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Approved Tech Hearteater, the Sword of Khonsu Amon.

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  • Manufacturer: Valicore Engineering, [member="Valik"]. Khonsu Amon - Refurbishment.
  • Model: Not Applicable - Sith Sword.
  • Affiliation: Darth Vornskr, now [member="Darth Carnifex"] (Original Bearer,) Braxus Zambrano, now [member="Darth Prazutis"] (Second Bearer,) Khonsu Amon (Third and Current Bearer.)
  • Production: Unique Weapon.
  • Material: Condensed and Hardened Devaronian Blood Poison, Sun-seared and Studded Terentatek Leather, Alchemized Durasteel, Various Alchemical Ingredients.
  • Classification: Sith Bastard Sword (Hand-and-a Half.)
  • Size: 1.32 Metres (Total Length.) 1.07 Metres (Blade Length.) - Large Rating.
  • Weight: 3 kg or 6 lbs - Average Rating.
  • Devaronian Blood Poison Blade.
  • Sith Alchemized Hilt and Pommel.
  • Cured Terentatek Leather. (Aesthetic and Comfort.)
  • Poisoned Edge: As the majority of the blade is forged from the gemstone known only as Devaronian Blood Poison, every edge of the knapped stonework was oozing with the crystalline toxin. One that would set the victim’s nerves ablaze with blinding anguish, utterly crippling them should the knapped stonework touch their flesh. The effects of the envenomed blade would triple if the sword were able to pierce through the toughened hide of the bearer’s target and allow the gemstone’s properties to take effect within the sufferer’s body. Should this eventuality come to pass; those affected by the blade would find themselves enduring unimaginable torment until the wound was healed, or forever be marred by it’s passing as an opportunity for the toxin to enter the bloodstream presented itself.
  • Enhanced by Alchemy: Through the mysterious and mystical means brought forth by the tenets of Sith Alchemy, Hearteater finds itself enhanced beyond the comprehension of mortal means. While the blade itself is forged of many precious, crystalline gemstones, it would’ve shattered and been rendered utterly useless should it come to blows with another weapon of it’s like. However, this was where the true strength of the sword lay, as the gemstone was hardened to match the density of the strongest steels. As with all things belched forth from the darkened alchemical bowels of the Alchemist’s mind, the crystalline sword had garnered the ability to harmlessly turn aside the plasmatic edges of lightsabers -- as well as being able to absorb and expel the crackling bolts of Sith Lightning.
  • Weighted Edge: Although the crystalline blade was considered a bastard sword by every classifying factor known to sentient life; the first bearer of Hearteater was a giant who strode amongst men, and thus was built with his visage in mind. To this infamous figure, known to history as Darth Vornskr - this weapon was nothing more than a longsword to his gargantuan physique and little thought was played to creating a perfectly balanced edge. Instead, the intent was to place much of its mass within the crystalline structure, so that when it descended on a victim - the envenomed surface would bite deep and passively inject its toxin into the bloodstream. In the hands of a lesser man, more so in stature than anything else, this created an issue for use in sustained combat due to the centre of gravity being elsewhere than it normally would. It made parries and blocks more difficult to follow through with, as the wielder was forced to devote more of his physical prowess into guiding the blade along an intended path.
  • Double-Edged Sword: While the blade’s edge was forged with the venomous caress of Devaronian Blood Poison and was effective when employed as a weapon of torture or by crippling an adversary on the battlefield - it was an indiscriminate toxin. Thus, should the bearer ever be disarmed in combat, or robbed of its protective grace in a moment of peace, the toxic edge could easily betray its master and send the wielder into a realm of blinding agony. While many weaponsmiths, who dabbled in the dark arts would say that this was a flaw in the weapon’s overall design, there were many within the ranks of the Sith that would consider this to be a lesson of strength and betrayal. Something so simple, as the trusted blade at your side, could easily be turned against you in a moment of weakness. Thus - whomsoever bears Hearteater into blade must guard themselves against the ever-present threat the blade wields to both its unfortunate victim and the hands that guide the blade to its intended purpose.
  • Attuned to the Lord of Lies: Unbeknownst to its current wielder, Hearteater is mystically bound to its previous owner and allows for the mysterious figure to keep watch over his secret apprentice and fuel his ambition through muted whispers. In addition to being attuned to the master of the bearer, the full esoteric potential of the blade is kept hidden from its wielder which denies any and all who come into possession of this weapon to alter its composition, or divine the many secrets that lay within the crystalline core of the blade. This makes upgrading the weapon, beyond the trappings that are bound to the grip and the hilt, an impossibility - one that often infuriates the man currently possessing this mighty weapon. Thus, while the man believes that there is more to this blade than meets the eye; it is not something in which he has the understanding, or prowess to uncover.
What was once made in payment for a bargain struck long ago, had once again been used as a token of another, when Khonsu Amon had given into the destructive embrace of his ambition and sold his soul to a proverbial devil. In return for this unbreakable pledge, the crystalline edge of Hearteater was bequeathed onto the Sun Guard and refashioned in his own image. The crumbling leather straps that were bound to the hilt of the blade were removed, and in their place now laid the sun-baked hide of a mighty beast - one that Khonsu himself had slain whilst on the hunting grounds. These intertwined strips of flesh were from the skinned hide of an ancient Terentatek that stalked the wilds of Onderon and were laid to rest over the inscribed hilt that was acid-etched with the names of his fallen brethren. Although there were many within the ranks of the Sith that would see such a small gesture as a sign of weakness and sentimentality, it was a part of the Thyrsian culture that would see their names attached to a legacy greater than their own, and thus never be forgotten in the eyes of history.

From the newly acquired strips of flesh that forged the grip of the weapon, the remaining portions of the blade remained intact - save for the dust that had been previously attached to its surface. While there were many things that the Sun Guard wished to do with the blade, in order to balance the off-centred weight, he had found that he was unable to make any modifications to the weapon - as every trick he had learned from the Golden Company’s Armourer’s Guild had been ineffective. Of all the things he tried, the only thing that worked was scouring the envenomed edge with a diamond-speckled whetstone, which in turn honed the crystalline surface to a lethal edge and filled the air with a toxic residue. As this was a dangerous and ultimately detrimental process to the wielder, Khonsu was forced to sharpen the toxic blade when he was fully clad in his armour - lest it’s poisoned edge, or the particulate matter, be turned against its new master.

The entirety of the cutting edge of Hearteater was forged from multiple gemstones that were comprised of the venomous blood toxin, which gaze the weapon a duplicitous advantage to the bearer as their adversaries would believe that this sword would shatter as soon as it was put on the defensive. This was where the true strength of the weapon lay, as through the mysterious blood rituals brought forth by Sith Alchemy, Hearteater’s structural composition was greatly enhanced to match that of durasteel - allowing the weapon to endure the punishment that would otherwise see the entirety of the blade destroyed after deflecting a few strikes. It was through this enhancing method that another boon was granted to the bearer of this weapon, as they were able to turn aside killing blows from opponent’s armed with lightsabers, as the plasmatic edge wouldn’t be able to find purchase. In addition to it’s unnaturally enhanced, and reflective properties, the crystalline blade is able to absorb the crackling lethality of Sith lightning and violently expel it at a nearby target - making this blade effective against sorcerers as well as swordsmen in the battlefield whirlwind of fury and chance.

Only time would tell, if the legend of the Thyrsian Sun Guard would live up to the history he now wields, or if he will be consumed by the fires of his ambition.
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