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Hello fellow Jedi and Sith!

Hello everybody! My name is Johnster! I also go by Reto-Zen or just Zen, and I have been roleplaying for a few years. I have been desperately wanting to do some Star Wars RP's, but I have a few questions and I need some help, i hope i can see you around!
are their any good character creators for star wars so I can get a better image? also, are their any Je'daii? and one last thing, how can i find a good Jedi to train Reto?

I use either Photobucket or ArtStation to find most of my images.

I recall seeing something about Je'daii but I am not 100%. I would recommend browsing the Factions section of the forums.

In looking for a Master I recommend posting in the looking for group section with a little bit about your character and what you are wanting training in power and saber form wise.

Connor Harrison

[member="Reto-Zen"] Welcome to the Chaos! Enjoy your time here and shout if we can help at all.

Sorel Crieff

Ready are you? What know you of ready?



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