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Hansel and Regrettal

Full moon? Oh yes. Certainly doesn't hurt the cauldron incantation. But the witch wasn't quite prepared to begin brewing her concoction as of yet. The young sorceress cursed at the missed window! Ah! But it is only mid day and the moon is high in the sky!

"These damn exotic Kadupul flowers! They just don't flourish, especially during midday. Going to ruin everything for this cycle."

Stych looked down and raised her long black skirts above her ankles to get a good look at the closed buds. She shook her head in dismay. Her flower will bloom at midnight and die within hours. The cycle of its life and the full moon this time just does not sync correctly for a successful potion. Everything must be perfect! "Hours of the full moon just wasting away, and nothing to brew with it," she lamented to herself.

Her physical persona dripped with her malaligned profession. "Why didn't you tell me this would happen here, oh menial minions of mine?" she asked this time to the string of bones she wore around her neck, dark charmed relics of those whose lives she had claimed for her own property. If her exhibit to her habitual malice only stopped there! Her dark appearance and adornment repulsed just about most, she donned with great pride.

The sorceress accepts that every planet adheres to a different series of cycles, and she had only recently arrived among the outskirts of the local settlement. She had come to her residence here, just to cultivate this particular flower for her potion. To brew this potion would take far to long waiting for the proper conditions to coincide. The young woman shrugged it off; she would move in a few weeks onto another of her properties. The randomness of her presence always seems to keep these locals in check, their not knowing if she is present and watching. But they have never yet been brave enough to seek her out to discover if she is home!

Gently twiddling her sharp pointed fingertips upon the edge of her chin, the witch thought in silence for a moment. She cocked her head in sudden wonder as she looked down in her garden located two hundred yards from the porch of her dilapidated log cabin, at her idea of wether or not she might cast the flower into a cloud of darkness and successfully force the bud to bloom on her time.

"No. No. Its too risky. Better to hope for synchronicity and not chance such a total loss," calculated the young woman, who obvious has far more respect for a flower than that of sentient life.

This potion is off.

She strolled through her coveted garden, not one attained by any honest physical labor on her part, and she stopped upon a clearing in the woods. Pom Stych Tivé admired the beauty of a large blackened dead tree which had been struck by lightning and set aflame years back. It was a awesome image for her eyes to behold, also something she could use for something magickal, she is sure of it!

The clamoring of rambunctious children off in the distance erupted over the more preferred sounds of nature.

[member="ADRON MALVERN"]
The shadowy protection of his black cowl gave way as he pulled it down from over his head. The cover of darkness would suffice in hiding Adron's identity from the people of this planet, after all The Dominion had enemies everywhere and Adron was not short of enemies himself.

What Adron called a meditative retreat his compatriots and counterparts often called sight seeing. Having spent the majority of the day in mediation Adron now took to the forest, enveloping himself in the living force as it worked around him. For obvious reasons he was not often allowed the luxury of an evening walk, but when he was able to partake he certainly enjoyed it. Advancing through the trees Adron slowly called onto the infinite nether of the Force, entreating it to give him insight and peace, outside of anger and hate that he felt slowly coming to him.

His steps became shorter and shorter until eventually they came to a halt all together. A moment passed as he stood silently, his mind no longer one with his body.

Darkness took over his sight, replacing his surroundings with a void of shadows. Clenching his fist tightly he could hear a sound much like the backfired crackle of a broken starship engine. However, it was more clearly defined as a storm of blaster fire, the kind you would hear on the grounds of war. Pinching his eyes closed Adron felt his heart race as his memory tortured him once again. The blaster fire, the screams, it was as vivid as it always was.

Opening his eyes Adron's sight returned only to see the bodies of his family littered around him in a frighteningly vivid scene. With a start Adron tried to step back but was thrown from his feet as his heel met stiff resistance. As his back collided with the ground the scene around him shot away, replaced with the reality of the forest surrounding him.

"Damn it..." He muttered, placing his palms on the ground as he propped himself up. Looking towards the ground he took notice of a root that had aided in his misstep.

A long sigh escaped him before he finally pushed himself back to his feet. "This has to stop." He growled, pulling his arms back underneath his black cloak as he continued through the wood line. Not after long his senses became mugged, his ability to sense the life around him becoming harder and harder to maintain.

"What the-?" Adron's eyes lifted when he took notice of a woman, standing several yards from him, seemingly despairing over the destruction of a fallen tree, or perhaps searching for something. As he looked at the woman the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, forcing a chill down his spine. "I...." He said in a moment of confusion.

[member="Pom Stych Tivé"]
Pom Stych Tivé stood with her hands raised, palms toward the tree. She reveled in her personal experience in the long suffered near death state of the tree. The life force captive to its physical calamity, a travesty. However, not a waste, but a pleasingly magical relic indeed! Her sixth sense perked, something she does not often experience.

