiate level regarding Force Users, you can rank up pretty quickly if you keep them active, have no fear.
3) Old lore still exists, but you can create custom one in places, yes, or build on the previous lore, choice is yours.
4) The Fringe- Pirates, Mercenaries, Settlers of Farthest Reaches of Space
Omega Protectorate- Neutral Ex-Mercenary Company, ruled by Lord Protector and his Exarchs, leaning closer to good alignment, military oriented.
Republic- well it's the Republic
Mandalorians- For all your Mando needs
CIS- Rebuilt confederacy, focusing on trying to provide freedom to all with as little restrictions as possible, however, over the time it was joined mostly by Sith and Renegads, now it's mostly Neutral-Evil
Moross Crusade- Religious fanatics believing into Moross Sect and praising its leaders as gods
The Fel Imperium- Remnants of Sith Empire

I hope that helps, my information on factions can be outdated though

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Hi! Welcome!
Well, it's uncommon for character not to have a last name on a roleplaying site but it's not unheard of. I mean, if the character doesn't have one, that's how it is, I guess.
As far as Force Users and ranks go, well, it means you start of as an Apprentice (unless transferring) and can't use powerful force powers. Once you get started, look into a trainer, they will help explain things and get your character started.
As far as the timeline goes, we're eight centuries away from Yalin. Here's the timeline. Specifics, not that many. There was the virus before, it helped the galaxy start over, in a matter of speaking. In individual roleplay though, it doesn't really effect you too much unless you specifically want it too.
Factions are large groups you join. Filled with your teammates, if you will. Similar as in the movies, you have your Republic, your Sith (no Empire though) but a lot of others too. When you join one, you're part of the group. You get to participate in faction threads, you can find trainers easily, usually plenty of going on in the factions to keep you interested.

Think that's it. Did that help? If I missed anything, someone will correct me! You enjoy your stay and ask more if you need! :)

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@[member="Hannibal Oryen"]
Thanks for letting me know about the Fel, they've sprang up when I was on LOA and because of the Fondor-Atrisia thing I didn't really took time to look into new factions. As for Confederacy I meant somewhere between Neutral and Evil, but it's a matter of opinion I suppose. @[member="TheCrippledHalfling"] best way to learn about faction is joining it and rping with them.


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Thank you guys for your help!
So my ideas for my character revolve around being an ex-slave that was forced into being trained as a sith/ dark jedi. I know it's a bit cliche, but I have ideas of how to use it for progression down the rode that will (hopefully) make it more interesting. So should I have my character be an ex-member of The Old Sith Empire? Slaves and things like that were probably part of their practice. And where should I go now if I'm currently neutral, but have plans to branch out later? Also a place where I can learn how to hone my force skills (training).

Thanks again guys for your help.


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Well if you are looking for training, Omega Protectorate has a military academy that can train you, including Bladedancer program for Force Users, and then you can move onto a different faction, there's also a training faction who's not with any major factions called Atlas Academy, Kaeshana Federation has a division of mercenaries, they can provide a degree of training, Confederation is neutral officially as well and they have Templar Division for Force Users, there's the Bounty Hunters' Guild you can find jobs there but not as much training, and the Rebel Alliance.

That's all I can think of from the top of my head.