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Hawke Katamirth

NAME: Hawke I. Katamirth
FACTION: The Sith Empire​
AGE: 29
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 122 Lbs.
EYES: Green
HAIR: Blond
SKIN: White


[+] Hawke is a mastermind of naval warfare, having studied and practiced the many skills it consists of for over a decade.​
[+] Hawke has a natural gift for hiding her presence in the force. Though not impossible to sniff her out.​
[+/-] Hawke is unflinchingly loyal to the Sith Empire, supremely the Emperor. No matter the order, she will carry it out.​
[-] Hawkeis not physically a warrior like many of the brutes of the galaxy. And her torture and imprisonment has weakened her. Though she's working to heal and improve her body.​
[-] Hawke is terrified of being tortured again. Though this fear is in part what keeps her in line. The post traumatic stresses will haunt her for a very, very long time.​
Hawke I. Katamirth.​
Undergone 4 years of study prior at the Dromund Kass Naval Officers Academy. Graduating top of her class and entering service as a junior officer aboard The Icarus. 3 years service aboard before promotion to Captain of her own ship, Sorik; renamed The Paladin. At age 23 she was the youngest in the entire fleet with her own command.​
*Blanked out*​
An exemplary record of schooling and service. Miss Katamirth has two successful campaigns under her belt and the admiration of her crew.​
Commanding The Paladin, a Dalak Class Frigate. Hawke and her loyal crew participated in many missions and major engagements. She lead a rescue mission to Umbara and fought at Heleska and Yaga Minor. Several Emperors have passed the crown in her life. Voracious, Ardik, Lussk, and now Zambrano. Tyrin Ardik was the man she looked up to though, he was a better leader than the rest in her opinion. The Empire is descending back to the old days, and it may not survive the fall.​
Emperor Kaine leads a full scale invasion of Togoria. All the big players of The Empire are there. The mission is to enslave the inhabitants and otherwise bring this world under the jackboot. Darth Pazela is overlooking a crowd upon its knees, about to give the order to slaughter them when Hawke Katamirth appears. Intent on stopping the genocide she attacks the Dark Lord with her blaster pistol. The old mans speed was as lightning; his saber was drawn, turned and reflected the bolt back in to her stomach from point blank. Gravely injured she is taken prisoner by the Dark lord and brought upon his personal poodoo, The Obscurity.​
The Obscurity sails forth from the watery world of Mon Calamari to Mytus VII. Tortured upon the journey she is given in to the hands of Circe Savan for transport to the Confederacy Of Interdependent System for unknown reasons. Whatever Pazela's plans are for naught as Hawke makes good an escape from her transporter and flees deep into Republic space. From there she hides working in secret with a cabal of officers of the Sith Navy to interrupt efforts of the new galactic war the two super powers now face. After the conclusion of the war she meets in secret with Chancellor Jack Harkness who agrees to recruit her in to the Republic Navy. Quietly ow she works to stop rogue remnants of the Sith fleets that plague the stars and she hunts for her former command ship, The Empyrrean.​
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Hawke resurfaced years after her last known activities. Which were during the One Sith's conquest of The Republic. Now in the hands of the 3rd Sith Empire aboard one of their dark prison ships. She languished for a time. The The Emperor himself came for her. Not forgetting the past sins against the Sith. The torture, unspeakable in it's cruelty and darkness that Darth Carnifex inflicted, nearly destroyed her. And again and again he brought her to the edge of death. Not only was she physically broken, but her mind invaded, prevented by the dark. Twisted and... eventually pieced back together. The Emperor would not give mercy to the sinner. Not would he grant release. Death would be too kind for Hawke. Instead it was decided upon that path of redemption was to be taken. Hawke would atone her sins in service to The Empire​
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My Emperor Ardik, thank-you.
I don't know him personally. But I've decided he shall be relevant from the start for me because reasons.
I wanted a second character to play, one already established with a faction. My other (Nova) is already working with the Sith though. But independent Bounty Hunter and all.
Sith team rules!

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