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Approved Tech Heavenly Seneschal Class-Vanguard Armor

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[*]Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: The Vanguard/Cerberus Enterprise/Atheus, Isley Verd/House Verd/Mandalorian Crusaders
  • Model: Heavenly Seneschal Class-Vanguard Armor
  • Affiliation: Atheus,
  • Production: Semi-Unique - One suit for Atheus, and one for Thalia, his companion and apprentice.
  • Material:
    Desh-Rimidian Alloy
  • Sarrassian Iron
  • Ostrine
  • Jakkobeast Hide/Fur Alchemically treated
  • Reactive Corellian Bloodsteel and B'sant glass.
  • Reclaimer Kama - Took one before leaving the Mandalorian Crusaders, Received an OK to use this from Creator.
  • Bone Marchers - Took one before leaving the Mandalorian Crusaders, Received an OK to use this from Creator.

  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: 25 kgs
  • Quality:
    Blasters - 9
  • Lightsabers - 6
  • Slugthrowers/Piercing damage - 6
  • Blunt Melee weapons - 5
  • Slash/pierce Melee weapons - 8
  • Cold Resistance - 10
  • Electrical Damage - (-2)


  • Force Repulse/push effect
  • High Freeze contact damage
  • High Freeze/cold resistance
  • Feral Jakkobeast Pheromones.
  • B'sant and Correllian Bloodsteel solar reactive visor pieces
While most of the armor is built by using various metals and alloys to create a light as possible form of heavy armor, the leathers used are mostly from the Jakkobeast. Known for their warm furs, and hunted for their horns, Atheus had paid hunters collect as many as they could to be used for various items for the company, as well as create a heavy set of armor for the leader of the Vanguard.

The Jakko beast fur is used with a process of alchemy to resist high amounts of cold, or freezing weather. This is used due to one of the Vanguard stations being held up in the mountains on the planet of Hora, as well as Atheus' signature sword Kyro Thanaton. With the swords aura of freezing effect, Atheus created this armor to resist the cold from the blade, while also continuing with his "Cold" theme, to have ostrine on the gauntlets to allow grabbing onto people to have the same effect, or on items. Now being controlled to only have the rapid freezing effect by contact.

A secondary effect of the Jakko beast fur, is a force repulse/push that can be used upon command. This stores one massive charge of the force within the armor. With Atheus' very aggressive fighting style, as well as having a lack of a shield, If he were to become outnumbered, or have multiple enemies upon him, activating this can give him some breathing room. However, this force repulse can be charged back up, but after three minutes of time, and can reduce the time, should Atheus focus upon the armor faster, however, it drains from his own strength. With the fastest possible recharge of being one minute.

One added touch to the helmit, is the glass-like alloy created from B'sant, a transparasteel that grows darker, and shades the eyes from bright sources of light, is combined with Corellian Blood steel as a sign of friendship with Corellians, as well as his connection to one notable player of Alkor Centaris. The two glass/metals are used to allow the glass to be clear, and transition to a deep crimson red color instead of a black color, as well as provide visual protection. Just and extra tidbit, but it does not prevent flash weaponry like flashbangs, or bright weaponry.


  • High Resistances to Blaster fire, most melee weaponry, and Cold or freezing effects.
  • Heavy armor to resist most forms of combat otherwise.
  • Force Repulse effect. Chargeable at fastest of 1 minute with heavy concentration, and slowest of three minutes of no concentration.
  • Lightest form of Heavy armor possible.
  • Ostrine on gauntlets to allow a "Cold Touch." Rapidly freezing whatever he touches. much like how Atheus' sword acts, but limited to touch only.
Weaknesses :
  • Very conductive of lighting and electrical based attacks.
  • As leather is made from Alchemy, Force light can destroy the leather, and force nullification bubbles can prevent usage of the powers.
  • As an artifact of the force, It has a dark aura around the armor. Can be felt rather easily, and attracts SithSpawn, or Sith Alchemy compass items.
  • Pheromones from the Jakkobeast persist as an unwanted sideffect of the leather being treated with alchemy. Drawing attention to him from various monsters and creatures such as Wampa's, Maalraas, or other hunters of the Jakkobeast. It also draws attention from other creatures, making any form of Animal friendship, or communication difficult.
  • Difficult to shake hands or hold anyone's hands with. Let alone touch anyone, or anything when wearing the gauntlets.
  • Chinks in the armor to allow better movement create openings for blades, and other weaponry to slip through.


Kyro Thaniton is Cold death, then this armor is the armor of such a being. As cold as the very blade the man wields, Atheus dons this armor as a full battle suit. Used as a symbol of the creation of the Vanguard, as well as the armor fit for a man to lead a movement, and fit to his desires as a Warden of Hora, and as a man made again.

Created using metal from one of the first planets brought into the defense of the Vanguard, Part of a payment for their aid, They were given shipments of one of their most valuable ores upon the planet. From this, Atheus fabricates his armor from this ore in an alloy and created the armor with the intention of using it to remind him of the possibilities that the Vanguard can provide, as well as to remind of the first time he went out of his way, of his own accord to aid people who were in need.

Jakkobeast hide and fur is collected and alchemized to produce new effects upon the armor, and also provide a warm set of armor that prevents cold environments, and is also a testament to his company. One that creates, and fabricates jobs, and chances for others to grow and become who they wish to be.

As remembrance for the Corellian's breaking of their home planet, as well as his friendship with corellian, he has a visor to help protect his eyes. To aid his vision for the future, as well as remind him of the very people he fights for.

This suit of armor holds much value to the Hellyni, as well as to the Vanguard. A symbol of their Warden, and their leader. The Vanguard stand as one for all time, however should it be necessary. Atheus can stand alone and defiant.

With the creation of The Vanguard, A movement to aid other factions with fighting for their planets, and lively hoods, They have set up base on Safe Haven, A planet that has gone undiscovered for a long time. As such, using one of the ores that is prominent upon the planet. The Vanguard will be performing a thread to actually claim it IC.
Atheus said:
Kinetic weapons/Melee weapons - 8

Kinetic damage pertains to physical impacts of an object against another, much like blunt force trauma. Your armor may not get sliced by a sword but if the guy smacks you hard enough you are going to feel that bruise, or even break a rib or two.

High resistances to multiple items are actually strengths, so in actuality kinetic damage is completely different from your standard melee /slashing /piercing type of damage. If you are in a tin can and hit someone hard enough, you are going to feel it.

So can you clarify this in your submission?

Firstly, thank you for judging my submission. Secondly, You are correct.

I was incorrect to put the two together, and put them in respective orders.

I put a solid 5 for the rating of blunt weaponry because the armor will prevent breaking of skin and major damage, but he can still receive bruises or heavier strikes can still break bones as you stated. I hope that this is suitable.
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