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Having some fun at the expense of others.

Nar Shadaa, Star Runner Casino​
Solan had not been out for a good drink in some time, laughing alongside a twilek and bothan as they slammed down another shot and talked about stories of the past. Mostly old hits, drug runs and assassinations gone wrong that the three of them had done in the past for the boss and now were relaxing over the fruits of their labors with credits in their hand and alcohol down their throats. At least, that's what they were seeing when the looked at Solan who sat there without having downed a single ounce of drink yet, watching the other two see him as a mirage for someone he is not while he sat there and smiled at their stories, hand itching to burn the two of them for what they said.

He was here to kill a certain crime boss who had been shipping people in and selling them off to the highest bidder. Normally Solan would kill the guards and raid their storage locations, but this crime boss had touched his people and stolen a few Keshiri from their homes, a report that had been forwarded to him by the few who still knew he was alive. That fact was enough to pay this crime boss a visit and teach him and others around him the result of their actions. While he waited for his opportunity, he listened to those around him and pretended to be one of their own, watching and letting them seal their fates and admit to their crimes.

His hand came up to rub at the sapphire colored eyes which colored his face, tired from the constant traveling and work he subjected himself to. His hair a mess and in need of new clothing, the current clothes torn from his last strike on a tatooine based group hiding in the desert. A few unlucky blaster bolts having hit him during that mission and still stung even after getting out of the bacta he had been forced to remain in during his recovery. His body felt stiff and he sighed before finally bringing the glass to his lips.

He wondered for a moment what the others heh ad known before were doing these days. Rarely did he see his old friends or allies, and even more so did he help them or train those of the next years. The thought made him grin while he sat back and looked towards the room the Boss would be in, his hand placing the glass down before he stood and started towards it.

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