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Hello, About The Metal Lords


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
Hey everyone, I'm HK, you can post your introductions either here or in a separate thread in this forum section.

When I modified my previous Abregado minor faction into Metal Lords the thought behind it was to have a droid-centric faction that travels around in roaming fleets with city ships or mobile shadowport stations and just has all sorts of adventures while doing whatever they want without being tied to a specific section of the map or really needing to worry about the map game.

So, the way I see it there are generally three major roles to play in this faction, although you can really do pretty much whatever you want, unless it really goes against what I had in mind I won't stop you, as a Metal Lord who decided to take command of his own fleet and travel through the void seeking to chase his own quests, a droid that stays on one of the Void Kingdoms and has to deal with, or joins, the adventures his Lord drags him along into, or an organic that either frequently deals with or decided to live among the droids traveling through the Galaxy.

Other than that, your story is pretty much up to you, this faction has rooms for characters who like to fleet, lead an army on the ground, duels, bounty hunting, helping as a humanitarian, just working on the factory, or exploring the Galaxy and writing subs for the codex, a droid could do anything here because they are all equal, so it doesn't really matter in the end what they do. Except maybe make deals with the Sith, go on a murderous rampage, or turn against their own kind, as that will either end up biting the rest of the droids in the shiny butts or attract too much attention.

Aron Tedesky

Yo, it's ya boi Smauglock here, you might know me as Vladimir Tedesky and/or Vyperion.

Why I'm using a humanized Smaug as my avi and base, it's not all my character is. XD


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
[member="Aron Tedesky"],

Sweet, first introduction post, this is how all the cool faction start. Welcome to the team! Did you had any ideas for what sort of RP you want to do or which direction you wanted to take Aron towards?


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)

Hey, welcome!

[member="AD-Iqatar.13"], [member="Aron Tedesky"],

So I was wondering if people would be interested in a low plot meet and greet thread to get your characters introduced and more fleshed out, it would take place after the events of our current arc and probably take place on some random ship or the Citadel either just hanging out or doing some PvE


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)

Yeah I thought that traveling the Galaxy in his own little kingdom would be a good direction for Ulti after Mustafar, plus from what I remember from the HK and Ulti thread that was kind of his end goal anyway except on a bigger scale and jumping into a different dimension?
You are correct. Ultimatum has a little quirk for that and eventually it will (hopefully) play out.


So, looking around the faction is there anything that I can directly aid? Tech, thread, etc? I am working on writing up some new tech for LOOM to produce and I wouldn't mind putting it up for review here before submitting it and the MLs can use them.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)

I think the biggest thing right now is our first thread since it slowed down a bit these two past days and it would be pretty important I think to show activity as we start out to attract more attention and help our members find their characters and their chemistry with each other. Right now the thread itself consists of HK, AD, and Vladimir trying to convince the Sparklords on Mechanus to leave the planet and get more involved with the Galaxy, which kicked off the ML and their fleets, so it's kind of a look at how the politics work at least between some of the NPC droids and it will end with description and details of the main hub station, by that point hopefully I'll be ready to sub it.

Other than that if you would want to do a Faction thread specific to Ultimatum, like him maybe organizing his fleet, or organize a meet and greet thread for us that would help me out, otherwise I was going to do it tomorrow after getting some sleep. If you're into Lore and the like you would always be free to expand on the Lore threads I wrote or adding your own Lore in there, for example doing a thread where Ultimatum tries to join technomancers, or maybe he created his own sect of special kind of war droids after Mustafar or even hired some of the Iron Knights and then developed a specific subgroup of them.

And as to tech, I made that tech list, you could do a post and list LOOM tech that ML would have access to, or make tech specifically made by ML's, I was going to start working on some of that and add it up there. Also since they would be both ML, Ultimatum would have access to pretty much all of ARGH tech, so if you would want to use one of those designs in your work or expand on it, go for it. Other than that, yeah, feel free to put your subs for review, help others if they're stuck, have a look at those that are complete if you need some ideas, et cetera.
Hi guys!

Meant to join a few days ago but I'm really forgetful when it comes to such things.

Anyway I'm HK's lil ole pal. Joining up with you guys for a good chunk of time. Looking forward to writing with you all.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
[member="Middenface McNulty"],

Hello! Welcome to the Lords of Metal! Please do not eat many of us in public unless you really want to because I won't really tell you what to do :p

Feel free to jump into our faction threads or make one of your own centered around your character, we also have an ongoing dominion where we could always use more help.

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