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Hauf Xren

Hauf Xren

Blue Smurf
Hauf Xren

Hauf Xren
NAME: Hauf Xren
FACTION: Atrisian Empire
RANK: Prefect
AGE: 22 years old
HEIGHT: 1.80 meters
WEIGHT: 70 kilograms
EYES: Red (changes its glow depending the amount of oxygen)
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Blue



Being someone who had a wealthy family, Hauf Xren was educated in the economics, negotiating and administrative knowledge, and because of it he is able to have winnings from stock markets, inversions and efficient administration to companies and products after a in-depth search of those, galaxy's tendencies and news. He grew very fond of very attractive women since during his adolescence and young adult ages went to party a lot after his studies and thanks of having a lot of money he was able to attract female species, making him susceptible to comply attractive females species' wishes easily if asked to do it (except wishes which Hauf needed to be harmed or killed himself in the process).

Because of his family's businesses, Hauf's family was being hunted down by Hauf's family's enemies who wanted them out of the market competition or to just get their money. Hauf's father decided to make his son to learn how to use a weapon for his own son's defense, making Hauf an excellent shooter with a pistol. After his father was killed, Hauf decided to sell all his family businesses gaining a great amount of credits from all his sells of properties and ownership of family's businesses. Having that fortune, bounties are being placed from Hauf's enemies for Hauf's head or to be captured alive because of being afraid that Hauf will come back in the market to compete or simply to get all that money from him, making him to be hunted down for the rest of his live.

Hauf is a very intellectual being, he knows how to make strategies objectively and reasonably making him a good asset in the military intelligence, but since he wants to leave his own mark in the galaxy, dying is not part on his plans. When life-threatened he would do anything for his life to be spared, offering credits or anything else what he can.


- Theta-class T-2c shuttle.


- A DL-88 blaster pistol


Hauf Xren was born in the planet Lujo were his wealthy parents had their luxury mansion near the beach. Hauf's mother died at child birth, leaving his father to take care of him. Hauf's father owned many successful businesses in various planets. His father inculcated him the knowledge of administrating money and companies, since his father knew that money was the source of power, and Hauf adopted that line of thought too. At the age of 15 Hauf was already doing transactions in the galaxy's stock market, making his winning to increase gradually thanks of his education.

But with that kind of power, dangers come too with it. Hauf's father's competitions had resented him and his family which made them to take illegal methods to overthrow him out of the competition, and because of it Hauf's father had built in the mansion defenses mechanisms and escape routes if someday his enemies sent someone to kill them, hoping that it never will, but it did. At the age of 22, Hauf lost his father after some paid mercenaries were sent to hunt them down, making Hauf to take an escape route while the house's defenses held them off.

The escape route took him far from them, reaching a Theta-class T-2c shuttle, taking it and leaving the planet. After the successful kill attempt of his father, Hauf decided to use his own knowledge and his own money to gain all the companies that it exist in the galaxy to shape the galaxy as he desires it. Hauf decided to have a clean start without the family's businesses, since he thought if he kept the businesses it would be easier for his enemies to track him down, so he used the holonet to sell them, and with the best offerings he got from different companies and people, he was able to sell them, making him gain a great amount of credits.

Hauf arrived at Atrisia and met Akio Kahoshi. Hauf offered him his services which at the end Hauf started to run an Atrisian company selling goods to the Republic in exchange a place in the Atrisian Empire. Akio accepted, Hauf then spent time building up the company little by little.

Time passed and the Atrisian Empire became the Galactic Empire, growing rapidly by the days. Hauf had little difficulties to continue his work for the Empire since the inversions that was meant to be used for keeping growing the company were used instead for the dominions efforts. At first Hauf didn't like the idea of rapid expansion, but at the long run he knew that wealthy people in the galaxy would invest to the Empire, but for now the Empire's economy would be almost at a halt, so Hauf had to step down for the time being to create new structure systems in the Galactic Empire's economy for its best efficiency.

But Hauf was planning secretly in a way how to leave his mark in the galaxy, to be successful, to be known throughout history, a way to shape it as he always wanted it to be.






- Time to do Business, and No Time for Anything Else

Hauf Xren

Blue Smurf
Updated. This is done for now.

@[member="Akio Kahoshi"] If you see no difference in this character creation, it is because I forgot what I actually wanted to put. xD One day I'll remember and in that day I'll write it somewhere so I can't forget it like now. :S