'Visitors? Really?' The young sorceress reached out around herself a tad stronger. 'A singular visitor in my forest?' She immediately wondered if the man who stood and stared at her was a local becoming far too brazen for his station...lowly peasants and the like, which is what they all happen to be, if only in her imagination. She detected, 'Lo! This one is force sensitive!' A rising level of malice detected within her eyes.

Sometimes the most amusing of creatures happen to venture out into full view in this very clearing, yet have absolutely no idea what is hunting them, just ask the tee.

He appeared a bit young in appearance. Young herself, she is not the best of judges in such matters. He is pale of flesh as she as well. That, and his black hair, they could be related; a tad alarming in physical appearance to most, each must be. And the attire was the dark chocolate icing on the cake! Hiding behind a hood! Does anyone ever actually pass from hither to dale any easier? She chuckled with the thought of her own secretive mocking within her own volatile mind. She loves to amuse herself; go figure!

She noticed his expression to be that of one quite perplexed, tongue tied perhaps as he stuttered lightly, of which Stych happens to be neither. "May you?" she asked, as she quickly gouged a section of bark off the tree remnant with a small blade, and dropped both into her dress pocket. 'The like shall add essence to an excelled brew.' The rest of her day matters not, not before this gathering, not after. To covet the bark makes up for everything this day has, and may yet deal her.

"You honestly do not look well. Perhaps a cup of herbal tea?" she offered. An invitation from the Sorceress not typical. She simply has nothing better to do with her time this evening. Pom Stych Tivé fears no strange young men! They hardly even amuse her...not on their own accord, without being under the influence of her spell!

[member="ADRON MALVERN"]
Advancing through the brush to where the woman stood Adron cleared his throat, offering a quick bow to the woman. "I'm sorry. I didn't expect anyone to be out today. I was just looking for somewhere to meditate for a bit." He said, a friendly smile emerging from him. Yet, he still sensed something odd coming from the woman, not being able to place it he simply pushed the thought to the back of his mind. Taking notice of the woman's black hair and ebony clothing it was obvious the two held similar tastes in their dressing.

It was not until the woman commented on Adron not feeling well that he parted his cloak to press a hand to his own forehead. "I feel fine, maybe a bit hungry is all." He said, flashing another smile which became harder and harder to maintain.

"Tea?" Adron asked, his voice slightly quirking up at the though of a warm cup of tea. The boy had not had a cup since he left Serenno and it was beginning to weigh on him. Against his better judgement he thought a cup of tea would be splendid.

"Well, It would be rude to decline, wouldn't it?" Finally closing the distance between them Adron placed a hand on his chest while introducing himself. "My name is Adron,"

[member="Pom Stych Tivé"]
Why had she invited him into her lair? Heck only knows! She does not think herself as non-threatening in appearance and he does look like her, yet maybe she is insulting him by thinking him harmless; only her demons would know! But she had an arsenal of weaponry provided in organic matter, which she could unlock and activate with a mere request to the living energies at large. Ah! The answer to the first question be her pride! The Sorceress is prideful of her capabilities, and the spirits just seem to like her...yes, like, she is sure of it.

He mentioned his current requirements. "I have tea for times when one wants to be alone, another for times when one need meditate. I have brew that will satisfy hunger. I also have ones for brain fog, and memory...for those pesky moments of denial," she said as she had read into him a moment ago. She has brew for every need known unto man, that he would never need to spend time doing any such chore as meditation or eating! "Of course you could have them all at once, but I wouldn't recommend it; but still, you could!" she announced with much enthusiasm in her tone.

"Pleased to meet you. My name is Stych," stated the young sorceress as she lead him to her cottage not far, and not by way of any straight line either. She would never introduce herself by her full name to anyone, as it could be used as a weapon to raise forces against her, however rare that may actually succeed, which is laughable. She would never lead one to her cottage by direct way, so that the location would remain hidden. Pom Stych Tivé is a tad superstitious...or better yet, in all honesty she is entirely superstitious! "I," she announced with a warm smile.

When they finally reached her abode, its appearance as homey, warm and inviting were just a ruse provided by the wild flowers galore and foliage which surrounded it. Its true dilapidation lie just beneath this earthy veil. The door creaked open with a nudge, allowing sunlight to disrupt the darkness within. The wood was swept, and the furnishings sparse and tidy.

Stych gestured to the small, two chair, wooden dinette set before the hearth. "Perhaps I can interest you in a candy apple. I dipped them just this morning," she offered, referencing the lot on display on a plate resting in the middle of the table. "Have you thought about which type of tea you would prefer? Perhaps if you mentioned your personal cpreference to taste, I can help choose." Stych knew there was nothing worse than settling down to a cup of herbal tea and discovering it just doesn't appease the palate!

[member="ADRON MALVERN"]

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